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Cancelled Fights

Posted by beeshabo on September 10, 2007

Not sure what the deal is, but I guess their right when they say “bad things come in threes”.

First we have Fernando Vargas getting sick with anemia and having to postponed his September 8th bout with Ricardo Mayorga until November 23rd.

Now we have Juan Manuel Marquez getting injured in training camp causing him to pull out of his fight against Rocky Juarez this coming weekend on September 15th. What changes, first Marquez was set to face Jorge Barrios, but his opponent changed when Barrios had retina problems. Rocky switched from facing Robert Guerrero to get a shot at Marquez, and now Vitali Klitschko will not be facing Jameel McCline on September 22nd.

SO…..What the heck is going on??? I guess I was right when I told myself that all these dream match-ups were too good to be true, now lets just hope none of the other fights change as scheduled.

(more to come)


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