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Trinidad vs Jones: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on January 17, 2008

This will be a fairly easy fight to call, although Tito Trinidad is one of my favorite fighters of all time, he’s a bit in over his head when he steps in the ring to face old yet still quick Roy Jones Jr. Felix Trinidad is coming off of a long lay off (a little over two years), and prior to his lay off, he was completely out-boxed by the slick Winky Wright in 12 one sided rounds. Immediately after the bout, Felix Trinidad announced his retirement, many thought that this was the end of his excellent career. But now he’s back, and taking a tough challenge in Jones, these two warriors have just enough wear and tear in their bodies that this fight can still be intriguing and crowd pleasing. One must remember that this fight will take place at a catch weight of 170lbs, and Tito has never fought above 160lbs, and looked horrible in his last outing.
Jones is a fighter who in his prime, was considered Superman, he had great ability to hit and not be hit (Boxing’s sweet science), he made it look easy and scored nearly all his fights via Knockout. In this fight, there will be no difference, Speed kills, and altough Jones is not what he used to be (as far as speed and reflexes), he still posses enough talent to disrupt Tito’s offense. Throughout his career, Tito has possessed tremendous punching power, in every one of his fights (below 160lbs), the thought was, if he can land clean, he can knock you out. The thing that made Trinidad really exciting to watch was his weakness, he would often be dropped by lesser opponents, yet always got up to win in brilliant fashion. All that went down the hill when Tito met his match on September 15th 2001, when he took on Bernard Hopkins in a middleweight unification bout. That night, Trinidad was the lesser fighter, Hopkins fought smart, he used his veteran skills to out box Tito and eventually knocked him in (in the 12th round).
Here is how I see the fight playing out:
Jones is obviously the quicker, he distances himself from his opponents perfectly to set up his power shots, he’s not a super power puncher, but with the speed and accuracy on his punches, any punch can do the job. In this bout it will be no different, his speed and reflexes will be too much for Tito to handle. Jones is very smart to keep his back off of the ropes, because that will only enable Tito to gain confidence, Tito must jab with Jones, although Jones’ jab will get there faster, an established Tito jab will offset a razor sharp offense from Jones, giving Tito a better chance to land an effective punch. I believe there will be a KO in this bout, I don’t see it going the distance, with Jones’ speed, power (he’s also the bigger man) and accuracy, a KO for him is not far fetch. Tito has only the punchers chance, he proved that he can be outboxed by a bigger stronger fighter, but he’s also proved that his power has been his godsend, so its not a secret that Tito can PUNCH, and he’s not wild on his attacks, he’s very sharp and sneaky with them. But I think that the faster stronger fighter in Jones will win this bout.
Jones via TKO in round 11

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