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Remembering: Diego “Chico” Corrales (R.I.P.)

Posted by beeshabo on September 14, 2007


Diego Corrales was one of the most dynamic and exciting fighters that I’ve ever had the opportunity to watch, he was a relentless pressure fighter with amazing power in either hand. He had a will that was evil, he almost seemed willing to die in the heat of battle in order to place himself at the top of boxing, he was skilled at what he did, and no matter if he won or loss, he always put on a good show. Diego was unique in ever way, with the biggest heart imaginable, and it showed every single time around, and he loved us (his fans).

During his great career, Diego compiled a pro-record of 40 Wins, 5 Losses, and 33 of his wins coming by way of Knock Out. Corrales was involved in one of the most brutal, dramatic, skillful, amazing fights that I’ve ever seen, and that fight was his war (that almost turned trilogy) with the great Jose Luis Castillo on May 7th 2005.

There is nothing bad to say about Corrales, he was the epitome of a fighter, always willing to step up to the plate no matter how huge the challenge seemed to him or anyone. There was no such thing as “Quit” when it came down to fighting, in his bout with Floyd Mayweather, Corrales suffered 5 knockdowns at the hands of the speedy Mayweather and never once thought about quitting, he was clearly incapable of winning, not to mentioned nearly having to kill himself to make the 130lb weight limit. After 10 grueling rounds of a severe beating, Corrales’ corner threw in the towel, even after he had no chance to win unless a lucky (yet doubtful) punch would land on the oncoming Mayweather, Corrales was furious in the stoppage, nearly accosting his father and corner men, Corrales would not speak to his father for sometime after the fight.

After his bout with Mayweather, Corrales was sentenced to 14 months in prison due to domestic violence, upon his release from prison, Corrales went back to work, and took on any and all challengers to prove once again that he was the best fighter in the world.

He fought with the quick and slick Joel Casamayor twice within 5 months, losing the first via TKO in round 6 due to a sever cut through his bottom lip. Both fights proved that Corrales still had the heart and determination to win, as he protested the stoppage although he was suffering a major injury that could have caused major damage. In the second fight with Casamayor, Corrales turned from a puncher, to a boxer, using his height advantage to out-box the cuban southpaw to a 12th round Split Decision.

August 7th 2004, Diego took on the undefeated Brazilian artist Acelino “Popo” Freitas for the WBO Lightweight title. In the first half of the fight, Freitas looked sensational, using his quick elusive punching style to keep Corrales off of his game-plan. Although Corrales was clearly behind on the scorecards, he was fighting with the same pressure style, pinning Freitas against the ropes, bullying him, hitting him, and in round 8 he landed a left right combo to the head of Freitas and down he went. Freitas sucked up the oxygen and fought on, but in round 9, he was down again by a Corrales power punch, and down once more in the 10th. But after Freitas had suffered his 3rd knockdown in round 10, he quit during the referee’s mandatory 8 count, and Corrales was declared the winner via TKO in round 10 of an amazing fight.

Then came his two stunning fights with Jose Luis Castillo, the first took place on May 7th 2005, and boy was it awesome. Both men traded continuously through the entire fight, back and forth, back and forth, never letting up. On to round 10, the most dramatic round of the century, Corrales suffered the first knockdown of the fight by a powerful left hook to jaw by Castillo that sent him crumbling to the canvas and in that moment even spitting out his mouthpiece. Dazed and yet still had his wits, Corrales rose from mat, after a quick rinse of the mouthpiece he went back to it, and withing seconds of recovering from the first knockdown, down Corrales went for a second time, and this time it seemed to be from an accumulation of punches. Once again, Corrales spit out his mouth piece obviously trying to buy himself time to clear his head, the referee deducted a point from Corrales for excessive spitting of the mouthpiece. With time running out for Castillo to take advantage of his wounded opponent, he showed eagerness to hit Corrales one more time, believeing that it would only take one more punch to finish Corrales. That was his mistake, Castillo went at Corrales recklessly, and with one punch Corrales changed the fight, the left hook landed and wobbled Castillo, against the ropes and helpless Corrales continued to bomb on Castillo and referee Tony Weeks jumped in a called a halt to the bout. WOW!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

In their second fight, it was a quick and easy KO victory for the bigger stronger Castillo, who had initially failed to make the weight, but Corrales (the warrior he is) elected to continue the fight as scheduled. In this fight in was clear that Castillo was much stronger, he landed the harder punches, and after one solid left hook on the inside, Corrales was dropped. Upon rising from the canvas, Corrales barely beat the 10 count, but he stumbled into the ropes and the fight was over. It was a controversial ending to a quick and still great fight.

A third fight with Castillo was scheduled soon after the second, but again, Castillo failed to make weight, but this time Corrales didn’t want no part of it and the fight was off.

After having to suffer a devastating KO loss to Castillo in their second meeting, Corrales went on to claim what was his against his previous conqueror, Joel Casamayor. How ironic, this time it was Corrales who failed to make the contracted weight of 135lbs, but like Corrales did for Castillo their second time around, Casamayor favorably allowed the fight to happen. With the extra weight, and possible energy for Corrales he fought a dull fight that went in Casamayor’s favor to end in a Split Decision for the Cuban fighter.

We’re off to Welterweight. After knowing that he was no longer able to compete in the 135lb division, Corrales made a crucial decision to try his skills at welterweight (147lbs) so he took on tough guy Joshua “Hitter” Clottey, a man who gave Margarito something to think about. Corrales looked horrible, he looked slow and sluggish as he hit Clottey with everything but the kitchen sink, and it made no impression on the sturdy Clottey who continued to fight his fight. Clottey would drop Corrales in rounds 9 & 10, the fight went the full 10 rounds (as scheduled) and it left Corrales with another loss. Too bad

But no matter what, Corrales will forever be remembered for his huge heart, and un-matched courage to fight anyone anywhere.

Corrales lost his life on (May 7th 2007) the two year anniversary of his LEGENDARY bout with Jose Luis Castillo.

 (Check out some videos of Corrales, courtesy of here)

One Response to “Remembering: Diego “Chico” Corrales (R.I.P.)”

  1. termdefined said

    Did you create that GIF? If so, thats badass! Diego Corrales will live on in your heart and the hearts of all of his fans. Let this be a lesson to anybody that drives a motorcycle to BE CAREFUL!

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