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Joe Calzaghe: THE BEST IN THE WORLD……Hands Down!!

Posted by beeshabo on November 30, 2007


Okay…Joe Calzaghe, What can you say but “The Best”, he’s proven himself time and time again that he is the best Super Middleweights in the world, and not only that, but one of the best in boxing TODAY!! He’s a big strong athletic boxer with tremendous hand speed and intelligence that is out of this world, I get the chills watching this guy fight, he’s that good (IMO). No matter how hard you fight, how well you fight, how strong you are, or how fast you are….Calzaghe can and will beat you!! He can find a new dimension, or fight at a new level that no other fighter can compete with, he’s a special fighter, and he’ll go down in history as one of the all time greatest Super Middleweights in boxing history.

I remember his destruction of American Jeff Lacy in March of 2006, I’ve never (until this day) seen such a one sided boxing match in my life, Calzaghe fought a perfect fight, he was BEAUTIFUL to watch that night, it was a brutal and viscous boxing lesson that Lacy will remember for the rest of his natural life. Before the fight took place, I knew that Calzaghe’s superior boxing abilities would have taken him to a clear win over the highly regarded Lacy, but never in my wildest dreams did I think he could do what he did, it was utter dominance by the Welshmen, he exposed Lacy using angles, footspeed, handspeed, intelligence and power, if you consider yourself a boxing fan, I suggest you watch this fight, it will blow your mind.

After Calzaghe had brutally outboxed Lacy to a completely one sided win, I couldn’t wait to see who would be next, and no sooner than I could say Italion Dragon, he was set to face the rough and tough Sakio Bika. I was curious to watch Calzaghe again, and through the pre-fight talk, Calzaghe was mentioned to be a fighter who fights at the highest level when odds are against him, and seeing as many people were picking Calzaghe to win an easy decision or TKO victory over Bika, it led to a boring yet difficult fight for the famous Welshmen. Calzaghe looked a bit tentative, and awkward, he was struggling against this man, at times looking sluggish, and my hopes for an awesome win for Joe were not looking good. Although the fight was nothing close to stellar, Calzaghe managed to pull out a close win over Bika, but then began the scratching of the head, What happened to the man who destroyed Lacy? Why did he struggle with Bika?

Well (without discrediting Bika’s skills), as I earlier stated, Calzaghe fights at his best when he’s been counted out, as he did Lacy, Eubanks and so many other threatful opposition he’s faced throughout his career, his ability to fight harder as the fighters get tougher and stronger, he’s able to raise the bar and take his opponents into deep water, into demensions they never felt were real, that’s the definition of Calzaghe, a man who’ll OUT-BOX you, OUT-PUNCH you when he feels you’re a threat. Seeing as most picked Calzghe to beat Bika, that urge to prove the doubter wasn’t there, he was supposed to win, therefore his game wasn’t set properly, some fighters feed off of doubters, and others love the positive feedback of their critics, Calzaghe loves being the under-dog, he loves proving people wrong. Soon after his victory of the strong willful Bika, Calzaghe was set to face Peter Manfredo, a fighter who’s fame and popularity were set by the television series “The Contender”. This was a head scratcher, with Calzaghe hungry for the big fights, and there were so many fighters Calzaghe could face, Why Manfredo?

Well its simple, Manfredo was popular, not admired for his tremendous boxing ability, but just his huge heart, and blue collar background, and Calzghe needed a boost of popularity, even after being one of the longest reigning champions of all time, he was still in the shadows of fighters that were placed on the big stage of boxing, he needed a win over a popular American Fighter. I don’t know how anyone picked Manfredo over Calzaghe, I was actually a little let down by Calzaghe’s choice of an opponent with all the possibilities in the Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions, but…I understood his position, and I understood his outlook on the boxing world and his place in it. Calzaghe went on to win an EASY fight against Manfredo, scoring a TKO in round 3 with Manfredo’s back to the ropes, soaking up a barrage of quick flying punches from Calzaghe, it was pretty obvious that the fight was stopped prematurely, but it was hard to imagine Manfredo doing anything right in the rounds to come, he was clearly fighting a fighter in a much higher class.

After a quick win over Manfredo, it was now on to bigger and better things, with possible future oppenents such as, Jermain Taylor, Bernard Hopkins and Mikkel Kessler, Calzaghe had his options (only hoping either of these fighters would choose to fight such a great fighter in Calzaghe). In the mix and one of best Super Middleweights out there, Mikkel Kessler seemed like the more obvious oppenent for the superb Calzaghe, like Calzaghe, Kessler was undefeated, an excellent champion with ambitious to be the unified king, with the WBA & WBC in his possession, Kessler was looking to unify the titles, and Calzaghe was the owner of the WBO crown, it was the perfect setting for one of the best Super Middleweight fights in years. The fight was signed, and boy was it great.

Going into his fight with Kessler, Calzghe was not completely counted out, he was given a good chance to beat Kessler, but it was Kessler who was considered dangerous, and for some, he was more likely to KO Calzaghe, rather to fight the distance, and that was all the fuel that Calzaghe needed. It was clear that Kessler was the harder puncher, but he was a little more predictable, there are many fighters like Kessler, strong, powerful and technical, but very stationary and diciplined. But Calzaghe is a speedy slick boxer, who can be very sneaky and un predictable, you never know what he’ll bring to the table, you knew he had plenty of tricks up his sleeve, yet you pretty much knew what Kessler had to offer. For these simple reasons, I picked Calazghe to win (fairly easy), only because he’s much more of a COMPLETE fighter, he posses all the skills, and has much more experience then Kessler, it was Kessler who was placed to over come the obstacles, not Calzaghe, Calzaghe has been there done that, Kessler had yet to be tested.

As the fight goT closer and closer to showtime, I was still in favor of Calzghe, but…it was not far fetch for Kessler, it was possible, but will Calzaghe make Kessler perfect strategic plan of attack, come out wrong?

the answer is YES!! Calzaghe fought the best fight of his career, he was the aggressor that night, following Kessler around the ring, applying constant pressure while attacking with serious bombs and showing true greatness. Kessler was doing everything right, but like he always does, Calzaghe made it come out wrong with his volume of punches and fearless style. The moment Kessler would land a crowd pleasing punch, Calzaghe would come right back with several stiff punches to mute Kesslers offense. It was great to see, Calzaghe was as great as I thought, I had chills the entire time, I was nervous and yet pleased to see Calzaghe putting on a spectacular show of his one and only worldy skills. Calzaghe IS GREAT!! he’ll go down in history, whoever his next opponent is (hopefully Hopkins), Calzaghe WILL WIN.

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