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What Don’t Kill you, Makes you Stronger: Barrera Can Do It!!

Posted by beeshabo on September 28, 2007


We’re coming down to a week until Marco Barrera steps into the ring with the hurricane that is Manny “Pacman” Paquiao, after such a devastating and upset lost to Manny in their first bout almost four years ago, Marco claims to be ready to vindicate his loss that no ones predicts he can.

But I, I believe he can do it, it is definitely not IMPOSSIBLE.

Although we all know that Barrera is past his prime, we do know that he’s always game, and he enters every bout well prepared. But to that notion, I think that Barrera was not prepared for his first fight with Manny, Marco simply took the fight too lightly, Manny was technically unknown at the time and Barrera was a whirlwind in the division. This time could be different, Barrera is a great technician who can box you or brawl with you, he’s beaten some good fighters, such as Erik Morales (twice), Kennedy McKinney, Kevin Kelly, a prime Naseem Hamed and young gun in Rocky Juarez (twice).

In his first bout with Manny, Barrera looked distracted and completely out of focus, he was winded and didn’t seem encouraged to continued fighting at his best, he deliberately head butted Manny, this marked his clear frustration as he could not do anything to keep Manny off of him. Although Barrera can get a little dirty in the ring, he is not commonly known as a “dirty fighter”, but he often tends to let his emotions get the better of them. So if Barrera can last 11 rounds with the quick on coming Pacquiao without ever being in the fight, I think he’ll do just fine this time around.

I will be rooting for Barrera all the way.

Manny has too many flaws, and I hate the fact that some boxing experts and journalists keep forgetting the fact that Manny was already OUT-BOXED by an old Erik Morales in their first fight, What’s up with that?? Manny is not flawless, and I hope that Barrera can expose each and every one of them on October 6th.


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