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Miguel Cotto vs Sugar Shane Mosley: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on November 6, 2007


Last weekend we (boxing fans) enjoyed a memorable boxing match between Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler, and this Saturday we will be treated to another extraordinary bout of two great fighters in the 147lb division, Miguel Cotto puts his WBA Welterweight crown on the line against the veteran Sugar Shane Mosley in a highly anticipated showdown.

Since his rise from contender to champion, Miguel Cotto has been one of the most entertaining fighters in the 140-147lb weight classes, his powerful mindset and vicious onslaught have shocked many viewers and have risen Cotto to a new level in the sport, he’s dismantled everyone in his path, and now in his biggest test of the all, he’ll be fighting an all around superb fighter in Sugar Shane Mosley.

The questions are,

Can Mosley handle a young, strong, hungry warrior like Cotto? or…Can Cotto handle Mosley’s speed and experience? we’ll soon find out.

This fight is going to be one to remember for years to come, it has the potential to be the best of 2007, or at least up there with Vasquez/Marquez II, Pavlik/Taylor and Calzaghe/Kessler or even surpass the soon to be megafight between Rick Hatton and Floyd Mayweather. I for one think that Cotto/Mosley will definetly be put into contention for fight of the year, how can it possibly be a flop, with all the excitement that these two fighters have produced in their careers (so far), its hard to imagine anything but an amazing skillful battle. Styles make fights, and these two are perfectly matched, its Speed & Experience vs Young & Strong.

Although Cotto is 9yrs Mosley Junior, he has experienced many different styles and he’s seen good days, and bad days, yet has came out ontop of all his professional bouts. Mosley has been a great champion, he is the only fighter to ever have defeated De La Hoya twice, in spectacular fashion, and he’s been in the ring with guys like Winky Wright, Vernon Forrest, Luis Collazo and Fernando Vargas. But in this fight, Mosley is going to be in the ring with a man regarded as Ruthless, Relentless, Powerful, Shocking and Full of Heart. At this stage in his career, I’m not so sure Mosley can handle a guy like Cotto, Cotto is just TOO Strong.

I think that both men have a chance of winning, but it will take careful strategic planning from by both fighters in order to come out victorious.

Okay…..Cotto is one of my favorite fighters, he’s great to watch, he displays true greatness every time he steps in that squared circle, but I have written him off before, in his bout with Zab Judah, I thought that it was going to be Zabs lighting fast hands and experience that was going to confuse the young Cotto, and boy…was I wrong. Cotto broke down Judah like a tree with his constant pressure and velocity, and I think he’s going to do the same to Mosley, but he’s just going to be in greater danger.

Although Mosley is an all around great fighter, I think he has seen better days, he’s definitely a young 36, but his days are up, its Cotto’s time to rule, and he’s not going out without a war. Mosley will come out strong, establishing his jab and bouncing rhythm right of the bat, Cotto will continuously follow Mosley, trying desperately to get to Mosley’s mid section, even looking confused as Mosley peppers him with quick flashy 1-2 combos. I believe the first 3 rounds will go to Mosley, on sheer punch volume and ring generalship. As rounds 4 and 5 come along, Cotto will find his mark and get in close to Mosley, hitting him everywhere can (that’s what he always does), the shoulders, the forearms, the gloves and the body. Mosley has had trouble with vicious on comers who can punch, like Forrest did, Cotto will do it even better, using his non stop aggression to break Mosley down. The reason why Mosley had success against guys like Collazo and Vargas was because these guys would come in without throwing punches, and that gave Mosley all the punching opportunities that he could ask for. Mosley has had decent power over the years, but he hasn’t scored a KO over a elite fighter since 1999, and I don’t think he can KO Cotto, in his most recent bout with Collazo, Mosley hit him with everything he had, and Collazo seemed to take the punches well, only being dropped in the 12th, and it was more of an off balance shot. There have been questions regarding Cotto’s chin, because he has been wobbled in the past by less than devastating punchers, but that could’ve been because Cotto was weaker and drained of having to nearly kill himself to make the 140lb weight limit. But…with that being said, if Mosley can hurt Cotto, I’m sure he can finish him, unlike Ricardo Torres and Demarcus Corely who both had Cotto nearly out on his feet, Mosley can finish the job, so its up to Cotto to avoid Mosley’s punching power. Cotto will win this fight just as he’s won all his past bouts, it will be his punching power, his aggression, and his iron will.

I think Cotto will do enough to damage to score a 11th round TKO, or maybe a Unanimous Decision.

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