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Miguel Cotto………Is Great!!

Posted by beeshabo on November 12, 2007


This past Saturday, Miguel Cotto swapped leather with future Hall of Famer Sugar Shane Mosley, and he did it with more ability than he has ever shown before. Miguel Cotto has been an exciting fighting machine, he’s destroyed many good fighters, and he has now conquered his largest obstacle to date, an impressive win over the only man who defeated boxing’s biggest name (De La Hoya)….twice.

Before the fight, I thought Cotto would have great difficulty dealing with Mosley’s speed and boxing talent, but even with those advantages, Mosley also had the greater experience on his resume, something a fighter achieves through time, and Cotto studied all the advantages well, and prepared himself for all of it. In rounds 1-3, Cotto looked sensational, he was beating Mosley to the punch, a laser like jab, following a straight right hand, he was actually “Out-Boxing” Mosley for the most part. Though Mosley had his moments, landing some crisp over hand rights, it was Cotto that was landing the more effective punches, not only attacking the body, but landing stiff jabs and stunning right hands, Cotto has been more of a left handed puncher in the past, and now, his opponents must be weary of his “New” weapon, the straight right hand. I’m not sure if Mosley’s age was a factor in this bout as many are pointing to, it was Cotto that gave Mosley trouble, Cotto showed the world that he can also box, at times making Mosley look slow and sluggish, what a table turn that was.

Now that Cotto has a win over a huge name, there are endless possibilities for him in the near and far future, everyone will want a crack at him, hopefully Mayweather (assuming he gets passed Hatton). With all of the tests and enormous obstacles that Cotto has passed and climbed, i’m not sure that there is a fighter out there that can beat him, after all, Cotto has been taking on the all time best, and has yet to run into a brick wall. I believe it will be a long while until Cotto is defeated, it’s going to take a bad somebody to out gun the young gun slinger. A possible match up for Cotto would be Antonio Margarito, a vicious fighters who had a set back when he lost his title to Paul Williams back in July of this year, if Margarito could have defended his title against Williams, that could’ve been him in the ring with Cotto this past Saturday, not sure the outcome would’ve been different, but it would’ve definitely been a different fight. Margarito fought on one of the under cards on Saturday, and he destroyed Golden Johnson in one round, absolutely shocked him, knocked him down twice and ultimately knocked him out, But can Margarito do that to Cotto? Maybe…….

Cotto has had much success battling it out with taller stronger foes, he has done a great job in using their height against them, but it may be Margarito that poses the biggest threat to Cotto. Out of all the Welterweights in the division right now, Margarito stands out in my mind, he’s always been a threat to everyone and anyone, I think he could’ve easily beat Williams, but his lack of punch output set the stage for an upset, if he would’ve just let his hands go more, he would’ve won. If indeed Cotto and Margarito share the ring sometime next summer, Cotto must prepare like he never has before, Margarito is a big puncher with the best Uppercut i’ve seen since legendary Mike Tyson, Margarito throws his punches with knockout written all over them, and if there is one punch out there that could end Cotto’s reign, it would be Margarito’s vicious uppercut, it will hurt Cotto, it will drop Cotto and  it will stop Cotto. Although I believe Cotto could win a fight against the dangerous Margarito, I would not be surprised to see Cotto seriously hurt or even knocked out cold by a lethal uppercut, that punch has “Cotto Killer” written all over it, as he did to Johnson on Saturday, Margarito could do the same thing to Cotto, not as early, but just as dramatic.

What’s in store for Cotto? Who will be his next opponent? it is a constant anticipation for me until it is revealed, I absolutely enjoy watching Cotto fight, he makes boxing great to watch, for everyone


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