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Calzaghe/Kessler: POP or FLOP?

Posted by beeshabo on October 17, 2007


On November 3rd, two undefeated super middleweights will square off in a unification bout for the Ring/WBO/WBC/WBO titles. The fight will take place in Calzaghe’s backyard (Cardiff, Wales) where he is known to pack a soccer stadium with over 30,000 die hard fans. This is a fight that boxing fans have been waiting for, two extremely talented and undefeated warriors will duke it out for Super Middleweight Supremacy, or will they?

“Styles make Fights”, that’s what boxing is all about. Many believe (and wish) that this fight will exceed all expectations, that it’s going to be a war, a battle of wills, I’m not so sure.

Over the years, Calzaghe has proven himself over and over again, he beat a living legend in Chris Eubank, winning the title, and he has defending his title 20 times, that’s historic. Calzaghe is a fast handed southpaw who some call a “Deceptive Puncher”, his punches come off as winging and slapping, but if that’s the case, then he’s slapped his way to 32 Knockouts out of 43 fights, now that’s a good slapper. Then we have Mikkel Kessler, who is also undefeated with an excellent pro record, consisting of 39 Wins 0 Losses and 29 KO’s, Kessler has a nice fighting style, he uses a jab and straight right hands to execute, but will his usual technique change when he faces the reigning Clazaghe? Maybe, Maybe not

I’m not sure what everyone is thinking, but I know one thing, this fight isn’t going to be what most hope it will. We have a Southpaw (Calzaghe), and a orthodox (Kessler), usually these kinds of fights produce a decent amount of action, but I’m not too sure about with these two fighters. Calazaghe is a Angle, Footwork, Speedy, Elusive type of a fighter, and Kessler is a little more of a In Your Face, Technical fighter. So what can we expect on November the 3rd?

I’m going to assume that both understand the magnitude of this bout, and how important it is to the fans to see a good fight, and with that said, its extremely possible that both men will go out there and really put on a good show, they’ll box when they need to, and fight when they need to. On the flipside of that wonderful thought, if both Calzaghe and Kessler are thinking more about Safety and Security, well then we’ll have a Flop. I can see Calzaghe circling and only landing one punch at a time, while Kessler establishes a jab with an occasional right hand shot every now and then. Lets pray that we get everything BUT a exhibition bout, where both boxers come out mark free, because that will produce and a angry and frustrated crowd (at home and present). When this fight was first announced, I thought what everyone else did, “Oh man, its going to be awesome, I cannot wait”. But now, I’m a bit more skeptical, only because I’ve noticed myself to fall too much into the fight hype, and not use my knowledge to assess the bout thoroughly, but now I have, and I must say – “It may not be all we hope it will be”

We shall wait and see


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