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Dream Match-Up: Rafael Marquez vs Daniel Ponce De Leon

Posted by beeshabo on September 10, 2007


Wow….this would be a great one, two fighters who can HIT, two fighters who’ll take one to give on, this would be a battle of crunching power shots, and the questions would be -Who will be left standing?. Rafael Marquez possibly the more polished of the two, he’s been quickly developing his boxing IQ into something extraordinary, he combines sweet boxing skills with knockout power in both hands. In his first fight with Israel Vasquez, Rafael was the epitome of a Boxer/Puncher, he used his jab to set up his devastating right hand, and would follow up with precise combinations. As for Daniel Ponce De Leon, this guy knows how to fight, he’s a bit wild swinging and unpredictable but he no doubt has power to knock anyone out, he’s not much of a technical fighter, but he more often looks for openings and capitalizes with hard shots the eventually get to his opponents.

This fight would be nothing less but dramatic and exciting, if this fight was to ever take place in the near future, maybe after Marquez’s third fight with rival Israel Vasquez and if Ponce De Leon can get a much needed rematch with Gerry Penalosa. If the two can get through their so-called “Mandatory” fights, there should be no reason why these guys can make a fight for the fans, a battle of two hard hitting warriors. This would be a tough one to call, since both can hit and both can take a good punch, it would probably come down to who can take more punishment as the fight progresses. Lets hope this fight is something the fans, and promoters see as a great fight that could lead up to another great trilogy or a defining moment in their careers.


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