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Fistic Violence

Posted by beeshabo on October 4, 2007


This past Saturday I witnessed one of the best Middleweight fights I have ever seen in my years as a boxing fanatic, it was as so many called it, “A Throwback Fight”, “A Classic Middleweight Showdown”… was all of that, and a bag of chips. Kelly Pavlik silenced all his critics, and he proved he’s worthy for anyone in the division in which he now “Owns”. Although Jermain was the victim of Pavlik’s crunching bombs, he also silenced many nay sayers, he fought a smart fight up until the moment when Pavlik closed the show. At times, Taylor looked great, his speed and skills were clear in the first two rounds, he came close to stopping the strong Pavlik in round 2 when Pavlik was down and nearly out on his feet, with urgency in his eyes, Taylor threw everything he had, and in round 3 it was evident as he slowed in his punch volume.

Kelly Pavlik proved his heart, he got up off the canvas (clearly hurt) and was able to soak up a few more bombs from the willing champ seconds after being put down, and still, in his corner after a shaky second round, Kelly answered “I’m good”, and in the back of his head he was saying, “You had your chance Taylor, now here I come”.

Pavlik may not be the quicket slick boxer, but he’ll find a way to get you, and when he does, don’t think you’ll get out of it, because the one thing about Pavlik is that he has the finishing touch. Before this Middleweight bout with Taylor was ever announced, the first time I saw Pavlik fight was his brutal 8th round destruction of Jose Luis Zertuche earlier this year, I didn’t think much of him, until he destroyed the feared puncher Edison Miranda in 7 awesome rounds.

Bernard Hopkins was once known as the Middleweight Champion, but his performances were a bit over rated, he would win, but his wins were hardly ever crowd pleasing. The only fight that stands out to me, is his annihilation of Puerto Rican Felix “Tito” Trinidad, that was a performance is the only fight worth mentioning, but since that day, there has not been a Middleweight who can define the division, but now there is.

I’m going to get very honest here, Taylor always came off to me as a money maker, he was a fighter that many blue collar fans can relate to, and HBO used him as their next star, building him up to level where he can draw in the biggest crowds and make the most money. Jermain Taylor was an average fighter (IMO), there was nothing unique about him, he did have talent, but there was nothing stellar about his demeanor in the ring, he beat who everyone knew he could. In his fight with Hopkins, many feared that Jermain would be out pointed by the veteran Hopkins, but the fact that Hopkins had been beating smaller and less experienced fighter. Up until Taylor came in the picture, there was no fresh talent out there to dethrone the rugged Hopkins, until HBO built up a star and put him in there with a top dog, but I knew that Taylor would win, he was younger, just as strong, and fast, Hopkins never had the chance. Pavlik has been in the ring with guys he was supposed to beat, but it was the way he was winning that turned heads, and after beating low quality opposition, he was thrown into the lions den and forced to battle, and he passed with flying colors.

This guy is the real deal, Pavlik comes to fight, he doesn’t wanna dance around and look pretty, he wants to engage you, he wants to fight, and that’s what we (fans) expect from a big strong natural Middleweight, and we have that in Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik….thank goodness

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