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Hopkins vs Calzaghe Official for April 19: Lets Size Them Up

Posted by beeshabo on January 23, 2008


This fight has been in the wind for a few months now, with boxing fans around the world anticipating the day when these two boxing legends go head to head. Well the time has arrived folks, the fight has been made, and it will take place on April 19th 2008 at the Thomas and Mack Centre in Las Vegas. This fight has all the potential to be great, we have the ageless rugged Bernard Hopkins, a skilled crafty veteran who has Executed plenty of worthy opposition, and on the other side of the table we have the undefeated Joe Calzaghe, the pride of Whales, a record breaking boxing machine with a relentless style.

We have the setting for a classic boxing match that can turn into an epic battle of skill and will, Hopkins is the most skill-full opponent that Calzaghe has ever faced, and yet Hopkins has never tested his skills against a man of Calzaghe’s Class. Both men bring a whole lot to the table, both are record breaking boxers with great resumes, Hopkins is of course the better known because of Calzaghe’s limited exposure to the American Public, Having never fought on American soil.

I’m not going to give me prediction, as I find it much too early to do so, we have a little under three months to go until the first bell rings, plenty of time for build up, drama, suspense and anticipation. The boxing world awaits the clash of the American Legend and European Icon.

Prediction will come soon………


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