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Boxers and Boxing: Time for Appreciation

Posted by beeshabo on November 16, 2007


There are dozens of dangerous sports out there, so tough that it takes a special someone to compete at the professional level, but there are non other athletes in the world, like Boxers. I have been a die hard boxing fan for quite some time, and I’ve grown to love the sport with each passing day, I have total admiration for any and all boxers, they truly are special and courageous, this is the time to appreciate what Boxers mean…to a guy like me.

Ever since I was younger I had a huge interest in boxing, though I never really got into it because of my lack of knowledge of the scoring, rules and overall concept. But as I got older, I begin to ask questions, to my father, my grandfather, or anyone who seemed to enjoy boxing, and I began to grow more and more fond of the sport. It was until about 9 years ago that boxing became my main attraction, at that time I was skateboarding a lot, and hanging out with my friends, but I would still catch some fights on ESPN, Showtime or HBO. As time passed, my knowledge for the sport grew, I began to understand the “Sweet Science” of the sport, and I loved it even more. Boxing has, the drama, excitement, suspense, action and even gore, not much comedy, unless you call guys hit the canvas like a sack of potatoes funny, but overall….its THE BEST!!

I remember watching Felix Trinidad knock out Yuri Boy Campas, or his fight with Pernell Whitaker, or even his bout against Oscar De La Hoya, it were those fights that really stand out in my mind, those were the fights that drew me to boxing like a fish to a worm. There were times where I couldn’t imagine why a man would put himself through so much rigorous training, dieting and severe beatings, all boxers have had their share of injuries and wounds, but it were those who would prevail that were considered the best in the world. Imagine yourself having to run 5 miles a day, spar 15 rounds, jump rope for 15 minutes straight, sweat until you can’t sweat no more, work through the blood sweat and tears, and then showcase all that you’ve learned in those 8 weeks of training in-front of thousands (sometimes Millions) screaming fans. When its fight time, its gets down to the wire, its showtime, you have to be ready to rumble, to hit and not be hit, and with all that, you have to WIN!! at any cost, with a bloody face or a hurt hand, what a sport it is.

We have to give credit to boxers, they go through much more than is seen by the public eye, imagine walking around at a natural 175lbs, then having to shed off 35lbs while training in order to compete, and if you don’t compete, you don’t eat. What most people don’t understand is that a fighter (unless its a heavyweight) does not enter the ring at natural weight, once you run and train and do all the necessary training for the fight, a fighter naturally loses 5-10 pounds, and after that, they sometimes must lose another 15-20 just to make the weight limit, its incredible, If you’ve watched boxing press conferences, you’ll see the fighter in pre-training form, healthy and yet heavy on his feet, and by the final press conference (days before the fight) the fighters will look like a totally different person, they lose a lot of weight, some fighters even struggle to get to their feet’s just to stand on the scale. I’ve seen many times where a fighter is so weak, that he needs help standing up on the scale (at the weigh in), only to find out that he has 1 hour to shed off half a pound in order to go ahead with the scheduled bout, and if not, the fights is OFF, if that happens, imagine all that hard work in the gym, all that dieting and running, and you must go home. Its happened, and I’m sure it will continue to happen.



I’ve seen many great fights, from Felix Trinidad vs Fernando Vargas to Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo, both showed what a true warrior heart is capable of. In Corrales bout with Castillo, Corrales was beaten badly, his both eyes were slits, his body had clearly been chopped up and battered, he was dropped twice by Castillo due to solid left hooks to the head, yet after 10 grueling rounds of non-stop two way action (Like a Rocky movie) Corrales was still able to rally back to score a TKO seconds after getting up off the canvas (the second time), Now that’s a WARRIOR When I think of Warriors, one other fighter comes to mind, Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, a man who will walk through the gates of hell to face the devil himself just to win. Throughout his career, Arturo Gatti was involved in many thrilling and heart pumping wars in the ring, his trilogy with Mick Ward were phenomenal. In his third fight with Mickey Ward, Gatti broke his twice-repaired right hand on the hip of Ward (attempting a body punch), dropping his arms and winced in pain, yet he fought on, for 6 rounds, and even using his broken right hand sparingly throughout the remaining rounds of the fight, that was a stunning display of courage and will by the always gutsy Arturo Gatti. What other sport give you that? none……



After each and every round, a fighter returns to his corner for advice from his trainer, and to heal wounds acquired during battle, I’ve seen eyes nearly split open and lumps the size of bagels. How discouraging do you think it would be do be out in the in the ring, giving it your all, and all the sudden you suffer a massive cut or bruise, how do you recover, mentally and physically? Some fighter tend to give up mentally, as others are head strong and are able to fight through all the pain and discomforts of battle wound. There is no other sport out there that requires an athlete to be hit continuously to the head and body, although boxing seems to be a safer sport (next to Mixed Martial Arts), it is actually more dangerous. In MMA, fighters battle it out with 3-4 ounce gloves, therefore giving the fighter the most effect of his punches, and in boxing, the average is 10-12 ounce gloves, much more padding, yet still very effective depending on the brand (there’s Reyes & Everlast). In boxing, one punch knockouts are amazing, when a punch is landed with precise accuracy, immaculate timing, and crunching power, it can paralyze a fighter, it kills the legs, it numbs the body, it rocks your brain. In MMA, even though a punch lands with out the precise accuracy, immaculate timing or crunching power, it can be just as effective due to the size of the glove, mush less padding between the fists and the opponents head. When a fighter is hit repeatedly to the head by a boxer, it can really take a toll, although it wouldn’t seem to be, but more boxers die than in any other contact sport, because it may not be ONE punch that ends the fight, its the constant banging to the head and body that can take a persons life. As in MMA, one quick some what solid punch can land, and end a fight, but boxing, can end lives.

Now one must wonder, how long can a person do this, how much punishment can their bodies take, and all for the glory of victory, its truly amazing and inspiring, boxing makes people who they were meant to be.


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