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Vazguez vs Marquez III: The “Final Confrontation”

Posted by beeshabo on January 25, 2008


Israel Vazguez and Rafael Marquez have given boxing fans two of greatest fights in 2007, maybe the best pair of fights since the Late Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo swapped leather two times in 2005. Vazquez is one of the best 122lb fighters in the world today, and was challenged by a man moving up in weight named Rafael Marquez. When these two warriors met for the first time on March 3rd 2007, its was an all out sanctioned street fight, they went tit for tat and blow for blow, trading bombs on the inside and working hard from the outside.

In their first encounter, Rafael Marquez was giving Vazquez a boxing lessons for the first 2 rounds, circling, jabbing and landing hard right hands, he even broke Vazquez’s nose in the first stanza with a rock solid jab. The two continued to bomb away, Vazquez was getting the worst of it until he landed a short left hook on the inside that sent Marquez to the canvas, but Marquez was up in 3 seconds ready to got at it again, Vazquez came back strong for the remaining seconds of round 3, but didn’t land anything significant after the left hook that dropped Marquez.

After round 4, Vazguez seemed to be falling behind in the fight, and his fall was marked by the difficulty in breathing he had due to his obvious broken nose. Marquez continued to land at will, out-boxing Vazquez with left right combinations following a strong jab, it was obvious that Vazquez would need a strong rally to win, after round 6, I had it scored 5 rounds to 1 for Marquez. Between rounds 6 and 7, Vazquez urged his trainer Freddie Roach to stop the fight, he just couldn’t continue, Marquez was strong, and without being able to breathe, it would get even harder. So the fight was stopped before round 7 could even begin, and Rafael Marquez made a successful move up in weight to dethrone Vazquez in what was one of the best 122lb fights since Barrera/Morales I.

Within a few months after their epic first encounter, the second fight was made, and there was so much anticipation for it since their first fight was in a class of its own. Their second fight took place on August 4th 2007, the fight began right where they left off, trading hard shots, back and forth, never letting up, it was incredible. But this time around, it was noticeable that Vazquez was in much better health, he was giving better then he got, Marquez was fighting well, but spent a lot of time backing up and fighting off his back foot, thus giving away punching power. Vazquez was relentless, he constantly walked forward firing away, Marquez would indeed fight back (as he always does) but it didn’t seem to faze Vazquez who was on a mission to win. In round 3, Vazquez landed a hard left hook that wobbled the game Marquez, but even on shaky legs, Marquez didn’t back down, he was right their battling back, and at times landing significant punches to keep him in the fight, but Vazquez got the better of the two. The fight would continue in that brutal fashion, but it was round 6 that the fight would climax and ultimately end, Vazquez landed yet another devastating left hook to the jaw of Marquez that sent him sprawling to the canvas, but it didn’t keep him down, up he got at the count of 4, back into battle he went, but this time Vazquez finished strong landing a barrage of hard shots that left Marquez motionless against the ropes, and the fight was stopped. WOW!!! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, and ironically the fight ended in the same round as the first, the stage was set for another great great trilogy.

Now, we’re on for the third and “Final Confrontation”……..Prediction coming soon!!

Here are some Press Quotes from the two champions. courtesy of


“If everyone thought the first two fights were amazing, they’re in for an unforgettable performance on March 1st. When Marquez and I get together, boxing magic happens.
“Marquez and I have proven that we’re warriors and we don’t back down or take a step back. We love to fight, we live to fight.

“Our styles are the main reason why these fights are so amazing and crowd-pleasing. That’s why they’re so exciting. You can expect the same on March 1st.

“I want everyone to know that I’m very grateful for this opportunity. I want everyone to come to the Home Depot Center to support us. It’s going to be an unforgettable fight, one for the ages.

“Our rivalry is great and one-of-a-kind. Outside of the ring, we’re friends, but this is a sport, this is my life. Once the opening bell rings, our friendship is set aside for the moment because we both want to win.

“My trainer, Rudy Perez, is the missing piece for me. I never thought to change trainers before, but now I know why I did it. Rudy has been great.

“I think I’ve been fighting much better than I’ve ever had. I feel like I’m 20-years-old again.

“Marquez may change his style for this fight because I know he is a smart boxer. He will be as prepared as I am.

“Both fights were different. I’m stilling learning from both. You’ll see my best on March 1st.”


“I’m going to give the fans what they want to see. I’m sure Vazquez is bringing his best and so will I. This is a fight that everyone will remember for many years.

“Vazquez is a strong puncher. He knows how to set up his power punches. We’re going to work on some things that will limit his ability to throw heavy punches.

“I think I miscalculated Vazquez’s style in the second fight. There were some mistakes that got me in trouble. I’ll make the proper adjustments in the third fight.

“We’re not going to overhaul my style, we’re just going to tweak it a little bit. Remember, I won the first fight so I know how to beat Vazquez.

“Vazquez hits extremely hard. It’s tough to gauge his power from round-to-round because he never seems to get tired which allows him to throw heavy punches whenever he wants.

“I think the second fight was stopped too early. I’ve said this from the beginning. We were both exchanging heavy punches. We were both taking a lot of punishment. I was surprised when the ref stopped it.

“The first two fights were instant classics and I’m sure the third one will receive the same respect.”


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