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Playing It Safe

Posted by beeshabo on October 8, 2007


This past Saturday, Marco Antonio Barrera completed his rematch with Manny Pacquiao in a lackluster bout that did not meet the expectations. Many (including myself) thought that Marco would come out with both guns blazing, willing to take a punch to give one, maybe even risking getting knocked out to prove that he’s still willing to mix it up at this late stage in his amazing career. Barrera did everything but that, he played it safe, just like in his second bout with Rocky Juarez as his first fight almost turned into a disaster after electing to make it a brawl against the younger stronger Juarez, Barrera wanted no part in a repeat of his first bout with Manny, thus using safe boxing just to survive.

I for one thought that the fight was pretty good, although it didn’t live up to the hype, the fight still showed us that Pacquiao isn’t the fighter that so many claim he is. Manny did not use his aggression and clear size and strength advantage against the aging Barrera. Pacquiao came into the bout 6lbs heavier than Barrera (coming in at 144lbs, and Barrera at 138 ) in this 130lb rematch, and although Manny is usually the aggressor and attacks viciously, he didn’t seem too eager to engage Barrera as mush as most wanted him to, a sign that even this late in his career, savage men like Pacquiao still fear the “Baby Faced Assassin”.

As for Barrera, there is little doubt that his days as an elite fighter are over, he’s done enough to gain his hard earned respect as one of the 10 best Mexican fighters of all time (along with Erik Morales), its sad to see him go, but its been great to watch him fight.

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