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April 12th Fight Night Predictions:

Posted by beeshabo on April 11, 2008

Miguel Cotto vs Alfonso Gomez

This Saturday, welterweight king Miguel Cotto faces the strong and willing Alfonso Gomez of “The Contender” TV series. This is Miguel’s first fight after a close win over former champ Sugar Shane Mosley in November of last year. Everyone in the boxing world dreams of the day when Floyd “Money” Mayweather steps up to face the Puerto Rican Star, but according to Floyd, Cotto has yet to establish himself as a main PPV attraction – what a load of BULL.
Meanwhile, Cotto just keeps racking up victories, continuously beating whoever Top Rank puts in front of him, ducking NO ONE.

On fight night, Cotto will be by far the better man in the ring, but make no mistake about the gutsy Gomez, he’s coming to fight, he’s coming to win, and Cotto cannot get lazy or over confident, that can be a mistake. But not to worry, as Cotto trains very well for every fight, claiming to train the same no matter who the opponent, and that does not help Gomez. Cotto is never over confident, nor seems out of focus, he has a strong will to win, and possess great boxing skills (that are getting better and better). Gomez is a good fighter, I like his style, he’s strong, hungry for a title, and he adapts well in the ring, but he’ll be sharing the squared circle with the best Welterweight in the world (IMO), Miguel Cotto, the human wrecking ball.

Here is how I see it playing out:

As of recently, Cotto has been starting fairly slow, but that only helps him to make (if any) adjustments, he’ll use the first two rounds to see what Gomez has to offer, jabbing at the taller Gomez to pin point the direction of his punishing offense. The only thing I see Cotto having to be weary of, is Gomez’s right hand, Cotto is very easy to hit with them, he does not roll them as well as he does other punches, and Gomez possess a decent one. Look for Cotto to box early, then come on very strong in the middle rounds once he’s comfortable. Gomez should not elect to trade, he should box, engaging in heated exchanges will leave him at a disadvantage, as Cotto is faster, and hits much harder. The first 3-4 rounds can be envisioned as somewhat competitive, but I believe Cotto will dominate the later rounds (6-9) and should win a decision. I know many think that Cotto can/should KO Gomez, but one must understand, that Gomez is strong, he’s a pretty big Welterweight with a good chin and a huge heart. If in fact Cotto does pull off a KO win, it will come between rounds 9-11, otherwise I see a Unanimous Decision
victory for the Puerto Rican.

Kermit Cintron vs Antonio Margarito II

I love to watch Cotto fight, he’s one of my favorite boxers (of all time), but he should be the opening bout for this fight, Cintron vs Margarito II, this is the one I cannot wait to see, the long awaited rematch of two punchers in the Welterweight Division.

In their first fight, Margarito showed poise, power and skills by stopping the under trained Cintron in five one-sided rounds. Even though Margarito took the fight to Cintron, backing him up and landing at will, I believe that Cintron’s performance was underlined by out of ring distractions. Statements after the fight with Margarito that Cintron had a bad training camp, and a hand surgery disrupted his focus, so he entered the ring unprepared, and I believe it (to a degree). Boxing is a dangerous sport, it requires a special person to choose the path of a boxer, to engage in bloody battles and take punishing blows to the head and body. In order for one to be at their best, they must be 100%, mentally and physically. You can’t expect a person to compete in a boxing match when lacking Focus, Mental Health or Physical Health, when any human being enters that ring unprepared in any way, it will show, even the elite fighters (and undefeated) of today can and probably have experienced this, and I believe that Cintron was NOT 100% in his first fight with Margarito.

After winning the WBO Championship by defeating Cintron in April of 2005, Margarito went on to make two title defenses (against Manuel Gomez and Joshua Clottey) before losing the WBO to Paul Williams in July of last year. Margarito returned to the ring to score a TKO victory over Golden Johnson in the first round to earn an IBF title shot that is currently held by Cintron. After his loss to Margarito, Cintron has done a good job by disposing of lesser opponents in devastating fashion, knocking out every opponent since his first and only professional loss to Margarito, so you can’t count Cintron out.

This is actually a fairly easy fight to call for me, it’s two punchers battleing it out, only one possess better boxing skills than the other, and that’s Margarito, and that simple fact will be the reason Margarito walks away with the victory (easy as that). Kermit Cintron has great power, fight changing power at that, but he lacks the skills that Margarito has, and that leaves Cintron needing to KO Margarito or have multiple knockdowns to win (IMO). In their first meeting, Cintron landed vicious shots to the chin of Margarito, but Margarito appread unfazed by Cintron’s power, and that discouraged Cintron, and it will be the same this time around. Margarito will force a war, and Kermit will oblige, but it will Margarito who lands the harder shots, and Cintron will hit the deck, again. KO victory for Margarito (within 8 rounds).


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