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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Ricky Hatton: Who’s “O” Will Go?

Posted by beeshabo on September 5, 2007


So much talk, and so many early predictions because of so much hype……through the next 3 months, there will be much anticipation for the fight between two world class champions: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Ricky Hatton will battle it out December 8th in Las Vegas Nevada.

After Hatton’s blow out of Mexican warrior Jose Luis Castillo in 4 easy rounds, Ricky expressed his feelings of the man the call “Pretty Boy”, showing little respect for Floyd’s accomplishments inside the ring, and in a few simple words Ricky made it clear that Floyd does not pose a threat to him despite Floyd’s clear advantage of boxing skills. Immediately following Hatton’s win over Castillo, an interview with the cocky Mayweather was undoubtedly interesting due to Hatton’s words of dislike, Mayweather urged Hatton on, claiming he will beat him back to England (Ricky’s home country) and even Knock Him out using his signature punch against him, the left hook to the body. After Floyd cleary was set out to call Hatton’s bluff, the fight was made. So now we wait, for December 8th when the young lion Brit and Vegas’ own lightning fast “Pretty Boy” set the record straight, and use their fists to do the rest of the taking. Now the question is posed (seeing as both are undefeated), Who’s “O” Will Go?

Chris’ Pick: Mayweather via UD or later round TKO

Using facts, and analysis on each fighters past bouts, I have to go with Mayweaher. He’s clearly the better boxer, and has far better ring intelligence……I’m taking nothing away from Hatton’s skills as a fighter, he’s done what he’s had to in order to win. But now, he’s facing the Pound-4-Pound best fighter in the world, So I would not be surprised if Hatton folds under pressure and the fact that he’s bitten off more then he can chew.

Look for Mayweather to give Hatton angles, using his reach and (clear) size advantage to rip Hatton with crisp shots to the face. If Floyd can keep Hatton from using his rough house tactics, he’ll outpoint Hatton and maybe even wear him down enough to score a late round (10 – 11) stoppage. The only possible way for Hatton to pull off an upset (seeing as he’s the underdog) is to do what he does best, cut off the ring, use his physical power to muscle Floyd, Hit and hold, and just be as physical as possible, and don’t forget the body punching. Although Hatton has a huge heart, and a strong will to win, I do not see him doing enough to upset the ultra-quick Floyd Mayweather.

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