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Barrera vs Pacquiao II: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on October 5, 2007

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Wow!! 66% for Pacquiao…we’ll see

Okay….To many boxing writers and commentators, this fight is an easy one to pick, and its to no surprise that they all believe that Pacquiao has the skills to destroy the Mexican Legend once again, the same way he did the first time. I could never have dissagreed more, although I believe that Pacquiao can (and has) beat Barrera, I don’t think it will be so easy this time as the first. We know the difficutlies that Barrera went through in his training camp in preperation for his first bout with Manny, and now that Marco has given himself 100% to this training camp, I belive he can win, and if he loses, it will be by a close decision. In their first fight, Barrera started off on a bad foot, he would back up into the ropes and allowed Manny to keep him there as he bombed away landing every power shot with stunning accuracy, Barrera abandoned his jab that night, he was relying on his power shots that took no effect because they were not set up with a jab right hand counter shot. This time should be different.

In their first bout, Manny had much to prove, he was the underdog and virtually unknown and he was fighting “BARRERA”, of coarse Barrera was the obvious pick, he had already beaten some great fighters and was expected to blowout the unknown Filipino. But now its different, Pacquiao has risen to a new level by beating some of the greatest Mexicans you can find, you will see that he will enter the ring over anxious (despite the words of his camp and trainer Freddie Roach) and he will fall right into Barrera’s plan (so I hope). Barrera has been counted out plenty of times in the past, and every time the odds were against him, he would step up his game and come out with an tremendous performance no one knew he could form, and I think wer’re in for another good Barrera surprise.

I am going to give my keys to victory (and prediction) for both fighters, as I believe that both fighters can pull out a win.

Pacquiao: 9th round TKO

Pacquio has that killer instinct, he attacks you when you think you’ve been given a breather, his non stop pressure usually gets to his opponents towards the end of the bouts, and this fight will be no different. Manny must use a jab, he usually lunges in with his power punches throwing himself off balance, and if he’s not prepared, Barrera will counter those bombs with precise combinations to the head and body. In their first bout, most of Manny’s success was when Barrera would neglect his offense and rely mainly on his defense, if Barrera repeats these bad habits, Pacquiao can take advantage with his straight dynamic power shots as Barrera covers up and retreats in order to survive. As many people claim that Pacquiao can win decision in this highly anticipated rematch, I think that Pacquiao must KO the strong Barrera to secure a win, because Barrera is coming strong and will be prepared. If Manny can execute a strong offense, he can get to Barrera in the late rounds, if he lets Barrera counter and land his unique jab, Pacquiao will have tremendous difficulty getting to Barrera’s chin.

Barrera: UD (Unanimous Decision)

Barrera has been in the ring with some all time greats, too many to list, and in this fight he has his work cut out for him, he’s gonna be in the ring with a little monster who’s main purpose is to destroy you, and you must fight back or he’ll kill you. But that little monster can be beat, it is not impossible, Barrera has beaten the unbeatable, but the question is: Can he do it this late in his career against a guy who’s beat him before? I think so, if Morales can do it, so can Barrera.

When Pacquiao received a draw against Juan Manuel Marquez in May of 2004, you witnessed Pacquiao being countered and nearly humiliated as he was lit up with numerous counter punches that landed as Pacquiao tried to get in his straight left hand. Pacquiao throws himself off balance as he reached with his punches, as he’s developed into a more two fisted puncher, I think Barrera can use his veteran tricks to mute Pacquiao’s onslaught long enough to inflict his own damage. If Barrera took notes after Pacquiao’s fights against Marquez and Morales, he will notice that a counter puncher can beat a fast demon like Pacquiao, the thing is not to get hit, which is much easier said than done. But if anyone can do it, Barrera can. Barrera must stay in close to Pacquiao, watch both of his hands, and as Manny attempts those quick punches, a jab and straight right hand can (and will) land, Barrera also must circle Pacquiao, he cannot stand right in front of him, use lateral movement to stay away from those straight left hands. Barrera’s key to victory (IMO) is counter, counter, counter…all night long, just like Marquez and Morales did, that seems to be Pacquiao’s weakness,

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