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Miguel Cotto: The Machine

Posted by beeshabo on October 23, 2007


On November 10th Miguel Cotto will take on his toughest challenge yet when he squares of at Madison Square Garden to face Pomona’s Sugar Shane Mosley. Since Cotto’s fight with Kelson Pinto, he’s been fighting the best out there, he’s beaten some good fighters, such as: Demarcus Corely, Ricardo Torres, Gianluca Branco, Paul Malignaggi, Carlos Quintana, Oktay Urkal and Zab Judah. With having faced all of the stiff competition, Malignaggi was the only one that made it to the final bell. Miguel is a Machine, a punisher, a finisher, a bone crusher and most of all, A WINNER!!

His poker face is the most obvious characteristic of this 147lb wrecking ball, he shows no emotion, he enters the ring ready to take care of business, at any cost. Throughout his career, Miguel has faced many different kind of styles, he faced an awkward Carlos Maussa, rugged veteran Lovemore N’dou, KO artist Kelson Pinto, Slugger Ricardo Torres, quick crafty Paul Malignaggi, tall power puncher Carlos Quintana and a quick handed Zab Judah. I know that I’m listing a lot of fighters, but these fighters are the ones that marked Cotto’s career and have risen him to new levels, the only difference with this fight against Mosley, is the Shane is all of these fighters rolled into one. So…….Can Cotto figure out the elusive, quick, powerful, and crafty veterean like Mosley? I think so

Mosley has been a great fighter, he’s beat some stiff competition, and I do not think any of his greatest victories can be diminished by the previous accusations of his involvement in polluting himself with Steroids, he’s been a winner before any of these debates, nothing should change that.

But we all know that Mosley can be beat, we do not yet know that about Cotto, because Miguel seems to be getting better and better as he raises his level of competition, that’s unusual for a man of his experience, having only been pro for almost 7 years, and already he’s established himself as one of the best 147lb fighters of his era. Mosley is an old school vet that has had his share of fame and popularity, till this day Mosley is recognized as one of boxing’s all time greats, at 36, Mosley is still a threat to anyone.

The only problem I see for Mosley in this fight, is that he will be facing a young, strong, powerful, focused, hungry champion with the strongest will to win of all welterweights, Mosley has not faced an opponent with the youthful tenacity that Miguel posses in over 7 years (when he beat De La Hoya back in 2000). The biggest problem for Miguel is Mosley, there is no way getting around Mosley’s tremendous boxing ability and experience, Cotto must find a way to utilize his punching power to mute Mosley’s strengths, and that means punching to the body, the arms and the chest, Cotto must take the steam out of Mosley early to give himself a better chance to land his power shots.

I believe that this fight will not go the twelve (scheduled) rounds, someone is getting knocked out, and although I’m a big Mosley fan, I think this is Miguel’s time to shine, and nothing is going to keep him from losing, not even a skilled fighter like Mosley, Cotto is just TOO STRONG!!! I see the fight very competitive until rounds 7 and 8 where Miguel is going to turn up the heat and test Mosley’s aging legs, Cotto will bang the body hard and often, once Mosley has tired just enough, Cotto will find a home for the left hook that will change the fight. The only way I see Mosley winning is if he fights smart, and tries to catch Cotto coming in (cold) to land his biggest shot, if Mosley cannot gain Cotto’s respect within the first 4 rounds, is will be Cotto all night, Cotto is a non stop brawler, so Mosley will have to fight every minute of every round. If Mosley can some how box his way through the fight without engaging Cotto too much, he may pull off a boring but decisive victory over the Puerto Rican hero. But I doubt that can happen, Cotto just doesn’t give you that option with his constant pressure and vicious attack.


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