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Jermain Taylor vs Kelly Pavlik: Who Wants it More?

Posted by beeshabo on September 10, 2007


On September 29th, Jermain Taylor will be fighting one of the biggest punchers in the middle weight division, Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik. Jermain Taylor has looked anti-crowd pleasing in his last 4 fights, having barely beat smaller men moving up in weight, but on this day he’ll face a natural 160lb slugger who’s known for his tremendous activity and high volume of punches. Kelly Pavlik is like an old fashioned middleweight who comes to fight, he stands there right in front of you, he’ll box with you, slug it out with you, or he’ll just beat you down. Pavlik comes off as a deceptive puncher, it may not look like much on TV, but I’m sure his opponents feel otherwise as only 3 out of 31 opponents have reached the final bell against the ghost. Now its up to Jermain to silence all his critics, along with his hometown fans who also believe that Taylor has not put in his best efforts to show who he is, The Middleweight Champ.

This is going to be such an exciting fight, and if both men come in and try to do what both say they can, we’ll have a brawl, a war of will, and we’ll have Taylor finally doing what so many people have been expecting from him, and that’s to FIGHT!!!

The only problem that is posed for Pavlik, is although Taylor has not looked good in any of his recent fight, he still has great talent, he’s a young seasoned fighter, who has already seen so many different fighting styles. Taylor has fought, Bernard Hopkins (twice), Winky Wright, Kassim Ouma and Cory Spinks, all of who can make anyone look bad. Even though Taylor had trouble beating these fighters, they still helped him develop his boxing IQ into something that can probably handle a busy puncher like Pavlik. As for Pavlik, he’s the one with the power, and I’m not sure if Taylor will be ready for an on-coming power puncher who can box and stays extremely active in ever single round, we’ll know one thing for sure, both men will have their work cut out for them. We’ll see what happens, and don’t forget to watch the countdown to Pavlik-Taylor on HBO September 22nd.

Chris’ Pick: Pavlik, via 10th round TKO or KO

Taylor will start of the fight very fast, he’s gonna try to show Pavlik that he too can keep up a steady work rate. Pavlik will use his pressure to keep Taylor stepping backwards, and when Taylor begins to open up, that’s when Pavlik will have his chances to test Taylor’s chin with crisp combo’s and head spinning hooks. If Taylor can stand up to Pavlik’s bombs, then it’ll be more of a fight, but if Pavlik can keep Taylor from hitting and running, he’ll wear Taylor down for the final rounds. Both guys have a strong chin, and it’s going to come down to – Who Wants it More?


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