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Jorge Linares, Who?…………. Jorge Linares

Posted by beeshabo on September 12, 2007


Jorge Linares… word, Remarkable!!!!

This man has all the tools, at the ripe young age of 22, he’s equipped with tremendous hand speed and foot speed, decent power, and he’s just beautiful to watch. Born August 22, 1985 in Barinas Venezuela, his professional record stands at 24-0 (15 ko’s), he is currently living in Tokyo Japan. Since July 21, 2007 Jorge has been the current WBO Featherweight Champ after defeating Oscar “Chololo” Larios for the interim title.

In all honesty, I’ve only seen Linares fight once (live), and that was his stunning display of boxing skills as he dismantled a willing Oscar Larios to score a 10th round TKO victory to claim the WBO interim title. But what a fight it was, or shall I say “Boxing Match”, because that’s exactly what it was.

Linares has spent all of his years as a pro fighting in Japan, Venezuela and Panama, his first time fighting in the states proved nothing but the fact that he’s a well polished boxer that poses a threat to anyone in the 126lb division. Linares comes off as a seasoned pro by the way he’s able to use ever punch in his arsenal to destroy his opponents, amazing lateral movement, quick reflexes, and he uses veteran subtle moves to give himself the advantage of exposing his foe, he reminds me of a young hungry Oscar De La Hoya, he has even adopted the same name “Golden Boy”.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of Linares’ other fights (courtesy of, he’s amazing, in his fight with Ramiro Lara, Linares was able to score a TKO victory within 19 seconds of the first punch that opened his window of opportunity to capitalize on a hurt Lara, that’s how quickly he can change a fight. Jorge stays very calm and relaxed, he moves in and out very sneaky, he uses his feet to faint punches and duck oncoming barrages, he was able to use these attributes to pick a part a very active fighter in Oscar Larios, a man who throws continuously every minute of every round. In his fight with Larios, Linares showed his poise as Larios came on very strong, and with every round going in Linares’ favor, Larios did not stop coming, he gave Linares very little rest periods and although Linares was under attack every minute of the fight he displayed his readiness for the big leagues by using his boxing ability to speak for itself, and ultimately stopped the determined Larios in 10 spectacular rounds, something even Manny Pacquiao couldn’t do. I am very surprised at how solid Linares is, from his offense to his defense, he’s near FLAWLESS on the way he fights, he took a lot of good shots from Larios (who’s known as a good puncher) yet he never missed a beat,  he was always ready to fire and willing to brawl or box. Linares’ has a great offense, he combines crisp clean body shots and stunning lefts and right to the head, he mixes up his attack evenly, to the head and body, he attacks with perfect time to capitalize on his openings. 

If you watch Japanese and Korean fighters, they have excellent stamina, and sturdy chins, it is no wonder why Linares fights the way he does, he’s been exposed to many different fighting styles that allowed him to build his skills off of trial and error early in his career. I’m waiting for Linares’ next move, I would love to see him in the ring with guys like Manny Pacquiao, Israel Vasquez, Rafael Marquez, Joan Guzman and Humberto Soto, in which I believe that Linares can hold is own with any of these champions.

Well Look Out……because here he comes, Jorge “Golden Boy” Linares

(check him out on youtube here)


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