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Why Is Mosley Considered On Top of His Game? Because I Don’t Get It

Posted by beeshabo on November 7, 2007


Okay, I have been searching through my favorite boxing websites, and I have came across a few articles the very much interested me, I have read over and over why Mosley would be able to beat Cotto, and not only beat him, but possibly knocking him out. I do not think that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Mosley to knock Cotto out, after all, Cotto has been wobbled in the past, yet no one has been able to put him down and keep him down, so Why can Mosley Do It?

Well….I have always been a great fan of Mosley, he’s been an amazing champ, and I’ve had the great opportunity to meet Mosley in person several times, and have even shared a few short conversations with him, and he’s a true fan friendly athlete. But with that, Mosley is past his prime, sure he still posses cat like reflexes and great experience, but why is that just because he beat an old damaged downhill Vargas (twice) put him back into the spotlight of the Welterweight division. Mosley was beat twice by a very good fighter in Vernon Forrest, and defense genius Winky Wright, and after those back to back losses, he was swept off into the shadows by the boxing media as a fighter that was on his way out. This sport can so easily discredit and ignore a great fighter like Mosley, and they can also so easily bring him back from the dead, as the case when Mosley put on and “Expected” display of skill against a Slow, Old, Beat Up, Damaged Fernando Vargas, how does a win like that put him back on the top? I don’t understand it, he did come back and beat a slick Luis Collazo, but he was supposed to win, everyone knew that he could, if Ricky Hatton could pull off a decision, why can’t Mosley.

And Cotto isn’t an Old Fernando Vargas, nor a timid Luis Collazo, he’s a determined force of nature that is coming to put severe hurt on Mosley, and one punch can’t be what Mosley is hoping for, he needs a whirlwind of precise punches that he used to posses!!

Although I think Cotto can win this fight, Mosley indeed has a great chance of beating the young Puerto Rican, but I’m not so sure he’ll do it as easy as many think he can. But…I’ve been wrong, and I certainly could be wrong again, we’ll see on November 10th, who the better man is.

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