Just for the fans

Quotes to Remember From “Katsidis The Great”

Posted by beeshabo on March 18, 2008



The moment I put on the helmet I dont care if I get carried out,

That becomes my mindset. Thats why I hated the amateurs. Theyre all running and dodging and slapping and moving about. Real fighting is what I was born to do. Nobody pointed me to this. Boxing was something that chose me.

Once you get in the ring there are no lies,

If you cut corners you know the difference. If you dont want to be there I can see it.

That is Katsidis’ Philosophy every time he gets into the ring. He expects the worst and he expects to do more than survive it. He expects to triumph. The price of such victory is not something he thinks about.

The last one was tough fight but thats how I like to win em.

It was a great fight for my first time in America. I said I was going to introduce some new blood into the sport and I guess you saw a lot of it.

That fight was tougher than I thought it would be but then again theyre all tougher than I think theyll be.


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