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Posted by beeshabo on November 5, 2007


This past Saturday night (11-3-07), Super Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe added another remarkable performance to his already incredible career by outboxing and out-hustling the previously undefeated Mikkel Kessler to win WBC & WBO championship belts. Joe Calzaghe did everything he needed to do in the fight to solidify an impressive win over the dangerous Kessler. Coming into the bout, many thought that Calzaghe would be on his best behavior seeing as Kessler is more known for his heavy hands and KO power, but that did not matter as Joe continuously put himself in harms way to establish a rhythm and work rate that Kessler could not keep up with. Throughout the fight, Kessler grew more and more anxious and desperate as Calzaghe looked calm and focused as he had an answer for every thing that Kessler did, whether Kessler was backing Calzaghe up with hard straight punches or moving backwards, Joe was right there, making Kessler look one dimensional (as he did to Lacy).

Before the fight, I knew that Calzaghe would win, and I called it pretty close according to my previous post. But what impressed me (and Calzaghe doubters) was how easy he made it look. There were moments between rounds where Calzaghe elected not to sit on his stool, but to stand in his corner and stare Kessler down, a clear sign that he had the fight under his control.

It was an amazing display of will, craft, experience, power, heart, determination and courage!! Calzaghe did EVERYTHING RIGHT!!!

Calzaghe has risen to a new level in boxing, he should be up in the top 5 pound-4-pound rankings, there is no one who can be this man, from 168-175lbs, Calzaghe will own them all!!

Hey Bernard (Hopkins), Don’t fight Calzaghe…he’ll make you look your age!!!!


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