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Can Manny Pacquiao do it again? or will Marco Barrera avenge his loss?

Posted by beeshabo on September 4, 2007


In exactly 30 days, Manny Pacquiao will fight Marco Antonio Barrera again to try to prove to the world that he is the Mexican Destroyer, having made every fighter in his path show what they are made of. In 2003 these two men fought it out in a fight that turned into a brutal annihilation (in Pacquiao’s favor). Now, almost 4 years later they’ll do it again. Pacquiao was the last fighter to serve Barrera a loss in humiliating fashion, Barrera was was completely out gunned and out punched. Barrera is an excellent boxer with very quick reflexes and a heart as big as Mexico, while Manny is a powerful hurricane that just keeps coming coming, and coming. According to Barrera, this will be his last fight of a tremendous career, many (including myself) believe that Marco will come out with both guns blazing, holding nothing back, using his ring smarts and superb intelligence to convincingly beat the Filipino Sensation, but Manny believes otherwise.

Chris’ Pick: Marco Antonio Barrera: via Unanimous Decision

This is a tough one to call,
Manny is so strong, yet he has so many flaws and I believe the Barrera has the skills to expose them.
If Barrera can use his unique off rythym jab to keep Manny at bay, he’ll score an easy victory. If Barrera allows Manny to set the pace, there is a good possibility that Barrera will fade late in the fight. Although both men are great fighters, there can only on this night.

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