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What Don’t Kill you, Makes you Stronger: Barrera Can Do It!!

Posted by beeshabo on September 28, 2007


We’re coming down to a week until Marco Barrera steps into the ring with the hurricane that is Manny “Pacman” Paquiao, after such a devastating and upset lost to Manny in their first bout almost four years ago, Marco claims to be ready to vindicate his loss that no ones predicts he can.

But I, I believe he can do it, it is definitely not IMPOSSIBLE.

Although we all know that Barrera is past his prime, we do know that he’s always game, and he enters every bout well prepared. But to that notion, I think that Barrera was not prepared for his first fight with Manny, Marco simply took the fight too lightly, Manny was technically unknown at the time and Barrera was a whirlwind in the division. This time could be different, Barrera is a great technician who can box you or brawl with you, he’s beaten some good fighters, such as Erik Morales (twice), Kennedy McKinney, Kevin Kelly, a prime Naseem Hamed and young gun in Rocky Juarez (twice).

In his first bout with Manny, Barrera looked distracted and completely out of focus, he was winded and didn’t seem encouraged to continued fighting at his best, he deliberately head butted Manny, this marked his clear frustration as he could not do anything to keep Manny off of him. Although Barrera can get a little dirty in the ring, he is not commonly known as a “dirty fighter”, but he often tends to let his emotions get the better of them. So if Barrera can last 11 rounds with the quick on coming Pacquiao without ever being in the fight, I think he’ll do just fine this time around.

I will be rooting for Barrera all the way.

Manny has too many flaws, and I hate the fact that some boxing experts and journalists keep forgetting the fact that Manny was already OUT-BOXED by an old Erik Morales in their first fight, What’s up with that?? Manny is not flawless, and I hope that Barrera can expose each and every one of them on October 6th.



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Taylor vs Pavlik: The Aftermath of the “Countdown”

Posted by beeshabo on September 24, 2007


This past Saturday I sat down and watched the count-down to Taylor/Pavlik, the documentary style HBO special of the two fighters that gives you an inside look at their lives and preparation for one of the biggest fights of their lives.

I have to admit that I love “Fight Hype” and trash talking, and the HBO special gives you all of that and more, its truly a can’t miss for any boxing fan, I happen to love it and have recorded it and already watched it 2 more times haha. But besides all the fight hype, trash talking and the inspirational stories of the fighters climb to the top, it is a great source to an inside look at the fighters personality and motivation, it is these very programs that make me use my head and not my heart.

So, after the count-down, I sat and thought to myself who I really felt would win this fight, in a previous piece and prediction that I wrote for this Middleweight Match-up, my predicted was in favor of Kelly Pavlik, who I thought would come out on top with a KO or TKO victory within 10 rounds. I’m gonna have to take this one back, after careful viewing of the HBO special and some YouTube videos of the fighters past bouts, I have came to a new conclusion, Taylor should easily score a decision victory of the Ghost this Saturday. The reason for my change of heart, is simply because I am using my Head and not my Heart. Pavlik still has a great chance, he’s big, strong and come into fights well prepared, but it will be Taylor who will used his skillful techniques that brought him to the top of the Middleweight division to out-point Pavlik in a exciting 12 round WAR.

Pavlik has a good chin, and excellent power in both hands, but the question is, Can he get past Taylor’s jab?

We don’t know yet, Taylor has the better boxing ability of the two, and he’s more experienced when it comes to fighting the Elite of boxing today. So can Pavlik find a way to beat the BEST Middleweight since Hopkins? We’ll soon find out

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Simply Flawless: Barrera vs Hamed

Posted by beeshabo on September 18, 2007


It was April 7, 2001 when Barrera showed us what he was truly made of, pure guts and raw talent that you’re only born with, it was this very day that he dismantled the sensation that was Prince Naseem Hamed in 12 wonderful rounds of great action.

Coming into the fight, Barrera was 3 and half to 1 underdog, Prince was chosen to win the fight by 28 out of 30 boxing journalists, no one gave Barrera credit, but I did. It was this very day that Barrera silenced all of his critics, he gave his fans something to brag about, and he finally humbled the wild and cocky Hamed in a championship fight for the vacant IBO Featherweight title. Who’s laughing now?

Throughout his career, Hamed was a sensational puncher with outstanding reflexes and a decent chin, I mean this guy would blast through his opponents like nothing, he could been outgunned in power, or at a clear disadvantage when it came to boxing skills, but it didn’t matter, he’d beat you someway, somehow.

From the opening round, Barrera asserted himself, he was using angles and his off rhythm jab to get himself in charge as quick as possible, Hamed spent most of the first round circling Barrera and trying to get in close to land his bombs. As so many fighters have came out boxing with Hamed, they usually find themselves on the end of his punches where they feel them most, but Barrera is moving away from Hamed’s power and is comfortable boxing. During all of the pre-fight antics, Barrera was extremely convincing to the fact that he will attack, attack and attack Hamed, and so far he’s done everything but, its a boxing match at center ring. During the first couple rounds a confused Hamed is still searching for his openings, cleary confident in his power to take Barrera out at any point and time, but without success or assertiveness he could find yourself searching all night against a man like Barrera.

Nothing Hamed tries is working against Barrera, as soon as Hamed throws Barrera comes right back with something, landing clean hard shots when in close or out at range, the point is, he’s landing. Some fighters have had some success when boxing with Hamed, but it was their demise when deciding to abandon their game-plan to try and make a statement, that’s when they’d get nailed, but Barrera was boxing, and boxing smart.

The fight would look like a carbon copy as it got deeper into the rounds, Hamed still confused and still did not have an answer for anything Barrera threw, ever trick or rough house tactic that Hamed attempted was capitalized by Barrera’s quickness and precise punches to punctuate his awareness of the fight. It was a perfect plan of attack for Barrera, he tricked the Hamed camp into believing he would trade, but instead he came out boxing, but as the fight progressed, Barrera would begin to brawl, it was this very plan of attack that was drowning Hamed in frustration of his inability to land anything significant.

Round 9, Hamed is way behind on the scorecard, it is no doubt that the fight has slipped within his reach if he cannot deliver a knockout, but with having to assert himself more could have also lead to him being knocked out, but he had to do something becaue Barrera has seized the moment. Hamed finally starting opening up with his punches, after he had been only throwing one punch at a time, but still then, Barrera was able to turn Hamed’s aggression against him as he countered every shot that was headed towards him, nothing major landed for the desperate Hamed. It was a amazing display of executing your fight-plan to the tee, Barrera was exposing Hamed’s improvisational style in every way shape or form. In round 12, Hamed missed a wild looping punch that Barrera used to slam him into a turnbuckle, and the crowd roared in appreciation. The fight ended, and so did Hamed’s career.

It was a great, great fight

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Oscar De La Hoya vs Sugar Shane Mosley I: What We Should Have Had on May 5th 2007

Posted by beeshabo on September 17, 2007


The first time that Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley met was one of the best fights in 2000 (IMO), it was a straight up boxing match that turned sluggfest as the two men battled it out in a prize-fight of two elite boxers (in that time) in the welterweight division.

Oscar was the IBA & WBC welterweight champ, and Mosley was a Lightweight who had only two fights in the Welterweight division before steppin up to face De La Hoya for his share of opportunity. This is what everyone waited for, a fight between two of the all time best, and both men promised us a fight/brawl, just as Floyd promised us in his bout with Oscar, but it took Shane and Oscar to actually deliver.

Now we ask……….Why wasn’t De La Hoya vs Mayweather anywhere on the same level? Even after being dubbed as “The World Awaits”

Well….Despite the fact that Oscar was 7 years younger when he faced Mosley, but it was he that had to make it a fight, although he claimed to have tried his best, it was evident in the snoozer of fight we had to sit through, that he didn’t try hard enough. Mayweather was the betting favorite in the fight, and rightfully so as he had the youth advantage and speed advantage, as where Mosley only had the speed advantage in his first fight with De La Hoya.

So why didn’t Mayweather fight the fight that so many of us expected?

Well its simple actually, he was scared of Oscar, plain and simple, there is no other way around it. No matter how much power that Oscar had in his career, not matter how much skill, no matter how many knockouts, Mosley was there, fighting with Oscar, clearly confident in his abilities to go into the jaws of the lion to get what he felt was his, the championship. All the fire that Mayweather was spitting during the press conferences and media tour to promote such an event, and where was that dragon on  May 5th (fight night), he was absent, and yet we got the scared little boy (Mayweather) who was running from the fire that the bigger dragon (Oscar) was the spitting.

If you watch the first fight between Oscar and Shane, it started in the same way as De La Hoya/Mayweather, the only difference was that Shane fought back, he used boxing to keep himself out of danger, and his solid right hand to initiate great action as the fight progressed. Shane took chances, he was hit cleanly several times by the famous left hook of Oscar, but it didn’t matter, Shane knew that if he didn’t take chances there would be nothing left for him in the end, but the notion of him going the distance with the Golden Boy but having came short of a championship, and that wasn’t going to happen (according to Shane).

It was a very exciting and action packed fight, it was an extremely polished boxing match with all the action of a John Woo film, it was that good. As they promised, both men would lift their spirits to continuously let their fists fly whenever they felt the action was fading, De La Hoya would rip Mosley with left hooks and Mosley countered with giant like right hands over the top, back and forth, back and forth, it was awesome. The intensity was continuous through the entire fight, with 20,000 people standing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, everyone knew they were watching history in the making. No one can say that about the insipid exhibition match we witnessed on May 5th, the only historic thing that happened that night was the amount of money that each combatant was given for their efforts, and that is nothing to be proud of considering the level of a fight we were given.

So what really happened on May 5th 2007?

Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather were a part of the highest grossing boxing match in history….and that’s it!!!

Too bad huh, well lets all hope that Floyd makes up for it on December 8th when he fights undefeated Ricky Hatton, but who knows…and all we have is hope

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Gina Carano…….Oh Man!!!

Posted by beeshabo on September 17, 2007


Gina Joy Carano, Born April 16, 1982 is a professional MMA fighter (specializes in Muay Thai) who has a professional record of 5 Wins, 0 Losses and 2 Wins coming by way of Knockout.

This girl can fight, so far from what I’ve seen and heard she’s been on top of her game, and now she’s known as the “Face of Women’s MMA”.

Gina is very articulate, she’s smart, beautiful, and great to watch in the ring, and in her first ever win by submission (on Saturday Sep. 15), she showed that she can stay calm under pressure, and plain and simple -She Knows How to Win.

She has the Good Looks, the Charisma and the skills to become something great for women’s MMA. Since the beginning of MMA and Boxing for that matter, these full contact sports have been known more for their Male audiences and Male participants, not very many women enjoyed hitting one and other with soft padded gloves protecting their knuckles, it just wasn’t “Women Like”. But we’re in a new age now, and women are a part of everything, we have Hilary Clinton in the white house, Oprah Winfrey the richest African American of the 20th Century, these days women are doing it all, and its not wonder to us men that women are becoming more and more involved in anything and everything we love.

Lov’em or Hate’m…they’re here, and here to stay.

Women’s boxing is nowhere near as popular as male boxing, neither is women’s MMA, but over the years it has progressed some, and since the quick rise of MMA (UFC, Pride), boxing has also made an increase in their advertising and promoting as MMA has dramatically increased in its popularity. I have respect for both Sports, they’re both tough, brutal and it takes a real man (or women) to step into that ring, or octagon to get hit in the face and body, and still comeback for more. Although to me Boxing is much more enjoyable to watch, MMA has grown on me a bit, I tend to watch it more often, but Boxing is my heart.

So…can the pretty face of Gina Carano change the face of womens MMA? We shall wait and see

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Remembering: Diego “Chico” Corrales (R.I.P.)

Posted by beeshabo on September 14, 2007


Diego Corrales was one of the most dynamic and exciting fighters that I’ve ever had the opportunity to watch, he was a relentless pressure fighter with amazing power in either hand. He had a will that was evil, he almost seemed willing to die in the heat of battle in order to place himself at the top of boxing, he was skilled at what he did, and no matter if he won or loss, he always put on a good show. Diego was unique in ever way, with the biggest heart imaginable, and it showed every single time around, and he loved us (his fans).

During his great career, Diego compiled a pro-record of 40 Wins, 5 Losses, and 33 of his wins coming by way of Knock Out. Corrales was involved in one of the most brutal, dramatic, skillful, amazing fights that I’ve ever seen, and that fight was his war (that almost turned trilogy) with the great Jose Luis Castillo on May 7th 2005.

There is nothing bad to say about Corrales, he was the epitome of a fighter, always willing to step up to the plate no matter how huge the challenge seemed to him or anyone. There was no such thing as “Quit” when it came down to fighting, in his bout with Floyd Mayweather, Corrales suffered 5 knockdowns at the hands of the speedy Mayweather and never once thought about quitting, he was clearly incapable of winning, not to mentioned nearly having to kill himself to make the 130lb weight limit. After 10 grueling rounds of a severe beating, Corrales’ corner threw in the towel, even after he had no chance to win unless a lucky (yet doubtful) punch would land on the oncoming Mayweather, Corrales was furious in the stoppage, nearly accosting his father and corner men, Corrales would not speak to his father for sometime after the fight.

After his bout with Mayweather, Corrales was sentenced to 14 months in prison due to domestic violence, upon his release from prison, Corrales went back to work, and took on any and all challengers to prove once again that he was the best fighter in the world.

He fought with the quick and slick Joel Casamayor twice within 5 months, losing the first via TKO in round 6 due to a sever cut through his bottom lip. Both fights proved that Corrales still had the heart and determination to win, as he protested the stoppage although he was suffering a major injury that could have caused major damage. In the second fight with Casamayor, Corrales turned from a puncher, to a boxer, using his height advantage to out-box the cuban southpaw to a 12th round Split Decision.

August 7th 2004, Diego took on the undefeated Brazilian artist Acelino “Popo” Freitas for the WBO Lightweight title. In the first half of the fight, Freitas looked sensational, using his quick elusive punching style to keep Corrales off of his game-plan. Although Corrales was clearly behind on the scorecards, he was fighting with the same pressure style, pinning Freitas against the ropes, bullying him, hitting him, and in round 8 he landed a left right combo to the head of Freitas and down he went. Freitas sucked up the oxygen and fought on, but in round 9, he was down again by a Corrales power punch, and down once more in the 10th. But after Freitas had suffered his 3rd knockdown in round 10, he quit during the referee’s mandatory 8 count, and Corrales was declared the winner via TKO in round 10 of an amazing fight.

Then came his two stunning fights with Jose Luis Castillo, the first took place on May 7th 2005, and boy was it awesome. Both men traded continuously through the entire fight, back and forth, back and forth, never letting up. On to round 10, the most dramatic round of the century, Corrales suffered the first knockdown of the fight by a powerful left hook to jaw by Castillo that sent him crumbling to the canvas and in that moment even spitting out his mouthpiece. Dazed and yet still had his wits, Corrales rose from mat, after a quick rinse of the mouthpiece he went back to it, and withing seconds of recovering from the first knockdown, down Corrales went for a second time, and this time it seemed to be from an accumulation of punches. Once again, Corrales spit out his mouth piece obviously trying to buy himself time to clear his head, the referee deducted a point from Corrales for excessive spitting of the mouthpiece. With time running out for Castillo to take advantage of his wounded opponent, he showed eagerness to hit Corrales one more time, believeing that it would only take one more punch to finish Corrales. That was his mistake, Castillo went at Corrales recklessly, and with one punch Corrales changed the fight, the left hook landed and wobbled Castillo, against the ropes and helpless Corrales continued to bomb on Castillo and referee Tony Weeks jumped in a called a halt to the bout. WOW!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

In their second fight, it was a quick and easy KO victory for the bigger stronger Castillo, who had initially failed to make the weight, but Corrales (the warrior he is) elected to continue the fight as scheduled. In this fight in was clear that Castillo was much stronger, he landed the harder punches, and after one solid left hook on the inside, Corrales was dropped. Upon rising from the canvas, Corrales barely beat the 10 count, but he stumbled into the ropes and the fight was over. It was a controversial ending to a quick and still great fight.

A third fight with Castillo was scheduled soon after the second, but again, Castillo failed to make weight, but this time Corrales didn’t want no part of it and the fight was off.

After having to suffer a devastating KO loss to Castillo in their second meeting, Corrales went on to claim what was his against his previous conqueror, Joel Casamayor. How ironic, this time it was Corrales who failed to make the contracted weight of 135lbs, but like Corrales did for Castillo their second time around, Casamayor favorably allowed the fight to happen. With the extra weight, and possible energy for Corrales he fought a dull fight that went in Casamayor’s favor to end in a Split Decision for the Cuban fighter.

We’re off to Welterweight. After knowing that he was no longer able to compete in the 135lb division, Corrales made a crucial decision to try his skills at welterweight (147lbs) so he took on tough guy Joshua “Hitter” Clottey, a man who gave Margarito something to think about. Corrales looked horrible, he looked slow and sluggish as he hit Clottey with everything but the kitchen sink, and it made no impression on the sturdy Clottey who continued to fight his fight. Clottey would drop Corrales in rounds 9 & 10, the fight went the full 10 rounds (as scheduled) and it left Corrales with another loss. Too bad

But no matter what, Corrales will forever be remembered for his huge heart, and un-matched courage to fight anyone anywhere.

Corrales lost his life on (May 7th 2007) the two year anniversary of his LEGENDARY bout with Jose Luis Castillo.

 (Check out some videos of Corrales, courtesy of here)

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Kennedy McKinney vs Junior Jones: 4 Exciting Rounds

Posted by beeshabo on September 14, 2007

December 19th 1997 marked the day that Junior Jones celebrated his birthday (turned 27), and fought Living Legend Kennedy McKinney (32-3-1) for the WBO Super Bantamweight Title in New York at the Madison Square Garden. Junior Jones claiming this would be a birthday bash, and McKinney wants no part of it, and it was clear.

During referee Wayne Kelly’s final instructions to the two fighters who stood center ring McKinney oddly gave his back to Jones, and only turned momentarily to give the traditional touch of gloves before returning to his corner to listen for the first bell.

Jones comes out into the first round, asserting his left jab to the body of McKinney, both men doing some feeling out, Jones a bit more eager to get things going as he’s fighting at a faster pace, in an accidental clash of heads Jones suffers a minor cut underneath his right eye. With a minute or so left in round 1, both guys swinging wildly at one and other trying to make a statement in the closing seconds of the round. Jones comes out as the aggressor in round 2 throwing viciously with both hands, and McKinney just kinda sitting it out, trying to withstand Jones’ onslaught as Jones came on very strong in the opening moments, although under sever attack, McKinney calm a relaxed and just sitting back and waiting for his moment to strike. Jones still on the attack, squaring his shoulders up and he drives McKinney into the ropes leaving himself open for McKinney to land his share of punches, and yet McKinney did not elect to counter at that moment.

Round 3 begins, Jones having fought at an extraordinary pace, marked by the fact that he threw 100 punches and landing 36 of 64 power punches in round 2. The fight is being held at center ring, with Jones keeping up his fast pace, attacking and striking at will, McKinney still holding back a bit, ducking and slipping punches, but still hasn’t got off. With a 1:27 left in round 3, Jones lands a right left right combination on the inside, and McKinney is down for the first time in the fight, McKinney is up at the count of 8. As soon as the referee allowed McKinney to continue, Jones was all over him, landing vicious lefts and rights, but McKinney holding his hands high and using the ropes for resting as he selectively picks his shots to mute Jones’ oncoming punches. Doing well enough to survive what seemed to have been the worst, McKinney showed his champion heart, and still picking his shots in order to get out of the round 3, and if he is able to do so, with a minutes rest between rounds, how much resilience will McKinney have. In the closing seconds of round 3, both men landing a straight right, and both wobbled for a moment, WOW, the bell rings to end round 3 and McKinney still in the fight

Round 4 begins, this time at a bit slower pace, Jones looking a little tired but still landing power shots, McKinney aiming for his right hand and lands one, and down goes Jones, but the ref rules it as slip. Although McKinney did apply pressure to the back of Jones’ neck to help him down to the canvas, Jones appears hurt and dazed, this is McKinney’s shot as Jones for the moment seems punched out. Jones is on the move, retreating against McKinney’s pressure, and with one solid right hand from McKinney, down goes Jones, badly hurt and he stays down until the count of 8, referee Wayne Kelly asks Jones if he wants to continue and Jones clearly answers “Yeah”. With :24 left in round 4 Jones is up and let back in to battle on wobbly legs, and without another single punch thrown, Jones falls straight into McKinney sending himself and the ref to the canvas and ref Wayne Kelly waves the fight off, McKinney has done it.

Although this fight was very short, it was great to watch, these two warriors put on a spectacular show in 4 amazing rounds.

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What Happened to Acelino “Popo” Freitas?

Posted by beeshabo on September 13, 2007


What Happened to Popo? Well the answer would probably be that he finally stepped up to better quality opposition, Maybe, although he fought his share of stiffs and some sturdy opponents, Acenlino was known as a power puncher, a puncher who knocked out his first 29 opponents, that must mean something right? Well it wasn’t until he fought the likes of, Joel Casamayor, Jorge Barrios, Diego Corrales and Juan Diaz that Acelino starting showing signs of wear and tear, he was no longer the stellar boxer puncher, he had more boring moments then exciting ones.

On January 12, 2002, Acelino faced a slick boxer in Joel Casamayor, Casaymayor was known for his dirty rough house tactics, but he was a strudy strong guy with good boxing ability, it was going to be a tough challenge for the Brazilian Slugger. Throughout the entire fight, it was Acelino who turned into the boxer, he was frustrating Casamayor, and as it came to no surprise, Casamayor used every trick in the book to sneak in illegal punches and veteran like rough housing. Popo showed poise, he stuck to his game-plan and avoided getting into a heated battle in which case all his hard work could have gone down the drain in possible loss by Disqualification. By the end of round 12, it was clear that Acelino had won, but his performance didn’t show us how good we thought he was, I guess I just expected more, but he did his best against a tough awkward fighter.

Now, a year and a half later, Popo stepped into one of the biggest challenge of his pro career, he stepped up to fight the wild swinging, in your face mad man, Jorge “La Hiena” Barrios. Barrios was a rough and tough guy who came to fight, he wanted to trade with you, he was willing to take a beating in order to hurt you. Barrios was technically undefeated when he was set to fight Popo, his (Barrios) only loss came by a DQ in December of 97 in a fight that took place in Argentina. From the opening bell, Barrios was on the hunt, searching for openings to unleash his vicious body attack, Popo used his athletic abilities to slip and duck Barrios’ wild swinging attack. The fight was building into a memorable event as the two combatants traded and boxed each other with precise timing, in round 3 Barrios suffered a cut around his left eye, compliments of Freitas’ jab. In round 8, with blood streaming down his face, Barrios put Freitas down on the canvas, but Freitas rose off his knees and he did not appear hurt as he continued to box Barrios. In the dramatic yet amazing round 11, Freitas was sent to the canvas by a straight left right by Barrios, but this time, Freitas went down for real, he got up dazed and the only chance he had to make it out of the round was to box, and he did just that, he used the ropes as a quide to take Barrios out of range. Near the end of round 11, about a mili-second before the bell rang, Freitas landed a ROCK HARD right hand shot flush on Barrios’ chin, Barrios stood dazed for a moment, frozen in time, and then down he went, WOW WOW WOW!!!!.Barrios got up at the count of 4, he didn’t know where he was as he looked around towards the crowd like a kid separated from his family at a theme park, but Barrios turned to the ref at the count of 8 and signaled that he was okay, SAVED BY THE BELL. It was panic time in the Barrios corner, as the blood continued to flow like lava, and he was bleeding from his ear (due to a ruptured ear drum). In the beginning of round 12, Freitas was able to score an early knockdown, and as Barrios stood up on wobbly legs and Freitas went straight at him and with a couple more shots, Barrios was clearly in bad shape and badly discombobulated and the fight was stopped. Freitas had won a TKO victory in round 12, amazing!!!!


After his dramatic win over the Argentinean fighter, the questions flowed, Was Frietas over-rated? or is Barrios that good?…Whatever the case may be, Frietas showed heart and determination in winning his brutal battle with Barrios, something many didn’t know about Freitas was answered, he had a warrior heart.

On September 7th, 2004…Freitas once again stepped up to fight another warrior in the late Deigo “Chico” Corrales, after thinking that his biggest test as a pro was his fight against Barrios, well this fight was much more of a test, Corrales was an excellent fighter, a lights out puncher with the biggest heart you could ever imagine in a fighter, a man who will walk through anything to win, Freitas had HELL in his way. No matter what anyone thought of Freitas, he was doing everything right, boxing beautifully, and using his lateral movement to mute Corrales offense, Freitas was on his way to a victory until, Corrales landed flush, and down went Freitas (in round 8), He got up but looking tired and worried. Freitas would go down two more times, in the 9th and 10th rounds, but his career ended the moment he pulled a “NO MAS” (no more) and quit after he suffered the 3rd knockdown in this fight at the hands of Corrales. Oh man, he quit, where did his heart go? what happened?…well the answer is, He got hit, and hit hard.

So now after his devistating first professional loss, Freitas was now on the downhill, even though this was his first loss, you just knew he wasn’t going anywhere after this, it was too much for him to take, he would now be known as a quitter. Freitas went on to fight two more times (in Brazil), and made a comeback in April of 2006 in a fight for the vacant WBO Lightweight title against Zahir Raheem. In an all out Snoozer, Freitas won a Split Descison against the man who beat a worn out Erik Morales.

364 days later, Acelino wanted to make a statement of his already questionable career, he wanted to unify the belts against the unbeaten baby bull Juan Diaz, the fight was made and the two were set to fight for the WBO & WBA lightweight titles at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino. In some good pre-fight hype, many thought Freitas would easily out gun the 21yr old in a quick and easy KO victory, I for one also thought that Freitas would be too much for the young champ, and boy was I wrong. Freitas looked horrible, sloppy, and in bad condition as he ran out of gas early in rounds 4 & 5, somehow Freitas gained some energy and lasted until round 8, but after a strong barrage of punches from Diaz that hurt Freitas, Popo once again quit, this time on his stool in between rounds 8 & 9.

What happened to the warrior who fought his heart out against Barrios? Where was the champ? No one knows, he’s gone, and we all know that he’s gone for good.

(Check out a little promo clip for his bout back in April of this year….here)

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr : Will He Ever Be Great?

Posted by beeshabo on September 12, 2007


During his fathers fights (a long time ago) Junior could be seen being carried on the shoulders of either his father, or someone from his camp proudly wearing the Mexican Colors to represent his love for his home country, and everyone knew that someday he would be walking to ring on his own, but no one really knew it would be to fight. He lived in near obscurity as a kid until he expressed his ambitions to follow in his fathers footstep to become a boxer, and to be great after having a father who was knows as LEGENDARY would be big shoes to fill.

After having a very short amateur career, Jr began boxing professionally, mainly on the under-cards of fights his father was headlining, or on the undercards of some good PPV bouts. As soon as Jr burst on the scene, the media went nuts for the son of the legendary Chavez, everyone wanted to see this kid fight, who didn’t. But as quick as you can say “lets get ready to rumble” it was clear that the son of the greatest Mexican fighter ever was no where near as good as many thought, with the harsh beatings he gave to unworthy opponents and the way he ran over fighters who you would catch at some bar battling it out in a drunken rage, you get to thinking, will he ever fight someone worthy. Sure he has great height (standing 6′) and good punching power, lets put those traits to the test, why the bums? why the nobodies? It is no doubt that Junior has a great pro record (33, 0, 1), but who has he beat? We don’t expect him to take on a fighter like Floyd Mayweather, or Shane Mosley (who would without a doubt, erase his “O”), but lets put him in there with some “Okay” opposition. Miguel Cotto who has only 30 fights has already faced fighters like, Carlos Quintana, Zab Judah, Paul Malignaggi, Ricardo Torres and many other good fighters and former champions, I understand that Junior had a very short amateur career, then maybe he should be fighting in Mexico, or on Telefutura, why put him on National TV on the under-cards of Elite PPV events?

The simple answer to all these question is…That they’re grooming him to be a world champion, Okay well, bring him back when he’s ready for the big leagues, its no doubt that a lot of fighters move too quick (ex. Vargas, Lacy) and it effects their career’s long term, but that’s what makes them the fighters they are, no ducking, no dodging, win or lose. I for one, am not fond of Junior, for the simple fact that he’s getting paid good money to beat up on smaller guys, lets wait until he’s ready for a real challenge, shall we? At the rate he’s going, he won’t be ready for a title shot until his 60th pro fight, so we have to sit through 27 more two round fights until we see him take on someone good, we’ll I’ll just take my interests else where. This is no way to step out of our Father’s shadow, be yourself, and show us who you really are.

So…until Junior can beat someone with potential, or even a has been, I’m not interested in seeing him beat up on cab drivers, and soft gutted journey men, give us something good.

(Check out his record here)

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Jorge Linares, Who?…………. Jorge Linares

Posted by beeshabo on September 12, 2007


Jorge Linares… word, Remarkable!!!!

This man has all the tools, at the ripe young age of 22, he’s equipped with tremendous hand speed and foot speed, decent power, and he’s just beautiful to watch. Born August 22, 1985 in Barinas Venezuela, his professional record stands at 24-0 (15 ko’s), he is currently living in Tokyo Japan. Since July 21, 2007 Jorge has been the current WBO Featherweight Champ after defeating Oscar “Chololo” Larios for the interim title.

In all honesty, I’ve only seen Linares fight once (live), and that was his stunning display of boxing skills as he dismantled a willing Oscar Larios to score a 10th round TKO victory to claim the WBO interim title. But what a fight it was, or shall I say “Boxing Match”, because that’s exactly what it was.

Linares has spent all of his years as a pro fighting in Japan, Venezuela and Panama, his first time fighting in the states proved nothing but the fact that he’s a well polished boxer that poses a threat to anyone in the 126lb division. Linares comes off as a seasoned pro by the way he’s able to use ever punch in his arsenal to destroy his opponents, amazing lateral movement, quick reflexes, and he uses veteran subtle moves to give himself the advantage of exposing his foe, he reminds me of a young hungry Oscar De La Hoya, he has even adopted the same name “Golden Boy”.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of Linares’ other fights (courtesy of, he’s amazing, in his fight with Ramiro Lara, Linares was able to score a TKO victory within 19 seconds of the first punch that opened his window of opportunity to capitalize on a hurt Lara, that’s how quickly he can change a fight. Jorge stays very calm and relaxed, he moves in and out very sneaky, he uses his feet to faint punches and duck oncoming barrages, he was able to use these attributes to pick a part a very active fighter in Oscar Larios, a man who throws continuously every minute of every round. In his fight with Larios, Linares showed his poise as Larios came on very strong, and with every round going in Linares’ favor, Larios did not stop coming, he gave Linares very little rest periods and although Linares was under attack every minute of the fight he displayed his readiness for the big leagues by using his boxing ability to speak for itself, and ultimately stopped the determined Larios in 10 spectacular rounds, something even Manny Pacquiao couldn’t do. I am very surprised at how solid Linares is, from his offense to his defense, he’s near FLAWLESS on the way he fights, he took a lot of good shots from Larios (who’s known as a good puncher) yet he never missed a beat,  he was always ready to fire and willing to brawl or box. Linares’ has a great offense, he combines crisp clean body shots and stunning lefts and right to the head, he mixes up his attack evenly, to the head and body, he attacks with perfect time to capitalize on his openings. 

If you watch Japanese and Korean fighters, they have excellent stamina, and sturdy chins, it is no wonder why Linares fights the way he does, he’s been exposed to many different fighting styles that allowed him to build his skills off of trial and error early in his career. I’m waiting for Linares’ next move, I would love to see him in the ring with guys like Manny Pacquiao, Israel Vasquez, Rafael Marquez, Joan Guzman and Humberto Soto, in which I believe that Linares can hold is own with any of these champions.

Well Look Out……because here he comes, Jorge “Golden Boy” Linares

(check him out on youtube here)

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