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Oscar De La Hoya vs Sugar Shane Mosley I: What We Should Have Had on May 5th 2007

Posted by beeshabo on September 17, 2007


The first time that Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley met was one of the best fights in 2000 (IMO), it was a straight up boxing match that turned sluggfest as the two men battled it out in a prize-fight of two elite boxers (in that time) in the welterweight division.

Oscar was the IBA & WBC welterweight champ, and Mosley was a Lightweight who had only two fights in the Welterweight division before steppin up to face De La Hoya for his share of opportunity. This is what everyone waited for, a fight between two of the all time best, and both men promised us a fight/brawl, just as Floyd promised us in his bout with Oscar, but it took Shane and Oscar to actually deliver.

Now we ask……….Why wasn’t De La Hoya vs Mayweather anywhere on the same level? Even after being dubbed as “The World Awaits”

Well….Despite the fact that Oscar was 7 years younger when he faced Mosley, but it was he that had to make it a fight, although he claimed to have tried his best, it was evident in the snoozer of fight we had to sit through, that he didn’t try hard enough. Mayweather was the betting favorite in the fight, and rightfully so as he had the youth advantage and speed advantage, as where Mosley only had the speed advantage in his first fight with De La Hoya.

So why didn’t Mayweather fight the fight that so many of us expected?

Well its simple actually, he was scared of Oscar, plain and simple, there is no other way around it. No matter how much power that Oscar had in his career, not matter how much skill, no matter how many knockouts, Mosley was there, fighting with Oscar, clearly confident in his abilities to go into the jaws of the lion to get what he felt was his, the championship. All the fire that Mayweather was spitting during the press conferences and media tour to promote such an event, and where was that dragon on  May 5th (fight night), he was absent, and yet we got the scared little boy (Mayweather) who was running from the fire that the bigger dragon (Oscar) was the spitting.

If you watch the first fight between Oscar and Shane, it started in the same way as De La Hoya/Mayweather, the only difference was that Shane fought back, he used boxing to keep himself out of danger, and his solid right hand to initiate great action as the fight progressed. Shane took chances, he was hit cleanly several times by the famous left hook of Oscar, but it didn’t matter, Shane knew that if he didn’t take chances there would be nothing left for him in the end, but the notion of him going the distance with the Golden Boy but having came short of a championship, and that wasn’t going to happen (according to Shane).

It was a very exciting and action packed fight, it was an extremely polished boxing match with all the action of a John Woo film, it was that good. As they promised, both men would lift their spirits to continuously let their fists fly whenever they felt the action was fading, De La Hoya would rip Mosley with left hooks and Mosley countered with giant like right hands over the top, back and forth, back and forth, it was awesome. The intensity was continuous through the entire fight, with 20,000 people standing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, everyone knew they were watching history in the making. No one can say that about the insipid exhibition match we witnessed on May 5th, the only historic thing that happened that night was the amount of money that each combatant was given for their efforts, and that is nothing to be proud of considering the level of a fight we were given.

So what really happened on May 5th 2007?

Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather were a part of the highest grossing boxing match in history….and that’s it!!!

Too bad huh, well lets all hope that Floyd makes up for it on December 8th when he fights undefeated Ricky Hatton, but who knows…and all we have is hope


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