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Taylor vs Pavlik: The Aftermath of the “Countdown”

Posted by beeshabo on September 24, 2007


This past Saturday I sat down and watched the count-down to Taylor/Pavlik, the documentary style HBO special of the two fighters that gives you an inside look at their lives and preparation for one of the biggest fights of their lives.

I have to admit that I love “Fight Hype” and trash talking, and the HBO special gives you all of that and more, its truly a can’t miss for any boxing fan, I happen to love it and have recorded it and already watched it 2 more times haha. But besides all the fight hype, trash talking and the inspirational stories of the fighters climb to the top, it is a great source to an inside look at the fighters personality and motivation, it is these very programs that make me use my head and not my heart.

So, after the count-down, I sat and thought to myself who I really felt would win this fight, in a previous piece and prediction that I wrote for this Middleweight Match-up, my predicted was in favor of Kelly Pavlik, who I thought would come out on top with a KO or TKO victory within 10 rounds. I’m gonna have to take this one back, after careful viewing of the HBO special and some YouTube videos of the fighters past bouts, I have came to a new conclusion, Taylor should easily score a decision victory of the Ghost this Saturday. The reason for my change of heart, is simply because I am using my Head and not my Heart. Pavlik still has a great chance, he’s big, strong and come into fights well prepared, but it will be Taylor who will used his skillful techniques that brought him to the top of the Middleweight division to out-point Pavlik in a exciting 12 round WAR.

Pavlik has a good chin, and excellent power in both hands, but the question is, Can he get past Taylor’s jab?

We don’t know yet, Taylor has the better boxing ability of the two, and he’s more experienced when it comes to fighting the Elite of boxing today. So can Pavlik find a way to beat the BEST Middleweight since Hopkins? We’ll soon find out


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