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Miguel Cotto vs Sugar Shane Mosley: Too Tough to Call

Posted by beeshabo on September 10, 2007


Although this a great fight to talk about, and there has already been so much hype for this super match-up of two elite welterweights, Miguel Cotto vs Sugar Shane Mosley, this is a fight that I find too tough to call. Both fighters are great, Mosley is the more experienced, but Cotto is very hungry and has an amazing will to win, he fights to fight. When they square off at the Madison Square Garden, the atmosphere will be electric, so many Puerto Rican fans and so much craziness throughout the entire garden, many fans pro-Cotto and some Mosley. This is truly what it is, Fast & Furious…….Mosley has the extreme upper hand in the speed department, while Cotto is a non stop Furious mad man who’s sole purpose is to hurt you.

How can you pick? Who do you Pick?….I can’t … that’s for sure, I love Mosley, he’s been great, he’s fast, hits hard, and he’s from Pomona Calif. (same as me). But Cotto on the other hand, is a guy on his way up to the top, trying to exceed the popularity of the great Felix “Tito” Trinidad who’s had SO much fame in his years as a top dog of all the Puerto Rican fighters. Its hard to say how this fight will plan out, both have great attributes, and both bring in amazing skills that could take them to top of the Welterweight Division, but only one man can be WINNER!!!. Its the speedy boxer/puncher vs the Powerhouse slugger who’ll walk through hell to win, who can do it??

(prediction soon to come)

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