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Remembering: Erik “El Terrible” Morales

Posted by beeshabo on October 3, 2007


Erik Morales was a classic Mexican champion, he fought he’s best every time he would step in the ring, he never backed down from a challenge nor a brutal war. It was his very warrior heart that left so many people up out of their seats as they witnessed this future hall of famer destroy everyone in his path. Erik never let you down, he had so much pride that he would nearly kill himself to maintain greatness and maintain his championship level of intensity. Every and anytime Erik would fight, you just knew it was going to be great, he would do things in that ring that took guts and determination, but he would make it look easy, he beat many many great fighters, but he will always be remembered for his worlds famous trilogy with fellow countrymen and rival, Marco Antonio Barrera. Their names will forever be linked together, and they brought out the best and worst of each other, every minute of their encounters as opponents in the ring were beautiful, filled with heart, passion and determination, and not to mention an extreme will to win.

There have been many great Mexican Champions to come before the macho Morales, but he’s definitely one to remember, He has been in the ring with some great fighters such as: Marco Barrera (3 times), Manny Pacquiao (3 times), Junior Jones, Kevin Kelly, Daniel Zaragoza, Wayne McCullough, In-Jin Chi, Paulie Ayala, Jesus Chavez and Carlos Hernandez, and he has one victory in both of his trilogies (against Barrera & Pacquiao).

Its very hard to explain and define a career of such an accomplished fighter like Erik Morales, he’s done it all, he’s fought the best, he’s won some and has lost some, but he’s been a great great champion.

Erik’s trilogy with rival Marco Antonio Barrera is now a part of Boxing history, and it will forever be remembered as one of the best of all time, it had everything, drama, suspense, thrills, chills and action, it would have made the perfect movie. It were these very fights that made Erik the man he is today, (at that time) he was a rising star that was squaring off against who many felt was dying lion, counted out or not given the slight of chance, Barrera fought a brilliant fight against stern Morales, but Morales came out on top their first time around, and he lost the following two by a close and almost controversial decisions. But if you watch these fights, they seemed almost scripted and rehearsed because of its remarkable non stop action, and flawless accuracy, the fights were savagely entertaining, almost unreal in their quality.

Morales was involved in a second historic trilogy, and this one was with the non stop power punching machine Manny Pacquiao. The stage for this amazing match-up was set by the fact that Pacquiao had already fought a few great fighters, he took out a small yet game Emmanuel Lucero in three rounds, he pummeled an un-prepared Marco Antonio Barrera, and got a draw in a battle with Juan Manuel Marquez (Marquez down 3 times in round 1). Like the champion he is, Erik Morales signed a deal to face the Mexican Destroyer Manny Pacquiao, it would not be an easy task for the aging Morales, but after all, he loves a challenge and he loves to fight.

In their first fight, Morales appeared well prepared and seemingly had Pacquiao figured out as he was boxing beatifully, he became a counter-punching virtuoso, playing Pacquiao like a violin, and landing at will. Pacquiao used his strength to back Morales up, but it was Morales who was landing the power shots as he ripped Paquiao with everything he threw, a frustrated Paquiao was doing everything he could to inflict his own damage. With blood dripping into his eyes, Manny stood his ground and was able to make it a competitive fight that ended with Morales as the winner. Erik Morales had did what his fellow countrymen couldn’t, he muted Pacquiao’s onslaught and established his own rhythm to take control of the fight, what a glorious victory it was.

With revenge on his mind, Manny Pacquiao convincingly beat Morales twice in a row (the second bout ended in a 10th round TKO), but the third bout ended in a 3rd KO as Morales had not desire to continue after suffering the 3rd knockdown of the fight.

Although Morales lost 5 of last 6 bouts, his legacy was already written in stone, there was no shame in losing, he’ll be a champion forever.

On August 4th 2007, Morales moved in weight (to 135lbs) to face the current WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz. Although Morales was clearly fighting in a weight not suited for him, he fought valiantly, he dropped Diaz in round one with a stiff right hand counter punch, the fight ended in a controversial Unanimous Decision in Diaz’s favor.

Morales announced his retirement hours after his loss to Diaz.



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