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Gina Carano…….Oh Man!!!

Posted by beeshabo on September 17, 2007


Gina Joy Carano, Born April 16, 1982 is a professional MMA fighter (specializes in Muay Thai) who has a professional record of 5 Wins, 0 Losses and 2 Wins coming by way of Knockout.

This girl can fight, so far from what I’ve seen and heard she’s been on top of her game, and now she’s known as the “Face of Women’s MMA”.

Gina is very articulate, she’s smart, beautiful, and great to watch in the ring, and in her first ever win by submission (on Saturday Sep. 15), she showed that she can stay calm under pressure, and plain and simple -She Knows How to Win.

She has the Good Looks, the Charisma and the skills to become something great for women’s MMA. Since the beginning of MMA and Boxing for that matter, these full contact sports have been known more for their Male audiences and Male participants, not very many women enjoyed hitting one and other with soft padded gloves protecting their knuckles, it just wasn’t “Women Like”. But we’re in a new age now, and women are a part of everything, we have Hilary Clinton in the white house, Oprah Winfrey the richest African American of the 20th Century, these days women are doing it all, and its not wonder to us men that women are becoming more and more involved in anything and everything we love.

Lov’em or Hate’m…they’re here, and here to stay.

Women’s boxing is nowhere near as popular as male boxing, neither is women’s MMA, but over the years it has progressed some, and since the quick rise of MMA (UFC, Pride), boxing has also made an increase in their advertising and promoting as MMA has dramatically increased in its popularity. I have respect for both Sports, they’re both tough, brutal and it takes a real man (or women) to step into that ring, or octagon to get hit in the face and body, and still comeback for more. Although to me Boxing is much more enjoyable to watch, MMA has grown on me a bit, I tend to watch it more often, but Boxing is my heart.

So…can the pretty face of Gina Carano change the face of womens MMA? We shall wait and see


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