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Joe Calzaghe: THE BEST IN THE WORLD……Hands Down!!

Posted by beeshabo on November 30, 2007


Okay…Joe Calzaghe, What can you say but “The Best”, he’s proven himself time and time again that he is the best Super Middleweights in the world, and not only that, but one of the best in boxing TODAY!! He’s a big strong athletic boxer with tremendous hand speed and intelligence that is out of this world, I get the chills watching this guy fight, he’s that good (IMO). No matter how hard you fight, how well you fight, how strong you are, or how fast you are….Calzaghe can and will beat you!! He can find a new dimension, or fight at a new level that no other fighter can compete with, he’s a special fighter, and he’ll go down in history as one of the all time greatest Super Middleweights in boxing history.

I remember his destruction of American Jeff Lacy in March of 2006, I’ve never (until this day) seen such a one sided boxing match in my life, Calzaghe fought a perfect fight, he was BEAUTIFUL to watch that night, it was a brutal and viscous boxing lesson that Lacy will remember for the rest of his natural life. Before the fight took place, I knew that Calzaghe’s superior boxing abilities would have taken him to a clear win over the highly regarded Lacy, but never in my wildest dreams did I think he could do what he did, it was utter dominance by the Welshmen, he exposed Lacy using angles, footspeed, handspeed, intelligence and power, if you consider yourself a boxing fan, I suggest you watch this fight, it will blow your mind.

After Calzaghe had brutally outboxed Lacy to a completely one sided win, I couldn’t wait to see who would be next, and no sooner than I could say Italion Dragon, he was set to face the rough and tough Sakio Bika. I was curious to watch Calzaghe again, and through the pre-fight talk, Calzaghe was mentioned to be a fighter who fights at the highest level when odds are against him, and seeing as many people were picking Calzaghe to win an easy decision or TKO victory over Bika, it led to a boring yet difficult fight for the famous Welshmen. Calzaghe looked a bit tentative, and awkward, he was struggling against this man, at times looking sluggish, and my hopes for an awesome win for Joe were not looking good. Although the fight was nothing close to stellar, Calzaghe managed to pull out a close win over Bika, but then began the scratching of the head, What happened to the man who destroyed Lacy? Why did he struggle with Bika?

Well (without discrediting Bika’s skills), as I earlier stated, Calzaghe fights at his best when he’s been counted out, as he did Lacy, Eubanks and so many other threatful opposition he’s faced throughout his career, his ability to fight harder as the fighters get tougher and stronger, he’s able to raise the bar and take his opponents into deep water, into demensions they never felt were real, that’s the definition of Calzaghe, a man who’ll OUT-BOX you, OUT-PUNCH you when he feels you’re a threat. Seeing as most picked Calzghe to beat Bika, that urge to prove the doubter wasn’t there, he was supposed to win, therefore his game wasn’t set properly, some fighters feed off of doubters, and others love the positive feedback of their critics, Calzaghe loves being the under-dog, he loves proving people wrong. Soon after his victory of the strong willful Bika, Calzaghe was set to face Peter Manfredo, a fighter who’s fame and popularity were set by the television series “The Contender”. This was a head scratcher, with Calzaghe hungry for the big fights, and there were so many fighters Calzaghe could face, Why Manfredo?

Well its simple, Manfredo was popular, not admired for his tremendous boxing ability, but just his huge heart, and blue collar background, and Calzghe needed a boost of popularity, even after being one of the longest reigning champions of all time, he was still in the shadows of fighters that were placed on the big stage of boxing, he needed a win over a popular American Fighter. I don’t know how anyone picked Manfredo over Calzaghe, I was actually a little let down by Calzaghe’s choice of an opponent with all the possibilities in the Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions, but…I understood his position, and I understood his outlook on the boxing world and his place in it. Calzaghe went on to win an EASY fight against Manfredo, scoring a TKO in round 3 with Manfredo’s back to the ropes, soaking up a barrage of quick flying punches from Calzaghe, it was pretty obvious that the fight was stopped prematurely, but it was hard to imagine Manfredo doing anything right in the rounds to come, he was clearly fighting a fighter in a much higher class.

After a quick win over Manfredo, it was now on to bigger and better things, with possible future oppenents such as, Jermain Taylor, Bernard Hopkins and Mikkel Kessler, Calzaghe had his options (only hoping either of these fighters would choose to fight such a great fighter in Calzaghe). In the mix and one of best Super Middleweights out there, Mikkel Kessler seemed like the more obvious oppenent for the superb Calzaghe, like Calzaghe, Kessler was undefeated, an excellent champion with ambitious to be the unified king, with the WBA & WBC in his possession, Kessler was looking to unify the titles, and Calzaghe was the owner of the WBO crown, it was the perfect setting for one of the best Super Middleweight fights in years. The fight was signed, and boy was it great.

Going into his fight with Kessler, Calzghe was not completely counted out, he was given a good chance to beat Kessler, but it was Kessler who was considered dangerous, and for some, he was more likely to KO Calzaghe, rather to fight the distance, and that was all the fuel that Calzaghe needed. It was clear that Kessler was the harder puncher, but he was a little more predictable, there are many fighters like Kessler, strong, powerful and technical, but very stationary and diciplined. But Calzaghe is a speedy slick boxer, who can be very sneaky and un predictable, you never know what he’ll bring to the table, you knew he had plenty of tricks up his sleeve, yet you pretty much knew what Kessler had to offer. For these simple reasons, I picked Calazghe to win (fairly easy), only because he’s much more of a COMPLETE fighter, he posses all the skills, and has much more experience then Kessler, it was Kessler who was placed to over come the obstacles, not Calzaghe, Calzaghe has been there done that, Kessler had yet to be tested.

As the fight goT closer and closer to showtime, I was still in favor of Calzghe, but…it was not far fetch for Kessler, it was possible, but will Calzaghe make Kessler perfect strategic plan of attack, come out wrong?

the answer is YES!! Calzaghe fought the best fight of his career, he was the aggressor that night, following Kessler around the ring, applying constant pressure while attacking with serious bombs and showing true greatness. Kessler was doing everything right, but like he always does, Calzaghe made it come out wrong with his volume of punches and fearless style. The moment Kessler would land a crowd pleasing punch, Calzaghe would come right back with several stiff punches to mute Kesslers offense. It was great to see, Calzaghe was as great as I thought, I had chills the entire time, I was nervous and yet pleased to see Calzaghe putting on a spectacular show of his one and only worldy skills. Calzaghe IS GREAT!! he’ll go down in history, whoever his next opponent is (hopefully Hopkins), Calzaghe WILL WIN.


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Boxers and Boxing: Time for Appreciation

Posted by beeshabo on November 16, 2007


There are dozens of dangerous sports out there, so tough that it takes a special someone to compete at the professional level, but there are non other athletes in the world, like Boxers. I have been a die hard boxing fan for quite some time, and I’ve grown to love the sport with each passing day, I have total admiration for any and all boxers, they truly are special and courageous, this is the time to appreciate what Boxers mean…to a guy like me.

Ever since I was younger I had a huge interest in boxing, though I never really got into it because of my lack of knowledge of the scoring, rules and overall concept. But as I got older, I begin to ask questions, to my father, my grandfather, or anyone who seemed to enjoy boxing, and I began to grow more and more fond of the sport. It was until about 9 years ago that boxing became my main attraction, at that time I was skateboarding a lot, and hanging out with my friends, but I would still catch some fights on ESPN, Showtime or HBO. As time passed, my knowledge for the sport grew, I began to understand the “Sweet Science” of the sport, and I loved it even more. Boxing has, the drama, excitement, suspense, action and even gore, not much comedy, unless you call guys hit the canvas like a sack of potatoes funny, but overall….its THE BEST!!

I remember watching Felix Trinidad knock out Yuri Boy Campas, or his fight with Pernell Whitaker, or even his bout against Oscar De La Hoya, it were those fights that really stand out in my mind, those were the fights that drew me to boxing like a fish to a worm. There were times where I couldn’t imagine why a man would put himself through so much rigorous training, dieting and severe beatings, all boxers have had their share of injuries and wounds, but it were those who would prevail that were considered the best in the world. Imagine yourself having to run 5 miles a day, spar 15 rounds, jump rope for 15 minutes straight, sweat until you can’t sweat no more, work through the blood sweat and tears, and then showcase all that you’ve learned in those 8 weeks of training in-front of thousands (sometimes Millions) screaming fans. When its fight time, its gets down to the wire, its showtime, you have to be ready to rumble, to hit and not be hit, and with all that, you have to WIN!! at any cost, with a bloody face or a hurt hand, what a sport it is.

We have to give credit to boxers, they go through much more than is seen by the public eye, imagine walking around at a natural 175lbs, then having to shed off 35lbs while training in order to compete, and if you don’t compete, you don’t eat. What most people don’t understand is that a fighter (unless its a heavyweight) does not enter the ring at natural weight, once you run and train and do all the necessary training for the fight, a fighter naturally loses 5-10 pounds, and after that, they sometimes must lose another 15-20 just to make the weight limit, its incredible, If you’ve watched boxing press conferences, you’ll see the fighter in pre-training form, healthy and yet heavy on his feet, and by the final press conference (days before the fight) the fighters will look like a totally different person, they lose a lot of weight, some fighters even struggle to get to their feet’s just to stand on the scale. I’ve seen many times where a fighter is so weak, that he needs help standing up on the scale (at the weigh in), only to find out that he has 1 hour to shed off half a pound in order to go ahead with the scheduled bout, and if not, the fights is OFF, if that happens, imagine all that hard work in the gym, all that dieting and running, and you must go home. Its happened, and I’m sure it will continue to happen.



I’ve seen many great fights, from Felix Trinidad vs Fernando Vargas to Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo, both showed what a true warrior heart is capable of. In Corrales bout with Castillo, Corrales was beaten badly, his both eyes were slits, his body had clearly been chopped up and battered, he was dropped twice by Castillo due to solid left hooks to the head, yet after 10 grueling rounds of non-stop two way action (Like a Rocky movie) Corrales was still able to rally back to score a TKO seconds after getting up off the canvas (the second time), Now that’s a WARRIOR When I think of Warriors, one other fighter comes to mind, Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, a man who will walk through the gates of hell to face the devil himself just to win. Throughout his career, Arturo Gatti was involved in many thrilling and heart pumping wars in the ring, his trilogy with Mick Ward were phenomenal. In his third fight with Mickey Ward, Gatti broke his twice-repaired right hand on the hip of Ward (attempting a body punch), dropping his arms and winced in pain, yet he fought on, for 6 rounds, and even using his broken right hand sparingly throughout the remaining rounds of the fight, that was a stunning display of courage and will by the always gutsy Arturo Gatti. What other sport give you that? none……



After each and every round, a fighter returns to his corner for advice from his trainer, and to heal wounds acquired during battle, I’ve seen eyes nearly split open and lumps the size of bagels. How discouraging do you think it would be do be out in the in the ring, giving it your all, and all the sudden you suffer a massive cut or bruise, how do you recover, mentally and physically? Some fighter tend to give up mentally, as others are head strong and are able to fight through all the pain and discomforts of battle wound. There is no other sport out there that requires an athlete to be hit continuously to the head and body, although boxing seems to be a safer sport (next to Mixed Martial Arts), it is actually more dangerous. In MMA, fighters battle it out with 3-4 ounce gloves, therefore giving the fighter the most effect of his punches, and in boxing, the average is 10-12 ounce gloves, much more padding, yet still very effective depending on the brand (there’s Reyes & Everlast). In boxing, one punch knockouts are amazing, when a punch is landed with precise accuracy, immaculate timing, and crunching power, it can paralyze a fighter, it kills the legs, it numbs the body, it rocks your brain. In MMA, even though a punch lands with out the precise accuracy, immaculate timing or crunching power, it can be just as effective due to the size of the glove, mush less padding between the fists and the opponents head. When a fighter is hit repeatedly to the head by a boxer, it can really take a toll, although it wouldn’t seem to be, but more boxers die than in any other contact sport, because it may not be ONE punch that ends the fight, its the constant banging to the head and body that can take a persons life. As in MMA, one quick some what solid punch can land, and end a fight, but boxing, can end lives.

Now one must wonder, how long can a person do this, how much punishment can their bodies take, and all for the glory of victory, its truly amazing and inspiring, boxing makes people who they were meant to be.

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Miguel Cotto………Is Great!!

Posted by beeshabo on November 12, 2007


This past Saturday, Miguel Cotto swapped leather with future Hall of Famer Sugar Shane Mosley, and he did it with more ability than he has ever shown before. Miguel Cotto has been an exciting fighting machine, he’s destroyed many good fighters, and he has now conquered his largest obstacle to date, an impressive win over the only man who defeated boxing’s biggest name (De La Hoya)….twice.

Before the fight, I thought Cotto would have great difficulty dealing with Mosley’s speed and boxing talent, but even with those advantages, Mosley also had the greater experience on his resume, something a fighter achieves through time, and Cotto studied all the advantages well, and prepared himself for all of it. In rounds 1-3, Cotto looked sensational, he was beating Mosley to the punch, a laser like jab, following a straight right hand, he was actually “Out-Boxing” Mosley for the most part. Though Mosley had his moments, landing some crisp over hand rights, it was Cotto that was landing the more effective punches, not only attacking the body, but landing stiff jabs and stunning right hands, Cotto has been more of a left handed puncher in the past, and now, his opponents must be weary of his “New” weapon, the straight right hand. I’m not sure if Mosley’s age was a factor in this bout as many are pointing to, it was Cotto that gave Mosley trouble, Cotto showed the world that he can also box, at times making Mosley look slow and sluggish, what a table turn that was.

Now that Cotto has a win over a huge name, there are endless possibilities for him in the near and far future, everyone will want a crack at him, hopefully Mayweather (assuming he gets passed Hatton). With all of the tests and enormous obstacles that Cotto has passed and climbed, i’m not sure that there is a fighter out there that can beat him, after all, Cotto has been taking on the all time best, and has yet to run into a brick wall. I believe it will be a long while until Cotto is defeated, it’s going to take a bad somebody to out gun the young gun slinger. A possible match up for Cotto would be Antonio Margarito, a vicious fighters who had a set back when he lost his title to Paul Williams back in July of this year, if Margarito could have defended his title against Williams, that could’ve been him in the ring with Cotto this past Saturday, not sure the outcome would’ve been different, but it would’ve definitely been a different fight. Margarito fought on one of the under cards on Saturday, and he destroyed Golden Johnson in one round, absolutely shocked him, knocked him down twice and ultimately knocked him out, But can Margarito do that to Cotto? Maybe…….

Cotto has had much success battling it out with taller stronger foes, he has done a great job in using their height against them, but it may be Margarito that poses the biggest threat to Cotto. Out of all the Welterweights in the division right now, Margarito stands out in my mind, he’s always been a threat to everyone and anyone, I think he could’ve easily beat Williams, but his lack of punch output set the stage for an upset, if he would’ve just let his hands go more, he would’ve won. If indeed Cotto and Margarito share the ring sometime next summer, Cotto must prepare like he never has before, Margarito is a big puncher with the best Uppercut i’ve seen since legendary Mike Tyson, Margarito throws his punches with knockout written all over them, and if there is one punch out there that could end Cotto’s reign, it would be Margarito’s vicious uppercut, it will hurt Cotto, it will drop Cotto and  it will stop Cotto. Although I believe Cotto could win a fight against the dangerous Margarito, I would not be surprised to see Cotto seriously hurt or even knocked out cold by a lethal uppercut, that punch has “Cotto Killer” written all over it, as he did to Johnson on Saturday, Margarito could do the same thing to Cotto, not as early, but just as dramatic.

What’s in store for Cotto? Who will be his next opponent? it is a constant anticipation for me until it is revealed, I absolutely enjoy watching Cotto fight, he makes boxing great to watch, for everyone

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Ricky Hatton: Can He Really Beat Mayweather?

Posted by beeshabo on November 9, 2007


As soon as this fight was announced, I couldn’t imagine why Hatton would take such a fight that could humiliate him like no other bout in his career, with all of Mayweather’s God give talent, he could easily make any fighter look bad, so Hatton……..Why Mayweather? Why Now?

First things first, Ricky Hatton is not a legitimate 147lb fighter, he has spent his entire career in the Junior Welterweight Division. Ricky Hatton is not the type of fighter that could fluctuate his weight to explore the boxing world by testing his skills in various weight classes, He is comfortable at 140, therefore limiting his exposure to different styles. Floyd Mayweather has fought from 130-154lbs, having tested his skills numerous amount of times by beating, taller, stronger and more experienced fighters that have lived in divisions, constantly testing himself against the best the divisions had to offer, Hatton did not have that type of exposure. Mayweather is a prime 30yr old Champion, who has shared the ring with EVERY type of fighting style imaginable, from tough Mexican’s like Jesus Chavez, to fast and once Welterweight Kings like Zab Judah, I mean….this guy has seen it all, and has passed every test. Hatton on the other hand, nearly failed in his first attempt to step out of the 140lb circle when he was (IMO) outboxed by the young slick Luis Collazo, yet Hatton got a gift decision for his efforts. After such a tough challenge, Hatton decided to take a step back down to his comforting 140lb weight class where he was king, and put on a snoozer of a win against Juan Urango in January of this year, then he beat an old Jose Luis Castillo by knocking him out with a one hitter quitter to the body. Now, after some gutsy comments about Mayweather’s accomplishments, he must prove he could walk the walk and by that he now must fight the 147lb King Pin and Pound-4-Pound Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As much success that Hatton has had in his career, from the dethroning of the once ruler Kostya Tszyu and Knocking out the ever so popular Jose Luis Castillo, Hatton has finally stepped up to someone as young and as hungry. Everyone knows the skills and accomplishments of the one and only Mayweather, but can Hatton prove to the world that he’s ready to fill the shoes of someone that good? Can he beat Mayweather at his own game? I’m not so sure……

Rick Hatton is a great fighter, he uses his will and aggression to breakdown his foe’s, he beats the body then kills the head, and that he does with tremendous force. In his bout with Kostya Tszyu, Hatton did a bit more holding and wrestling then most would found appieling, but….nevertheless, it wound up being too much for Tszyu to handle, and many think that same aggression, and willful onslaught would end up killing Mayweather’s undefeated record. If pressure is the only thing Hatton believes will carry him to victory in this bout, he better think twice as every fighter before him have failed in attempt to use steady pressure to break or slowdown the elusive Mayweather. The only fighter to come close to a victory over Mayweather by using strategic pressure was Hatton’s last victim, Jose Luis Castillo. In Castillo’s bout with Mayweather, pressure wasn’t the only thing that made it a close and competative fight, it was his ability to fight Mayweather from the outside and control the rythm of most of the inside fighting, something Hatton will have trouble mimicking because of his minimal “Boxing” ability. Hatton is much more of a brawler, and inside fighter, he must get in close to you to in order to do damage, his short arms (having a 65″ reach against Mayweather’s 72″ reach) give him less of a chance to work from the outside, whereas Castillo possessed more skills to box when he needed to. It is no wonder why Hatton is counting on mere pressure and body punching to carry him to victory, because….It’s Really all he has. Don’t get me wrong, if Hatton can use his precious pressure and crunching body shots wisely to beat Mayweather….then hey, more power to him, but it’s not something Mayweather hasn’t seen, many times before.

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Why Is Mosley Considered On Top of His Game? Because I Don’t Get It

Posted by beeshabo on November 7, 2007


Okay, I have been searching through my favorite boxing websites, and I have came across a few articles the very much interested me, I have read over and over why Mosley would be able to beat Cotto, and not only beat him, but possibly knocking him out. I do not think that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Mosley to knock Cotto out, after all, Cotto has been wobbled in the past, yet no one has been able to put him down and keep him down, so Why can Mosley Do It?

Well….I have always been a great fan of Mosley, he’s been an amazing champ, and I’ve had the great opportunity to meet Mosley in person several times, and have even shared a few short conversations with him, and he’s a true fan friendly athlete. But with that, Mosley is past his prime, sure he still posses cat like reflexes and great experience, but why is that just because he beat an old damaged downhill Vargas (twice) put him back into the spotlight of the Welterweight division. Mosley was beat twice by a very good fighter in Vernon Forrest, and defense genius Winky Wright, and after those back to back losses, he was swept off into the shadows by the boxing media as a fighter that was on his way out. This sport can so easily discredit and ignore a great fighter like Mosley, and they can also so easily bring him back from the dead, as the case when Mosley put on and “Expected” display of skill against a Slow, Old, Beat Up, Damaged Fernando Vargas, how does a win like that put him back on the top? I don’t understand it, he did come back and beat a slick Luis Collazo, but he was supposed to win, everyone knew that he could, if Ricky Hatton could pull off a decision, why can’t Mosley.

And Cotto isn’t an Old Fernando Vargas, nor a timid Luis Collazo, he’s a determined force of nature that is coming to put severe hurt on Mosley, and one punch can’t be what Mosley is hoping for, he needs a whirlwind of precise punches that he used to posses!!

Although I think Cotto can win this fight, Mosley indeed has a great chance of beating the young Puerto Rican, but I’m not so sure he’ll do it as easy as many think he can. But…I’ve been wrong, and I certainly could be wrong again, we’ll see on November 10th, who the better man is.

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Miguel Cotto vs Sugar Shane Mosley: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on November 6, 2007


Last weekend we (boxing fans) enjoyed a memorable boxing match between Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler, and this Saturday we will be treated to another extraordinary bout of two great fighters in the 147lb division, Miguel Cotto puts his WBA Welterweight crown on the line against the veteran Sugar Shane Mosley in a highly anticipated showdown.

Since his rise from contender to champion, Miguel Cotto has been one of the most entertaining fighters in the 140-147lb weight classes, his powerful mindset and vicious onslaught have shocked many viewers and have risen Cotto to a new level in the sport, he’s dismantled everyone in his path, and now in his biggest test of the all, he’ll be fighting an all around superb fighter in Sugar Shane Mosley.

The questions are,

Can Mosley handle a young, strong, hungry warrior like Cotto? or…Can Cotto handle Mosley’s speed and experience? we’ll soon find out.

This fight is going to be one to remember for years to come, it has the potential to be the best of 2007, or at least up there with Vasquez/Marquez II, Pavlik/Taylor and Calzaghe/Kessler or even surpass the soon to be megafight between Rick Hatton and Floyd Mayweather. I for one think that Cotto/Mosley will definetly be put into contention for fight of the year, how can it possibly be a flop, with all the excitement that these two fighters have produced in their careers (so far), its hard to imagine anything but an amazing skillful battle. Styles make fights, and these two are perfectly matched, its Speed & Experience vs Young & Strong.

Although Cotto is 9yrs Mosley Junior, he has experienced many different styles and he’s seen good days, and bad days, yet has came out ontop of all his professional bouts. Mosley has been a great champion, he is the only fighter to ever have defeated De La Hoya twice, in spectacular fashion, and he’s been in the ring with guys like Winky Wright, Vernon Forrest, Luis Collazo and Fernando Vargas. But in this fight, Mosley is going to be in the ring with a man regarded as Ruthless, Relentless, Powerful, Shocking and Full of Heart. At this stage in his career, I’m not so sure Mosley can handle a guy like Cotto, Cotto is just TOO Strong.

I think that both men have a chance of winning, but it will take careful strategic planning from by both fighters in order to come out victorious.

Okay…..Cotto is one of my favorite fighters, he’s great to watch, he displays true greatness every time he steps in that squared circle, but I have written him off before, in his bout with Zab Judah, I thought that it was going to be Zabs lighting fast hands and experience that was going to confuse the young Cotto, and boy…was I wrong. Cotto broke down Judah like a tree with his constant pressure and velocity, and I think he’s going to do the same to Mosley, but he’s just going to be in greater danger.

Although Mosley is an all around great fighter, I think he has seen better days, he’s definitely a young 36, but his days are up, its Cotto’s time to rule, and he’s not going out without a war. Mosley will come out strong, establishing his jab and bouncing rhythm right of the bat, Cotto will continuously follow Mosley, trying desperately to get to Mosley’s mid section, even looking confused as Mosley peppers him with quick flashy 1-2 combos. I believe the first 3 rounds will go to Mosley, on sheer punch volume and ring generalship. As rounds 4 and 5 come along, Cotto will find his mark and get in close to Mosley, hitting him everywhere can (that’s what he always does), the shoulders, the forearms, the gloves and the body. Mosley has had trouble with vicious on comers who can punch, like Forrest did, Cotto will do it even better, using his non stop aggression to break Mosley down. The reason why Mosley had success against guys like Collazo and Vargas was because these guys would come in without throwing punches, and that gave Mosley all the punching opportunities that he could ask for. Mosley has had decent power over the years, but he hasn’t scored a KO over a elite fighter since 1999, and I don’t think he can KO Cotto, in his most recent bout with Collazo, Mosley hit him with everything he had, and Collazo seemed to take the punches well, only being dropped in the 12th, and it was more of an off balance shot. There have been questions regarding Cotto’s chin, because he has been wobbled in the past by less than devastating punchers, but that could’ve been because Cotto was weaker and drained of having to nearly kill himself to make the 140lb weight limit. But…with that being said, if Mosley can hurt Cotto, I’m sure he can finish him, unlike Ricardo Torres and Demarcus Corely who both had Cotto nearly out on his feet, Mosley can finish the job, so its up to Cotto to avoid Mosley’s punching power. Cotto will win this fight just as he’s won all his past bouts, it will be his punching power, his aggression, and his iron will.

I think Cotto will do enough to damage to score a 11th round TKO, or maybe a Unanimous Decision.

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Posted by beeshabo on November 5, 2007


This past Saturday night (11-3-07), Super Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe added another remarkable performance to his already incredible career by outboxing and out-hustling the previously undefeated Mikkel Kessler to win WBC & WBO championship belts. Joe Calzaghe did everything he needed to do in the fight to solidify an impressive win over the dangerous Kessler. Coming into the bout, many thought that Calzaghe would be on his best behavior seeing as Kessler is more known for his heavy hands and KO power, but that did not matter as Joe continuously put himself in harms way to establish a rhythm and work rate that Kessler could not keep up with. Throughout the fight, Kessler grew more and more anxious and desperate as Calzaghe looked calm and focused as he had an answer for every thing that Kessler did, whether Kessler was backing Calzaghe up with hard straight punches or moving backwards, Joe was right there, making Kessler look one dimensional (as he did to Lacy).

Before the fight, I knew that Calzaghe would win, and I called it pretty close according to my previous post. But what impressed me (and Calzaghe doubters) was how easy he made it look. There were moments between rounds where Calzaghe elected not to sit on his stool, but to stand in his corner and stare Kessler down, a clear sign that he had the fight under his control.

It was an amazing display of will, craft, experience, power, heart, determination and courage!! Calzaghe did EVERYTHING RIGHT!!!

Calzaghe has risen to a new level in boxing, he should be up in the top 5 pound-4-pound rankings, there is no one who can be this man, from 168-175lbs, Calzaghe will own them all!!

Hey Bernard (Hopkins), Don’t fight Calzaghe…he’ll make you look your age!!!!

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Calzaghe vs Kessler: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on November 1, 2007


On Saturday November 3rd, Joe Calzaghe will face off against the hungry yet un-tested Mikkel Kessler in a Super Middleweight showdown of two undefeated warriors.

Since this fight was announced, I was drooling at the thoughts of an all out war between these two champions, a history making event, and in one of my previous posts, I stated that the fight can easily go out in a dramatically boring fashion. But nevertheless, it is still one of the most intriguing bouts of 2007, along with Humberto Soto vs Joan Guzman, Fernando Vargas vs Ricardo Mayorga and the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton to look forward to.

Okay, this fight is definitely one of the toughest ones that I’ve had to call, because in this fight we have a veteran reigning champion in Calzaghe, and a young hungry up and comer in Mikkel Kessler, its a match between Experience and Youth. So…Who will win?

There are rumors surfacing the Internet websites about a (right) hand injury that Kessler has been suffering for the past few weeks, and according to Kessler’s camp, he even had to cancel his sparring sessions. I for one do not believe in this so called injury, I think that the story is a total fabrication that is meant to serve as a mental game that Kessler and his people are trying to play with Calzaghe. Seeing as Kessler’s main weapons in this fight will be a stiff strong jab that will set up his right (“Injured”) hand, they are trying to trick Calzaghe into believing that Kessler is a wounded fighter that will have to fight out of his comfort zone, don’t be so sure Kessler!!

Calzaghe is a true professional fighter, he comes into his bouts well prepared, and ready for anything, if you want to really trick Calzaghe, just don’t show up, that’ll do the trick.

In this fight it will be Calzaghe’s tremendous hand and foot speed that will frustrate the game Kessler, Kessler is used to fighters coming straight in looking to land one big shot, and that makes it easier for the dane to set up his devastating right hand. Don’t be surprised to see Calzaghe smothering that shotgun like right hand of Kessler with angles and tactical holding. Calzaghe is the better inside fighter (IMO) because Kessler relies on range to get to his opponents, and if Calzaghe can get around that old fashioned 1-2 combo, he’ll be able to counter with his own deceptive punches that will surprise Kessler. But…..If Kessler can somehow maintain a strong jab that Calzaghe can’t get around then it will be interesting to see how the fight will turn out, but if not…I see Calzaghe winning a close Unanimous Decision.

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