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One Year Anniversary: The Unexpected Death of Diego “Chico” Corrales May 7th 2007

Posted by beeshabo on May 7, 2008

Remembering Chico Corrales.

It was one year ago today when the boxing world lost one of it’s greatest warriors, a man who at times defied the odds, fought the best, beat the best, and battled inner demons. Diego Corrales was a great human being, I never had the chance to meet him, but spent plenty of time reading and watching interviews on my favorite boxing websites, and the Sacramento Fighter was always soft spoken and kind to anyone who seemed willing to engage in conversation, he was respectful and a true down to earth boxing champion.

The only time I ever had the chance to see Corrales in person (and not that close, but enough to know it was him) was on May 20th 2006, when Marco Antonio Barrera faced Rocky Juarez at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Corrales was standing near press row, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, shaking hands and introducing his new born baby whom he was carrying in a baby backpack strapped to his chest. Corrales seemed full of life, smiling, waving, and of course, signing autographs, it was exciting to see him, although he was dozens of feet away, I knew he would talk to me if I were close enough. That made my night.

Corrales would fight five months after that night, when he faced Joel Casamayor (for the third time), despite Corrales ironically failing to make weight, the fight went as scheduled, and Corrales lost via Split Decision to the Cuban Native. Corrales, no longer able to make the 135lb Lightweight Limit, had to make an important career decision. Claiming unable to make 140lbs (the next division up) Corrales had to decide whether to retire, or make a courageous move up in weight, to Welterweight that is, he did what we all knew he would do, he stepped up to Welterweight and took on a tough challenge, he was set to face the durable Joshua “Hitter” Clottey. In that fight, Corrales was beaten up, badly, he looked slow and sluggish, and did not carry the weight well, he lacked power and size to compete with the vicious Clottey, although Corrales suffered multiple knockdowns, he survived the fight and was able to reach the final bell. But with a broken jaw and another loss on his record (making it 3 in a row), Corrales was left without a division.

Exactly two months after he last fight, Corrales lost his life in a motorcycle accident, ironically he passed on the two year anniversary of his GREATEST FIGHT EVER, when he knocked out Jose Luis Castillo in one of the greatest fights I have ever witnessed. It was that very fight that made Corrales the fighter he always was, he opened people’s eyes, he exposed himself to his weaknesses, and his strengths.

The morning I heard the news of his passing, I was sitting at my desk, sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee when I logged onto my favorite website (east side boxing), and there it was on the top of the list, the article entitled “Corrales Dies in Motorcycle Accident”, my heart dropped, I couldn’t believe my eyes, Corrales, NO WAY!! But regardless of me hoping it wasn’t true, it was, the man they called Chico, was taken from us. I choked back tears and held my chest, I just couldn’t believe it, one of the bravest boxing warriors was GONE. We can now remember him in every way, he was a fighter who fought, a fighter who won, a fighter who lost, he never gave up, never lost hope, and never backed down. He fought the way he lived his life, dangerously, and I’m sure if he could say one last thing to us, he’d say

“Give Me One More Round”.
We miss you Chico, R.I.P.

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