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Re-Living My Favorite KO of the Year

Posted by beeshabo on September 6, 2007


On July 7th 2007, Undefeated Vic Darchinyan suffered his first defeat at the hands of Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire.

Ever since I first watched Darchinyan fight, I had this personal vendetta against him or something, I was just not fond of him or his fighting style, many loved his straight forward style with KO written all over each Punch he threw. He was just so unorthodox, and had so many flaws in his offense and defense, I prayed for the day that someone could expose him for what he was – A one dimensional fighter that beat up on little guys. In his fight with Victor Burgos, Darchinyan looked over anxious and kept winding up his wide swinging punches, and right then and there is when I realized that he can easily be hit and countered, the only problem was getting someone in there who would not fold under Vic’s constant pressure and stinging power punches. Every fighter that has been in the ring with Darchinyan change as soon as the feel his punches, it was as if his punch would throw off their entire game plan, there were no longer focused or determined, their minds were set on just not to get hit and to just survive.

Nonito Donaire came off to me as an average boxer, he had pretty quick hands and decent power, but when he was set to face his brothers former conqueror (darchinyan) I knew that he would win. Nonito has showed poise, he’s showed determination and great boxing skills, I knew that he had what it takes to beat a man like Vic Darchinyan. Although Nonito wasn’t a great prospect, or a well known Filipino fighter, he was definitely skilled and was used to fighting guys bigger then Darchinyan, but Vic thought he could still do what he did to Nonito’s brother -Knock Him Out.

Darchinyan vs Donaire

During the first few moments of the fight, I seen that Nonito looked very confident, he had his game face on and looked extremely comfortable and relaxed. Vic used the first round to try and intimidate Donaire, by just walking straight to him with this cocky smirk on his face, occasionally walking straight at Donaire with both hands down as a sign of no respect. Donaire stuck to his fight plan, and he was executing it very well, counter punching Vic, using angles and boxing beautifully. From the first round on, Vic showed nothing against the Filipino, he was confused and at times a bit over anxious to get at Donaire. In round 3, for the first time in his career, Vic was in trouble, he was hit 3 times flush on the chin by Nonito’s accurate left hook counter punch. By this time in the fight there was no doubt in my mind that Donaire had Darchinyan’s number, there was no way that Vic was going to win, he was scared, hurt, and full of fear. In round 5, Vic was too eager, winding up every punch, dropping his hands and getting sloppy with his offense, and with one lunging punch he was counter BEAUTIFULLY by Nonito’s left hook and down he went. Vic was down for the first time in his career, and he was hurt bad, he struggled to get up and ultimately stumbled into the ropes and it gave the ref no choice but to call a halt to the bout as Vic was in no shape to continue.

This was a beautiful display of courage, determination and skills by the young Nonito Donaire, Congrats to him for years to come, he proved that if you just stay long enough, you’ll soon find out that there is not such thing as the boogeyman!!!

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