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Jorge Arce vs Vic Darchinyan: Why Not?

Posted by beeshabo on September 7, 2007


Okay…This would be a good match-up in this time of both fighters careers, both are coming off a loss that no one expected, with Vic’s coming in more dramatic fashion. But still, most people would love to see this fight happen, I know I would, both have good power and Arce is more of a boxer with better lateral movement and a decent defense (when he actually wants to block). Vic has been exposed (by Nonito Donaire) as a one dimensional fighter, he wings his punches, and falls for faints but the fact that he hits extremely hard is what makes him dangerous, but since that was the first time (in his fight with Donaire) he had been down as a professional, his chin my not be that suspect as he’s taken some pretty good shots in the past. Arce has a good chin, he takes a punch well and loves to engage in heated exchanges with his foe, willing to take punishment to dish it. Arce is a very exciting fighter, he’s there to put on a show, he risks it everything, and this would be a good opportunity to fight each other, Vic has never fought a guy like Arce and Arce has never faced an in your face slugger like Darchinyan. I personally think that the fight would come down to who’s going to get hit first, the one who takes the first wicked shot will be the loser (IMO), but you can never tell as styles make fights, and I think this would be a good one for years to come. Lets see if Vic can get through Federico Catubay (which he’s supposes to) and if Arce can get through Tomas Rojas, then there shouldn’t be any reason why these two guys can’t fight sometime next year. Lets hope they can make it happen.


2 Responses to “Jorge Arce vs Vic Darchinyan: Why Not?”

  1. […] come through for us, it’s way past dude, as I wrote an entry before hoping this fight happens (HERE). Its exciting to know that a guy like Darchinyan is not afraid of anyone, and is willing to fight […]

  2. […] almost here, the fight between Vic Darchinyan vs Jore Arce. In a previous entry, I showed my interest in this fight, and it’s just around the corner (tomorrow to be […]

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