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The Most Under-Rated Fight of 2007: Humberto Soto vs Joan Guzman (Nov. 17)

Posted by beeshabo on September 7, 2007


This fight has the potential to be another great war of a slick quick boxer vs a boxer puncher. As we prepare for the end of 2007 and all its glory, this fight could be just as a good as Pavlik Miranda or Vasquez Marquez and I’m hoping it plays out exactly how I think it will. In my opinion Humberto Soto is one of the most underrated fighters of the last 5 years, he’s been undefeated since July of 2002 when he lost a MD to Kevin Kelly in a fight for the vacant NABA title. Since then Soto has been winning, he beat two good fighters, previously undefeated Rocky Juarez (who takes on Juan Manuel Marquez on Sep. 15), and Bobby Pacquiao (Manny’s bro). Soto also served as a sparring partner for the well known Jose Luis Castillo and that seemed to be a key factor in the fact that Soto is a great technician, he uses his reach well and boxes superbly and knows how to finish a fight. Joan Guzman is a machine, he seems flawless in his previous bouts, against the rough slugger Jorge Barrios, Guzman made him look like a sloppy slap hitter, Guzman is so quick to punch that he’ll land a four punch combination before you can land two punches, he’s that quick. What we’re not sure of yet, is whether or not Guzman has carried his power from the lower weight-classes in which he has competed in before, if so, Soto must box with tremendous accuracy, because you can’t miss against Guzman, he’s too quick. Guzman’s combinations are incredible, he doubles and triples his hooks, he doesn’t really jab all that often, but his lead lefts and rights land like lasers. Look for a boxing match within the first 3 rounds, and then the guns will begin to fire, as both guys will hold nothing back. I’m not sure who’ll win this one, its going to come down to who can use their skills to effectively out box the other, Guzman will be quick, but Soto will be smart. May the best fighter win. I for one will be cheering on Soto, he’s done a great job, and he’s fun to watch.


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