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The Super Middleweight Showdown: Calzaghe vs Kessler

Posted by beeshabo on September 5, 2007


Now this one is for the fans, this fight has many boxing lovers salivating over the fact that we’ll have two of the best 168lb fighters square off in a Highly Anticipated showdown of the undefeated. Joe Calzaghe, “The Pride of Wales” will take on his toughest challenge since his destruction of hard hitting Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy. He will take on the man who he shares the spotlight with, Mikkel Kessler of Denmark who’s coming off a one sided win against former undefeated contender Librado Andrade.

November 3rd will mark the future of the Super Middleweight division, as the winner has unlimited options to take on some of the elite fighters of today, some who could be possible future opponents are Roy Jones Jr., Felix Trinidad, Bernard Hopkins and Jermain Taylor. The reason that this fights stands out, is because bother fighters have something to prove, Kessler is on his way up while trying to making a name for himself and Calzaghe is trying to prove he is still the best since first winning the WBO belt from future legend Chris Eubank in 1997.

I hope this fight lives up the the hype, we all hope both fighters do what they have to do to win while making it beautiful to watch. Calzaghe has the style to make anyone look bad, his Superb Boxing skills are evident in ever single bout, he used angles, foot speed, and experience to destroy the willing yet un-tested Jeff Lacy in a fight where Calzaghe put on the most beautiful display of the “Sweet Science” that I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Kessler on the other hand, is a guy who has decent pop on his punches, boxes and maintains range to execute his game-planl, we’ll see if he has the skills to handle an awkward southpaw with tremendous hand and foot speed.

This fight has the makings to be one of the best of 2007, lets just hope we get what we want.

(more to come)

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