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Hamed vs Marquez: What Would Have Happened?

Posted by beeshabo on September 7, 2007


During his time as Champion, Prince Naseem Hamed (aka NAZ) was an extremely powerful fighter with great reflexes and was loved by many because of his stunning lights out power and unique look. Naz beat some of the best fighters they could find to put him, including Kevin Kelly and Augie Sanchez. Naseem won most of his fights by knockout, he usually got to his opponents early in the fight when they were cold and not prepared to take his punches, as he punched much harder then it looked. Naz’s downfall to his great career came when he faced future hall of famer Marco Antonio Barrera, a fight where Naz was humiliated and out boxed, outclassed in every way possible by the great Mexican. But during his reign as an unbeatable figher, Naz unashamedly ducked and dodged a skilled boxer in Juan Manuel Marquez (who’s set to face Rocky Juarez on Sep.15th). Marquez stood as Naz’s mandatory for over 3 years, all of Naz’s camp and corner advised his promoter to do what ever they could to keep Naz out of ring against Marquez, at that time, Marquez was known as an excellent boxer puncher with a tremendous skill to counter-punch.

So….What if the fight happened? Who would have won?

Well….This is a real tough fight to call, Marquez is great at what he does, he can box, fight, punch, brawl and can counter-punch ever better. But Naz, well this guy can HIT, he has the punchers chance, and he boxed well enough to eventually get to his opponent and ultimately knock them out. But what if Naz never got the chance to hit Marquez, like Barrera, Marquez can make anyone look bad. Manny Pacquiao hit Marquez with all he had and he did drop Marquez 3 times in the first round of their fight, but Marquez rallied back between rounds 2-12 and even the scored to get a draw.

I think that Marquez would have been too fast for Naz, but I also believe that Marquez would have quite possible gone down in this fight (several times) but would have done enough to pull ahead of the score cards. Naseem does best when a fighter goes backwards, and doesnt’ counter well, but Marquez comes forward, he looks for the openings and usually won’t throw until his opponent does, and that would be enough to discourage Naz from throwing anything meaningful. Naz might too go down, if he exerts himself too much, and gets over confident after hurting Marquez, that would be his loss as he would not get away with missing punches. I believe that eventually, Marquez would have done enough damage to fight rounds 8-12 at his own pace, beating Naz in convincing fashion.


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