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Miguel Cotto: The Machine

Posted by beeshabo on October 23, 2007


On November 10th Miguel Cotto will take on his toughest challenge yet when he squares of at Madison Square Garden to face Pomona’s Sugar Shane Mosley. Since Cotto’s fight with Kelson Pinto, he’s been fighting the best out there, he’s beaten some good fighters, such as: Demarcus Corely, Ricardo Torres, Gianluca Branco, Paul Malignaggi, Carlos Quintana, Oktay Urkal and Zab Judah. With having faced all of the stiff competition, Malignaggi was the only one that made it to the final bell. Miguel is a Machine, a punisher, a finisher, a bone crusher and most of all, A WINNER!!

His poker face is the most obvious characteristic of this 147lb wrecking ball, he shows no emotion, he enters the ring ready to take care of business, at any cost. Throughout his career, Miguel has faced many different kind of styles, he faced an awkward Carlos Maussa, rugged veteran Lovemore N’dou, KO artist Kelson Pinto, Slugger Ricardo Torres, quick crafty Paul Malignaggi, tall power puncher Carlos Quintana and a quick handed Zab Judah. I know that I’m listing a lot of fighters, but these fighters are the ones that marked Cotto’s career and have risen him to new levels, the only difference with this fight against Mosley, is the Shane is all of these fighters rolled into one. So…….Can Cotto figure out the elusive, quick, powerful, and crafty veterean like Mosley? I think so

Mosley has been a great fighter, he’s beat some stiff competition, and I do not think any of his greatest victories can be diminished by the previous accusations of his involvement in polluting himself with Steroids, he’s been a winner before any of these debates, nothing should change that.

But we all know that Mosley can be beat, we do not yet know that about Cotto, because Miguel seems to be getting better and better as he raises his level of competition, that’s unusual for a man of his experience, having only been pro for almost 7 years, and already he’s established himself as one of the best 147lb fighters of his era. Mosley is an old school vet that has had his share of fame and popularity, till this day Mosley is recognized as one of boxing’s all time greats, at 36, Mosley is still a threat to anyone.

The only problem I see for Mosley in this fight, is that he will be facing a young, strong, powerful, focused, hungry champion with the strongest will to win of all welterweights, Mosley has not faced an opponent with the youthful tenacity that Miguel posses in over 7 years (when he beat De La Hoya back in 2000). The biggest problem for Miguel is Mosley, there is no way getting around Mosley’s tremendous boxing ability and experience, Cotto must find a way to utilize his punching power to mute Mosley’s strengths, and that means punching to the body, the arms and the chest, Cotto must take the steam out of Mosley early to give himself a better chance to land his power shots.

I believe that this fight will not go the twelve (scheduled) rounds, someone is getting knocked out, and although I’m a big Mosley fan, I think this is Miguel’s time to shine, and nothing is going to keep him from losing, not even a skilled fighter like Mosley, Cotto is just TOO STRONG!!! I see the fight very competitive until rounds 7 and 8 where Miguel is going to turn up the heat and test Mosley’s aging legs, Cotto will bang the body hard and often, once Mosley has tired just enough, Cotto will find a home for the left hook that will change the fight. The only way I see Mosley winning is if he fights smart, and tries to catch Cotto coming in (cold) to land his biggest shot, if Mosley cannot gain Cotto’s respect within the first 4 rounds, is will be Cotto all night, Cotto is a non stop brawler, so Mosley will have to fight every minute of every round. If Mosley can some how box his way through the fight without engaging Cotto too much, he may pull off a boring but decisive victory over the Puerto Rican hero. But I doubt that can happen, Cotto just doesn’t give you that option with his constant pressure and vicious attack.


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Floyd Finally Loses: on Dancing With The Stars

Posted by beeshabo on October 17, 2007

On Monday (10-15-07), Floyd danced a Paso Doble with his professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff, but it wasn’t good enough to keep him in the competition. Floyd and Karina were in the bottom two (couples) Tuesday night, and were ultimately voted off. Its okay though, honestly..Floyd wasn’t that good anyways, too much boxing discipline to mold, its better this way, now he can train full time for his bout with Ricky Hatton on December 8th.

But hey….nice try, I’m sure its much tougher than it looks

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Calzaghe/Kessler: POP or FLOP?

Posted by beeshabo on October 17, 2007


On November 3rd, two undefeated super middleweights will square off in a unification bout for the Ring/WBO/WBC/WBO titles. The fight will take place in Calzaghe’s backyard (Cardiff, Wales) where he is known to pack a soccer stadium with over 30,000 die hard fans. This is a fight that boxing fans have been waiting for, two extremely talented and undefeated warriors will duke it out for Super Middleweight Supremacy, or will they?

“Styles make Fights”, that’s what boxing is all about. Many believe (and wish) that this fight will exceed all expectations, that it’s going to be a war, a battle of wills, I’m not so sure.

Over the years, Calzaghe has proven himself over and over again, he beat a living legend in Chris Eubank, winning the title, and he has defending his title 20 times, that’s historic. Calzaghe is a fast handed southpaw who some call a “Deceptive Puncher”, his punches come off as winging and slapping, but if that’s the case, then he’s slapped his way to 32 Knockouts out of 43 fights, now that’s a good slapper. Then we have Mikkel Kessler, who is also undefeated with an excellent pro record, consisting of 39 Wins 0 Losses and 29 KO’s, Kessler has a nice fighting style, he uses a jab and straight right hands to execute, but will his usual technique change when he faces the reigning Clazaghe? Maybe, Maybe not

I’m not sure what everyone is thinking, but I know one thing, this fight isn’t going to be what most hope it will. We have a Southpaw (Calzaghe), and a orthodox (Kessler), usually these kinds of fights produce a decent amount of action, but I’m not too sure about with these two fighters. Calazaghe is a Angle, Footwork, Speedy, Elusive type of a fighter, and Kessler is a little more of a In Your Face, Technical fighter. So what can we expect on November the 3rd?

I’m going to assume that both understand the magnitude of this bout, and how important it is to the fans to see a good fight, and with that said, its extremely possible that both men will go out there and really put on a good show, they’ll box when they need to, and fight when they need to. On the flipside of that wonderful thought, if both Calzaghe and Kessler are thinking more about Safety and Security, well then we’ll have a Flop. I can see Calzaghe circling and only landing one punch at a time, while Kessler establishes a jab with an occasional right hand shot every now and then. Lets pray that we get everything BUT a exhibition bout, where both boxers come out mark free, because that will produce and a angry and frustrated crowd (at home and present). When this fight was first announced, I thought what everyone else did, “Oh man, its going to be awesome, I cannot wait”. But now, I’m a bit more skeptical, only because I’ve noticed myself to fall too much into the fight hype, and not use my knowledge to assess the bout thoroughly, but now I have, and I must say – “It may not be all we hope it will be”

We shall wait and see

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Vida Guerra

Posted by beeshabo on October 16, 2007

[heavy video=0ce2c8aadd3ebcae8957d70ea7acda0e&]

I just thought I’d post up this video of one of thee hottest girls out there!! the one and only…VIDA GUERRA

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Juan Diaz: Bull or Bum?

Posted by beeshabo on October 16, 2007


This past Saturday, Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz unified the titles against the experienced Julio Diaz in a 12 round Lightweight bout. Julio Diaz seemed to not want to fight his fight, which would have been to box, use angles and rang to catch Juan coming in, but instead, he elected to fight Juan’s fight on the inside where Juan was able to set a pace that Julio would not be able to withstand for 12 full rounds. After round 8, the Julio corner waved the white flag and Juan was declared the winner by TKO, although the fight wasn’t that exciting, it still showed that Juan can impose his will and fighting style against a well schooled opponent. Now, can Juan continue his quest for greatness when men like Joel Casamayor, Manny Pacquiao, Michael Katsidis, and David Diaz stand in his way?

Since Manny Pacquiao has a desire to fight Edwin Valero, he will not be available any time soon for a fight with Juan Daiz, with that aside, I think Juan’s best challenge is a fight with Joel Casamayor, the cuban tough guy. Juan Diaz has a tremendous work rate, he throws and throws until he’s established a outstanding pace that wears his opponents down, he did it with previously undefeated Jose Cotto, Acelino Freitas and Julio Diaz. But can he do this against a man who posses excellent boxing skills with decent knock out power? I think so.

It is obvious that Diaz does not have that Knock Out power, but he has strong fast punches that come in bunches, and even the strongest men would have trouble standing up to his relentless pressure. Although Casamayor is a much more polished boxer with greater experience, I think Joel would have trouble getting in a strong enough punch to the chin of Juan in order to gain respect, because Juan won’t give him room, he’ll be in his (Joel’s) chest all night long. In order for Casamayor to become victorious, he must maintain a comfortable pace, and thats much easier said than done when you’re in the ring with a guy who comes forward and throws over 100 punches a round. Juan Diaz also has a sturdy chin, he took good shots from Jose Cotto and Acelino Frietas, both who are known for possessing good punching power, so don’t expect him drop like a fly against Casamayor. The only problem I see for Juan in a fight with Casamayor, are the dirty rough house tactics from the rugged Cuban, Casamayor is known to often result to illegal rough housing to get in edge in the fight when he feels threatened, this would not pose well for the young champ (Diaz) who is not as experienced in those type of situations, but nevertheless, I believe he’ll do well enough to come out victorious, as his aggression and punch volume would overwhelm the Cuban to score a 12 round decision.

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Playing It Safe

Posted by beeshabo on October 8, 2007


This past Saturday, Marco Antonio Barrera completed his rematch with Manny Pacquiao in a lackluster bout that did not meet the expectations. Many (including myself) thought that Marco would come out with both guns blazing, willing to take a punch to give one, maybe even risking getting knocked out to prove that he’s still willing to mix it up at this late stage in his amazing career. Barrera did everything but that, he played it safe, just like in his second bout with Rocky Juarez as his first fight almost turned into a disaster after electing to make it a brawl against the younger stronger Juarez, Barrera wanted no part in a repeat of his first bout with Manny, thus using safe boxing just to survive.

I for one thought that the fight was pretty good, although it didn’t live up to the hype, the fight still showed us that Pacquiao isn’t the fighter that so many claim he is. Manny did not use his aggression and clear size and strength advantage against the aging Barrera. Pacquiao came into the bout 6lbs heavier than Barrera (coming in at 144lbs, and Barrera at 138 ) in this 130lb rematch, and although Manny is usually the aggressor and attacks viciously, he didn’t seem too eager to engage Barrera as mush as most wanted him to, a sign that even this late in his career, savage men like Pacquiao still fear the “Baby Faced Assassin”.

As for Barrera, there is little doubt that his days as an elite fighter are over, he’s done enough to gain his hard earned respect as one of the 10 best Mexican fighters of all time (along with Erik Morales), its sad to see him go, but its been great to watch him fight.

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Barrera vs Pacquiao II: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on October 5, 2007

( voters poll)

Wow!! 66% for Pacquiao…we’ll see

Okay….To many boxing writers and commentators, this fight is an easy one to pick, and its to no surprise that they all believe that Pacquiao has the skills to destroy the Mexican Legend once again, the same way he did the first time. I could never have dissagreed more, although I believe that Pacquiao can (and has) beat Barrera, I don’t think it will be so easy this time as the first. We know the difficutlies that Barrera went through in his training camp in preperation for his first bout with Manny, and now that Marco has given himself 100% to this training camp, I belive he can win, and if he loses, it will be by a close decision. In their first fight, Barrera started off on a bad foot, he would back up into the ropes and allowed Manny to keep him there as he bombed away landing every power shot with stunning accuracy, Barrera abandoned his jab that night, he was relying on his power shots that took no effect because they were not set up with a jab right hand counter shot. This time should be different.

In their first bout, Manny had much to prove, he was the underdog and virtually unknown and he was fighting “BARRERA”, of coarse Barrera was the obvious pick, he had already beaten some great fighters and was expected to blowout the unknown Filipino. But now its different, Pacquiao has risen to a new level by beating some of the greatest Mexicans you can find, you will see that he will enter the ring over anxious (despite the words of his camp and trainer Freddie Roach) and he will fall right into Barrera’s plan (so I hope). Barrera has been counted out plenty of times in the past, and every time the odds were against him, he would step up his game and come out with an tremendous performance no one knew he could form, and I think wer’re in for another good Barrera surprise.

I am going to give my keys to victory (and prediction) for both fighters, as I believe that both fighters can pull out a win.

Pacquiao: 9th round TKO

Pacquio has that killer instinct, he attacks you when you think you’ve been given a breather, his non stop pressure usually gets to his opponents towards the end of the bouts, and this fight will be no different. Manny must use a jab, he usually lunges in with his power punches throwing himself off balance, and if he’s not prepared, Barrera will counter those bombs with precise combinations to the head and body. In their first bout, most of Manny’s success was when Barrera would neglect his offense and rely mainly on his defense, if Barrera repeats these bad habits, Pacquiao can take advantage with his straight dynamic power shots as Barrera covers up and retreats in order to survive. As many people claim that Pacquiao can win decision in this highly anticipated rematch, I think that Pacquiao must KO the strong Barrera to secure a win, because Barrera is coming strong and will be prepared. If Manny can execute a strong offense, he can get to Barrera in the late rounds, if he lets Barrera counter and land his unique jab, Pacquiao will have tremendous difficulty getting to Barrera’s chin.

Barrera: UD (Unanimous Decision)

Barrera has been in the ring with some all time greats, too many to list, and in this fight he has his work cut out for him, he’s gonna be in the ring with a little monster who’s main purpose is to destroy you, and you must fight back or he’ll kill you. But that little monster can be beat, it is not impossible, Barrera has beaten the unbeatable, but the question is: Can he do it this late in his career against a guy who’s beat him before? I think so, if Morales can do it, so can Barrera.

When Pacquiao received a draw against Juan Manuel Marquez in May of 2004, you witnessed Pacquiao being countered and nearly humiliated as he was lit up with numerous counter punches that landed as Pacquiao tried to get in his straight left hand. Pacquiao throws himself off balance as he reached with his punches, as he’s developed into a more two fisted puncher, I think Barrera can use his veteran tricks to mute Pacquiao’s onslaught long enough to inflict his own damage. If Barrera took notes after Pacquiao’s fights against Marquez and Morales, he will notice that a counter puncher can beat a fast demon like Pacquiao, the thing is not to get hit, which is much easier said than done. But if anyone can do it, Barrera can. Barrera must stay in close to Pacquiao, watch both of his hands, and as Manny attempts those quick punches, a jab and straight right hand can (and will) land, Barrera also must circle Pacquiao, he cannot stand right in front of him, use lateral movement to stay away from those straight left hands. Barrera’s key to victory (IMO) is counter, counter, counter…all night long, just like Marquez and Morales did, that seems to be Pacquiao’s weakness,

Manny Pacquiao’s Record & Stats (Click Here)
Marco Antonio Barrera’s Record & Stats (Click Here)

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Fistic Violence

Posted by beeshabo on October 4, 2007


This past Saturday I witnessed one of the best Middleweight fights I have ever seen in my years as a boxing fanatic, it was as so many called it, “A Throwback Fight”, “A Classic Middleweight Showdown”… was all of that, and a bag of chips. Kelly Pavlik silenced all his critics, and he proved he’s worthy for anyone in the division in which he now “Owns”. Although Jermain was the victim of Pavlik’s crunching bombs, he also silenced many nay sayers, he fought a smart fight up until the moment when Pavlik closed the show. At times, Taylor looked great, his speed and skills were clear in the first two rounds, he came close to stopping the strong Pavlik in round 2 when Pavlik was down and nearly out on his feet, with urgency in his eyes, Taylor threw everything he had, and in round 3 it was evident as he slowed in his punch volume.

Kelly Pavlik proved his heart, he got up off the canvas (clearly hurt) and was able to soak up a few more bombs from the willing champ seconds after being put down, and still, in his corner after a shaky second round, Kelly answered “I’m good”, and in the back of his head he was saying, “You had your chance Taylor, now here I come”.

Pavlik may not be the quicket slick boxer, but he’ll find a way to get you, and when he does, don’t think you’ll get out of it, because the one thing about Pavlik is that he has the finishing touch. Before this Middleweight bout with Taylor was ever announced, the first time I saw Pavlik fight was his brutal 8th round destruction of Jose Luis Zertuche earlier this year, I didn’t think much of him, until he destroyed the feared puncher Edison Miranda in 7 awesome rounds.

Bernard Hopkins was once known as the Middleweight Champion, but his performances were a bit over rated, he would win, but his wins were hardly ever crowd pleasing. The only fight that stands out to me, is his annihilation of Puerto Rican Felix “Tito” Trinidad, that was a performance is the only fight worth mentioning, but since that day, there has not been a Middleweight who can define the division, but now there is.

I’m going to get very honest here, Taylor always came off to me as a money maker, he was a fighter that many blue collar fans can relate to, and HBO used him as their next star, building him up to level where he can draw in the biggest crowds and make the most money. Jermain Taylor was an average fighter (IMO), there was nothing unique about him, he did have talent, but there was nothing stellar about his demeanor in the ring, he beat who everyone knew he could. In his fight with Hopkins, many feared that Jermain would be out pointed by the veteran Hopkins, but the fact that Hopkins had been beating smaller and less experienced fighter. Up until Taylor came in the picture, there was no fresh talent out there to dethrone the rugged Hopkins, until HBO built up a star and put him in there with a top dog, but I knew that Taylor would win, he was younger, just as strong, and fast, Hopkins never had the chance. Pavlik has been in the ring with guys he was supposed to beat, but it was the way he was winning that turned heads, and after beating low quality opposition, he was thrown into the lions den and forced to battle, and he passed with flying colors.

This guy is the real deal, Pavlik comes to fight, he doesn’t wanna dance around and look pretty, he wants to engage you, he wants to fight, and that’s what we (fans) expect from a big strong natural Middleweight, and we have that in Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik….thank goodness

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Remembering: Erik “El Terrible” Morales

Posted by beeshabo on October 3, 2007


Erik Morales was a classic Mexican champion, he fought he’s best every time he would step in the ring, he never backed down from a challenge nor a brutal war. It was his very warrior heart that left so many people up out of their seats as they witnessed this future hall of famer destroy everyone in his path. Erik never let you down, he had so much pride that he would nearly kill himself to maintain greatness and maintain his championship level of intensity. Every and anytime Erik would fight, you just knew it was going to be great, he would do things in that ring that took guts and determination, but he would make it look easy, he beat many many great fighters, but he will always be remembered for his worlds famous trilogy with fellow countrymen and rival, Marco Antonio Barrera. Their names will forever be linked together, and they brought out the best and worst of each other, every minute of their encounters as opponents in the ring were beautiful, filled with heart, passion and determination, and not to mention an extreme will to win.

There have been many great Mexican Champions to come before the macho Morales, but he’s definitely one to remember, He has been in the ring with some great fighters such as: Marco Barrera (3 times), Manny Pacquiao (3 times), Junior Jones, Kevin Kelly, Daniel Zaragoza, Wayne McCullough, In-Jin Chi, Paulie Ayala, Jesus Chavez and Carlos Hernandez, and he has one victory in both of his trilogies (against Barrera & Pacquiao).

Its very hard to explain and define a career of such an accomplished fighter like Erik Morales, he’s done it all, he’s fought the best, he’s won some and has lost some, but he’s been a great great champion.

Erik’s trilogy with rival Marco Antonio Barrera is now a part of Boxing history, and it will forever be remembered as one of the best of all time, it had everything, drama, suspense, thrills, chills and action, it would have made the perfect movie. It were these very fights that made Erik the man he is today, (at that time) he was a rising star that was squaring off against who many felt was dying lion, counted out or not given the slight of chance, Barrera fought a brilliant fight against stern Morales, but Morales came out on top their first time around, and he lost the following two by a close and almost controversial decisions. But if you watch these fights, they seemed almost scripted and rehearsed because of its remarkable non stop action, and flawless accuracy, the fights were savagely entertaining, almost unreal in their quality.

Morales was involved in a second historic trilogy, and this one was with the non stop power punching machine Manny Pacquiao. The stage for this amazing match-up was set by the fact that Pacquiao had already fought a few great fighters, he took out a small yet game Emmanuel Lucero in three rounds, he pummeled an un-prepared Marco Antonio Barrera, and got a draw in a battle with Juan Manuel Marquez (Marquez down 3 times in round 1). Like the champion he is, Erik Morales signed a deal to face the Mexican Destroyer Manny Pacquiao, it would not be an easy task for the aging Morales, but after all, he loves a challenge and he loves to fight.

In their first fight, Morales appeared well prepared and seemingly had Pacquiao figured out as he was boxing beatifully, he became a counter-punching virtuoso, playing Pacquiao like a violin, and landing at will. Pacquiao used his strength to back Morales up, but it was Morales who was landing the power shots as he ripped Paquiao with everything he threw, a frustrated Paquiao was doing everything he could to inflict his own damage. With blood dripping into his eyes, Manny stood his ground and was able to make it a competitive fight that ended with Morales as the winner. Erik Morales had did what his fellow countrymen couldn’t, he muted Pacquiao’s onslaught and established his own rhythm to take control of the fight, what a glorious victory it was.

With revenge on his mind, Manny Pacquiao convincingly beat Morales twice in a row (the second bout ended in a 10th round TKO), but the third bout ended in a 3rd KO as Morales had not desire to continue after suffering the 3rd knockdown of the fight.

Although Morales lost 5 of last 6 bouts, his legacy was already written in stone, there was no shame in losing, he’ll be a champion forever.

On August 4th 2007, Morales moved in weight (to 135lbs) to face the current WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz. Although Morales was clearly fighting in a weight not suited for him, he fought valiantly, he dropped Diaz in round one with a stiff right hand counter punch, the fight ended in a controversial Unanimous Decision in Diaz’s favor.

Morales announced his retirement hours after his loss to Diaz.


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Pavlik Has the Heart of a Champ

Posted by beeshabo on October 1, 2007


This past Saturday (9/29/07), Pavlik won the WBC & WBO Middleweight Championship belts by knocking out the current champ Jermain Taylor, it was a classic fight that ended in a dramatic upset, and I LOVED IT.

Going into the fight, Pavlik was an 8-5 underdog, but that didn’t matter as he established a stiff jab in round 4 that utilized his strength throughout the rest of the bout, that very jab eventually led Pavlik in landing his devastating one-two combination to the head of Taylor, and Taylor did not take the punches well.

The fight started off very fast, both guys did damage to one an other, but it was the second round where Pavlik had to show his heart as he was dropped by a barrage of punches that Taylor threw in desperation after stinging Pavlik with a one-two combo. Pavlik went down, he walked to the neutral corner and shook it off, but as he went back at Taylor with his hands held low, Taylor one again unleashed power punches, but many did not land as Taylor went berserk exerting himself too much. Pavlik was still wobbly on his feet, but by the end of the round he seemed to have his sea legs back under him and Taylor was winded, it was a shaky round for the young Pavlik, but he worked through it.

From rounds 4 and on, Pavlik was knocking Taylor’s head back with a strong jab that would send Taylor to the ropes, but Taylor showed his skills as he was able to fight his way out of the corners, unlike Miranda who was brutally knocked out by Pavlik because of his lack of strength and skill to fight going backwards. Although Taylor was doing everything he can to make Pavlik give ground, it was Pavlik who was closing the distance, he was throwing vicious power punches, Taylor would still rally back towards the end of the rounds to keep the scoring close.

In round 7, Taylor was looking a bit weary and confused, Pavlik was looking confident on the way the fight was going, and with a strong one-two Taylor wobbled into the corner, and Pavlik was all over him, giving the finishing touches with uppercuts and left hooks and referee Steve Smogger stopped the bout as Taylor dropped to his knees motionless. Pavlik, the new WBC & WBO Middleweight Champion.

The difference was, Pavlik got up from a knockdown to continue fighting his fight, and Taylor didn’t……..What’s next for the “Ghost”?

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