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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr : Will He Ever Be Great?

Posted by beeshabo on September 12, 2007


During his fathers fights (a long time ago) Junior could be seen being carried on the shoulders of either his father, or someone from his camp proudly wearing the Mexican Colors to represent his love for his home country, and everyone knew that someday he would be walking to ring on his own, but no one really knew it would be to fight. He lived in near obscurity as a kid until he expressed his ambitions to follow in his fathers footstep to become a boxer, and to be great after having a father who was knows as LEGENDARY would be big shoes to fill.

After having a very short amateur career, Jr began boxing professionally, mainly on the under-cards of fights his father was headlining, or on the undercards of some good PPV bouts. As soon as Jr burst on the scene, the media went nuts for the son of the legendary Chavez, everyone wanted to see this kid fight, who didn’t. But as quick as you can say “lets get ready to rumble” it was clear that the son of the greatest Mexican fighter ever was no where near as good as many thought, with the harsh beatings he gave to unworthy opponents and the way he ran over fighters who you would catch at some bar battling it out in a drunken rage, you get to thinking, will he ever fight someone worthy. Sure he has great height (standing 6′) and good punching power, lets put those traits to the test, why the bums? why the nobodies? It is no doubt that Junior has a great pro record (33, 0, 1), but who has he beat? We don’t expect him to take on a fighter like Floyd Mayweather, or Shane Mosley (who would without a doubt, erase his “O”), but lets put him in there with some “Okay” opposition. Miguel Cotto who has only 30 fights has already faced fighters like, Carlos Quintana, Zab Judah, Paul Malignaggi, Ricardo Torres and many other good fighters and former champions, I understand that Junior had a very short amateur career, then maybe he should be fighting in Mexico, or on Telefutura, why put him on National TV on the under-cards of Elite PPV events?

The simple answer to all these question is…That they’re grooming him to be a world champion, Okay well, bring him back when he’s ready for the big leagues, its no doubt that a lot of fighters move too quick (ex. Vargas, Lacy) and it effects their career’s long term, but that’s what makes them the fighters they are, no ducking, no dodging, win or lose. I for one, am not fond of Junior, for the simple fact that he’s getting paid good money to beat up on smaller guys, lets wait until he’s ready for a real challenge, shall we? At the rate he’s going, he won’t be ready for a title shot until his 60th pro fight, so we have to sit through 27 more two round fights until we see him take on someone good, we’ll I’ll just take my interests else where. This is no way to step out of our Father’s shadow, be yourself, and show us who you really are.

So…until Junior can beat someone with potential, or even a has been, I’m not interested in seeing him beat up on cab drivers, and soft gutted journey men, give us something good.

(Check out his record here)

One Response to “Julio Cesar Chavez Jr : Will He Ever Be Great?”

  1. termdefined said

    Is he 6 feet tall? Wikipedia says he stands at 5′ 10.5″

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