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Posted by beeshabo on December 7, 2007


This Saturday, Ricky Hatton will face the best fighter in the world pound for pound, Floyd Mayweather Jr., this is the biggest fight of Hatton’s life, he will be testing his skills against the best, and many think he’s out of his league, and that his chances are slim. At first thought of this match up, one must automatically choose Mayweather as the clear winner of this welterweight showdown, but after better observation and deep consideration, Hatton has a pretty good chance. It is clear that Mayweather is the bigger man in this fight, he stands about 2″ taller than Hatton, and also posses a huge 6″ reach advantage, with the speed and agility of Mayweather, these advantages will definitely come into play, and it will truly give Hatton problems later in the fight as Mayweather never tends to tire in his fights, but…….Hatton comes on strong throughout the entire bout, and comes on even stronger as the fight progresses.

and this is how I think the fight will go down. (both fighters can win)

Hatton’s Chances: The one thing that needs to be noted, is that Hatton is not a fighter who controls the fight at a distance, he’s an old fashion brawler that hits holds and tries to out-muscle you in every way, he comes forward throwing bombs constantly, he’s a tremendous pressure fighter who wears you down, he does not give you a chance to think or even breathe.

In this fight,

1) Hatton must do what he can to trap Mayweather, corner him, pound him, and bully him, becuase if Hatton lets Mayweather get into his rhythm of fighting his fight, It will be frustrating for Hatton as he tries to find the elusive Mayweather.

2) Hatton needs foot speed and angles to direct his vicious attack, using his side to side technique (as he’s shown on the series 24/7) to find the target because coming straight in with power punches will spell disaster for him, fighters who have stormed straight in towards Mayweather, usually find themselves missing punches, it wears them out, it saps their energy and it allows Mayweather to take easy control of the fight in the second half, Hatton must not miss, and it will be extremely tough to land a clean shot, but if he can, it will increase his chances of winning.

3) A phone booth fight is what Hatton wants, it will allow him to use his grappling technique (hit hold, and hit again), although this style is not fun to watch, it is how Hatton wins his fights, his short arms don’t allow him to use an effective jab, he will fall short in this fight if he tries to establish a jab, Mayweather counters excellent when fighters throw a lazy jab, or try to stand in the middle of the ring and box, Mayweather is too sharp, and too quick.

4) Finally, Hatton must become an animal in there, show no fear, apply constant effective pressure, don’t stand and wait, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK is what will be the most effective for Hatton. Don’t get lazy, and don’t get frustrated (that also tires you out), stay calm and use lateral movement to land those steaming body shots, forget the head, its too much of hard target, hit the arms, the elbows, the body, and the chest…….wear him down, beat him up, rough him up, KNOCK HIM OUT!! (a decision will be to hard to accomplish). Hatton MUST knock Mayweather out early, I believe that if the fight looks close by the 7-8th rounds, it’ll go to Mayweather who will take control later in the fight.

Mayweather’s Chances: In this bout, Mayweather is the more experienced fighter, he’s the quicker more elusive boxer, he’s everything that Hatton hasn’t seen. Mayweather is an defensive genius who makes you miss, and makes you pay, he’s right there in front of you, and yet you can’t hit him, you find yourself chasing him around and wearing yourself out in the process. When you finally get frustrated and you over commit yourself, he’ll switch into second gear and just make you look silly, he’ll hit you with a four hit combo before you even get your feet set to strike, this will be Hatton’s worse nightmare, if he’s not careful.

In this fight,

1) Establish his jab, and use his foot speed to angle himself away from Hatton, Hatton likes to hit and hold, and when Hatton ties Mayweather up (which he’ll try to do often), Mayweather must return the technique, grab Hatton’s left hand, don’t allow him to get off by hitting him, to the body and to the head, this will make Hatton think twice about holding, and he’ll turn to using pure aggression to land his shots, therefore, opening up plenty of counter punches opportunities.

2) Land body shots, as often as he can, Mayweather is a decent body punchers, he used a stiff body shot to knock out veteran Sharmba Mitchell in their fight (2yrs ago). When a fighter has a money punch, that often means they are vulnerable to that same punch, Hatton is one of the best body punchers in the 140 & 147lbs division (Next to Miguel Cotto) so Mayweather must be cautious as to not get hit with them, and with all the grueling dieting and weight loss the Hatton has sustained throughout his training camp, that will give Mayweather a good chance to do great damage with his own body shots.

3) Hit Hatton, and hit him often. In his career, Hatton has been known as a “Bleeder”, a guy who’s face tends to rip and swell when its been tagged with punches, and Mayweather is the sharpest counter punching boxer that Hatton has ever faced, Mayweather can hit Hatton enough to eventually cause severe swelling, or even deep harmful cuts that can end the fight.

4) Mayweather just needs to BOX, that’s what he does best, use the ring (as he always does) to control the bout, and he must not give the early rounds away, because Hatton will come on strong early (knowing the early rounds are his best chances of scoring a KO or TKO), and Mayweather must not give Hatton any chances to attack, stay bouncy, on his toes, and sustain a controlled rhythm every minute of every round.

I hope this fight ends up being what it should, the Classic Boxer against the Old Fashion Brawler…lets pray they play it out as we all envision it.

Personally, I’d like to see Mayweather get beaten, bruised and battered, but I don’t think it’ll happen……….Mayweather by Unanimous Decision

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