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Israel Vazquez vs Rafael Marquez: Best Trilogy of ALL TIME

Posted by beeshabo on May 12, 2008

Boxing fans have been given some very good trilogies, Arturo Gatti vs Micky ward, Marco Antonio Barrera vs Erik Morales, and a few others, but I don’t think that any of them had the impact of Vazquez vs Marquez, there is just no comparison. In the Gatti vs Ward trilogy, it was show of two men just battering each other, a mild lack of boxing skills and craft, it was a slugfest, although the fights were very entertaining and grueling to watch, taking nothing away from their skills, it was still missing something. In the Barrera vs Morales trilogy, it was in my eyes one of the best of ALL-TIME, two men who genuinely disliked one and other, and it showed, they fought strong and hard, boxed and brawled, and still, it was missing something, maybe the drama, the suspense, it was just not a COMPLETE PACKAGE.

Now with the Vazquez vs Marquez Trilogy, we were treated to all possible outcomes of a great trilogy, from the dramatic first fight, to the un predictable all action third fight. First of all, the thing that was intriguing the most is that we had one of the best Bantamweights (Marquez) moving up in weight to take on the best Super Bantamweight (Vazquez), Vazquez known for his huge heart and his even bigger punch, Marquez better known for his growing craft and knockout power , that was the setting for what was to come.

In the first fight, we witnessed just how good Rafael Marquez was/is, he boxed Vazquez to a well deserved stoppage, a movie like drama ending, but it was the events that took place before the ending which set up such a great trilogy. Even though Marquez was boxing great and had Vazquez hurt several times, he was dropped in the third round by a Vazquez left hook, but not only did Marquez gather himself to continue, but he did enough damage to ultimately stop Vazquez due to his severely broken nose. This fight gave us what can take three or four different fights to produce, that in itself is already amazing, who would have guessed that this was just the beginning, there was more to come, way more.

The boxing world was treated to yet ANOTHER great fight between the two, this time Marquez coming in as the WBC champion, and Vazquez attempting to gain back what he had lost.

In the rematch, Vazquez seemed to have solved the puzzle, jabbing his way in close, and bombing away, although the fight was closely one sided (in favor of Vazquez), Marquez still showed why he is one of the best in the world, he fought back, and at times landed good enough to momentarily slow Vazquez down. But the fight ended in round 7 when Marquez was out on his feet and failed to fire back with his back against the ropes.

After the two memorable battles of courageous will, the third fight was expected to be nothing less, and it was more than any boxing fanatic can ask for.

From the opening bell, the crowd responded to every blow, evenly cheering and chanting for both men as they went at it in their brutal ruthless style. Fights like this make people proud to be boxing fans, two men pouring their souls out, holding nothing back, exposing whatever weaknesses they have for the love of their diehard fans, and the love of becoming triumphant after giving so much. It was amazing to watch, I was up out of my seat for nearly the entire bout, screaming at the TV, cheering on both men, it was absolutely shocking (in a good way).

I highly doubt there will ever be a trilogy to exceed the three amazing displays of skill, will, power and bravery that Vazquez and Marquez produced, it’s nearly impossible (IMO), these two men are champions in my eyes, forever, win or lose from this day forward.

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