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Calzaghe vs Kessler: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on November 1, 2007


On Saturday November 3rd, Joe Calzaghe will face off against the hungry yet un-tested Mikkel Kessler in a Super Middleweight showdown of two undefeated warriors.

Since this fight was announced, I was drooling at the thoughts of an all out war between these two champions, a history making event, and in one of my previous posts, I stated that the fight can easily go out in a dramatically boring fashion. But nevertheless, it is still one of the most intriguing bouts of 2007, along with Humberto Soto vs Joan Guzman, Fernando Vargas vs Ricardo Mayorga and the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton to look forward to.

Okay, this fight is definitely one of the toughest ones that I’ve had to call, because in this fight we have a veteran reigning champion in Calzaghe, and a young hungry up and comer in Mikkel Kessler, its a match between Experience and Youth. So…Who will win?

There are rumors surfacing the Internet websites about a (right) hand injury that Kessler has been suffering for the past few weeks, and according to Kessler’s camp, he even had to cancel his sparring sessions. I for one do not believe in this so called injury, I think that the story is a total fabrication that is meant to serve as a mental game that Kessler and his people are trying to play with Calzaghe. Seeing as Kessler’s main weapons in this fight will be a stiff strong jab that will set up his right (“Injured”) hand, they are trying to trick Calzaghe into believing that Kessler is a wounded fighter that will have to fight out of his comfort zone, don’t be so sure Kessler!!

Calzaghe is a true professional fighter, he comes into his bouts well prepared, and ready for anything, if you want to really trick Calzaghe, just don’t show up, that’ll do the trick.

In this fight it will be Calzaghe’s tremendous hand and foot speed that will frustrate the game Kessler, Kessler is used to fighters coming straight in looking to land one big shot, and that makes it easier for the dane to set up his devastating right hand. Don’t be surprised to see Calzaghe smothering that shotgun like right hand of Kessler with angles and tactical holding. Calzaghe is the better inside fighter (IMO) because Kessler relies on range to get to his opponents, and if Calzaghe can get around that old fashioned 1-2 combo, he’ll be able to counter with his own deceptive punches that will surprise Kessler. But…..If Kessler can somehow maintain a strong jab that Calzaghe can’t get around then it will be interesting to see how the fight will turn out, but if not…I see Calzaghe winning a close Unanimous Decision.


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