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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on March 14, 2008


Tomorrow on March 15th, Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao will throw down in a 12 round junior lightweight bout, a little under four years ago, these two men fought to a controversial draw, and now, they want revenge on a fight they both felt they won. The first fight was a great one, Marquez was put down three times in the first round by the lethal straight left of Pacquiao, and somehow gathered himself to finish the round. Through the rest of the fight, Marquez was more effective, although Pacquiao did some good work, Marquez was the most precise power puncher for the remaining eleven rounds. I thought the fight was indeed a draw, Marquez did enough to bring himself from a near Knockout Loss almost winnable fight, and Pacquiao failed to finish him off.


Now, we’re a day away from the long awaited rematch, and it should be a great one.


Since his fight with Marquez, Pacquiao has developed into a much better boxer, he has transformed into a two handed puncher, he’s grown wiser, and has greater experience, but….I don’t know if it’s enough to decisively beat Marquez.


Marquez is in no doubt the better boxer of the two, he has great counter punching abilities, better foot work, and has more technique, and it was evident in the first fight. But, Pacquiao is an outstanding puncher, he’s strong, fast and he moves well, Marquez must study Pacquiao’s pattern in the fight to direct himself to strategic plan in order to expose any flaws in Pacquiao’s offense.


One thing we know for sure, is that Pacquio is always off balance when he punches, he leans in with his shoulders and feet squared, putting himself at risk of getting caught and going down, so Marquez must counter punch effectively to take advantage of an eager and off balance Pacquiao. Pacquiao has a good chin, it’s very unlikely that a one punch will put him away, so it may be a good idea for Marquez to test the body. Another tool of Marquez that seemed to work well was his jab, he used it to great effect in the first fight, but abandoned it in the later rounds, this very jab can set up the straight right, or left hook. In all honesty, although Pacquiao has greatly improved his boxing skills, I see him only winning if he knocks Marquez out, and that is a definite possibility with the power he possess, but Marquez should be able to control the pace of the fight, and use his GREATER skills to box his way to a clear win.


I see a Unanimous Decision win for Marquez.


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