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Ricky Hatton: Can He Really Beat Mayweather?

Posted by beeshabo on November 9, 2007


As soon as this fight was announced, I couldn’t imagine why Hatton would take such a fight that could humiliate him like no other bout in his career, with all of Mayweather’s God give talent, he could easily make any fighter look bad, so Hatton……..Why Mayweather? Why Now?

First things first, Ricky Hatton is not a legitimate 147lb fighter, he has spent his entire career in the Junior Welterweight Division. Ricky Hatton is not the type of fighter that could fluctuate his weight to explore the boxing world by testing his skills in various weight classes, He is comfortable at 140, therefore limiting his exposure to different styles. Floyd Mayweather has fought from 130-154lbs, having tested his skills numerous amount of times by beating, taller, stronger and more experienced fighters that have lived in divisions, constantly testing himself against the best the divisions had to offer, Hatton did not have that type of exposure. Mayweather is a prime 30yr old Champion, who has shared the ring with EVERY type of fighting style imaginable, from tough Mexican’s like Jesus Chavez, to fast and once Welterweight Kings like Zab Judah, I mean….this guy has seen it all, and has passed every test. Hatton on the other hand, nearly failed in his first attempt to step out of the 140lb circle when he was (IMO) outboxed by the young slick Luis Collazo, yet Hatton got a gift decision for his efforts. After such a tough challenge, Hatton decided to take a step back down to his comforting 140lb weight class where he was king, and put on a snoozer of a win against Juan Urango in January of this year, then he beat an old Jose Luis Castillo by knocking him out with a one hitter quitter to the body. Now, after some gutsy comments about Mayweather’s accomplishments, he must prove he could walk the walk and by that he now must fight the 147lb King Pin and Pound-4-Pound Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As much success that Hatton has had in his career, from the dethroning of the once ruler Kostya Tszyu and Knocking out the ever so popular Jose Luis Castillo, Hatton has finally stepped up to someone as young and as hungry. Everyone knows the skills and accomplishments of the one and only Mayweather, but can Hatton prove to the world that he’s ready to fill the shoes of someone that good? Can he beat Mayweather at his own game? I’m not so sure……

Rick Hatton is a great fighter, he uses his will and aggression to breakdown his foe’s, he beats the body then kills the head, and that he does with tremendous force. In his bout with Kostya Tszyu, Hatton did a bit more holding and wrestling then most would found appieling, but….nevertheless, it wound up being too much for Tszyu to handle, and many think that same aggression, and willful onslaught would end up killing Mayweather’s undefeated record. If pressure is the only thing Hatton believes will carry him to victory in this bout, he better think twice as every fighter before him have failed in attempt to use steady pressure to break or slowdown the elusive Mayweather. The only fighter to come close to a victory over Mayweather by using strategic pressure was Hatton’s last victim, Jose Luis Castillo. In Castillo’s bout with Mayweather, pressure wasn’t the only thing that made it a close and competative fight, it was his ability to fight Mayweather from the outside and control the rythm of most of the inside fighting, something Hatton will have trouble mimicking because of his minimal “Boxing” ability. Hatton is much more of a brawler, and inside fighter, he must get in close to you to in order to do damage, his short arms (having a 65″ reach against Mayweather’s 72″ reach) give him less of a chance to work from the outside, whereas Castillo possessed more skills to box when he needed to. It is no wonder why Hatton is counting on mere pressure and body punching to carry him to victory, because….It’s Really all he has. Don’t get me wrong, if Hatton can use his precious pressure and crunching body shots wisely to beat Mayweather….then hey, more power to him, but it’s not something Mayweather hasn’t seen, many times before.


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