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Kelly Pavlik vs Jermain Taylor II : Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on February 15, 2008


Once again, a little under 5 months after their first epic battle, Jermain Taylor will attempt to avenge his only prefessional loss when he takes on the first man to beat him, Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik. The first fight was a throwback fight, definitely a Middleweight fight that will be talked about for years to come, both men landed their shots, both tasted the canvas, but one rose from the near knockout loss to win in amazing fashion. Kelly Pavlik is a strong lean hard hitting force that comes into every bout ready to fight, he proved his heart, determination, and will to win by stopping Taylor after having nearly been knocked out himself early in round 2. What will Jermain have left mentally the second time around?

I believe that this fight is going to be more mental game for Jermain, how will he react when Pavlik begins to hunt him down and land that big right hand? Although Taylor landed his share of significant punches (that nearly ended the fight), it wasn’t enough to discourage the game Pavlik, after being down and almost out, Pavlik still came forward hammering away. What does Taylor have to do different?

Well if you watched the first fight, Taylor had a lot of diffictultly, he spent most of the bout fighting off his back foot, when his feet are planted and he can throw more aggresively, he’s much more effective and accurate. In the first fight, he spent a lot of time backing up, thus giving away his punching power, it was Pavlik who was coming forward with leverage on his punches, firing off a double jab, followed by a straight right. Taylor’s best round (round 2) climaxed when he used effective aggression to nail Pavlik with a right hand, but when he had Pavlik hurt, he didn’t find openings and pick his shots as he should have, he wasted tons of energy throwing wild heavy shots. Taylor had his chance, and he passed it up by using instinct instead of strategic boxing skills to get the job done.

Jermain Taylor has a lot to prove, will he show us the champion heart that he’s lacked in his last 4 fights before batteling with the strong Pavlik?? Its a mental game now, Taylor must overcome the negativity he has floating around in his head, What went wrong? What must be done?

Jermain has great speed and natural talent, if he uses skills instead of instinct he will go far in this fight, he fought well even while being backed up, but asserting himself and using lateral movement to pin point his shots will only do him good, he must avoid standing right infront of Pavlik, keep his left hand up, and throw a strong jab followed by a 2-3 punch combo. If Taylor can usie his boxing skills and stay clear of a brawl, he can easily win by a UD.

As for Pavlik, he has less to worry about, although being over confident will spell disaster, he must use his reach and jab to keep Taylor going back (it worked extremely well in the first fight), the old fashion (yet effective) 1-2 combo is the key to victory for him, use it often, and commit when given the openings. Don’t expect to see Pavlik drop his hands in a macho manner as he did in the first fight, he knows that Taylor can punch, so Pavlik will fight a very good tactical fight for as long as it lasts, not exaclty sure that this fight will end in a KO, but it’ll definitely produce fireworks.

Although Pavlik has the Mental and Punching Power advantages, Taylor still has great skills, he cannot be counted out, all it takes is one punch, and as much as he was hurt in the first fight, so was Pavlik. Both showed great determination, and we expect the same this Saturday night

I see a close yet Unanimous Descision for Pavlik, but Taylor has a good chance of avenging his loss, but Pavlik can change the fight with one punch, so a KO is not far fetch.


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