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June 7th Fight Predictions

Posted by beeshabo on June 6, 2008

Kelly Pavlik vs Gary Lockett

This Saturday will be a decent night for boxing fans, on HBO, we have Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik taking on Gary Lockett of Whales in a Middleweight showdown, also on the card, we have hard hitting Junior Featherweight Champion Daniel Ponce DeLeon facing the undefeated knockout artist Juan Manuel Lopez. Also, on Showtime, we have Vernon Forrest taking on Sergio Mora (contender champion), and the rematch between Carlos Quintana and the man he dethroned Paul Williams. These should be good.

Well, for the Pavlik/Lockett fight, it’s going to be good while it lasts, Pavlik is bigger, stronger and hits harder, Lockett will be in the fight no doubt, he’s shown he has guts and skills, but is a bit over matched in this one. Pavlik is knockout puncher, he likes to mix it up and bang with the best, this should be no different, in the ring will be a man who likes to fight, likes to trade, and this will suit Pavlik perfectly. I see an fairly easy win for the Youngstown hero, nothing much will change for Pavlik, jab jab right hand – all night.

Juan Manuel Lopez vs Daniel Ponce DeLeon

Okay, this is the fight I’m looking forward to the most, Daniel Ponce DeLeon vs Juan Manuel Lopez –OH YEAH! Two hard hitting boxers who love to fight, this should be very entertaining. I don’t see this fight going the distance, both can box (Lopez a bit more technical) and both can punch like hell. DeLeon is a lethal left hand puncher, he took out previously undefeated Ray Bautista in less than around with his left hand and left hand ONLY, he has an awkward brawling style, he keeps his hands high, and arms cocked, always ready to fire, he has a record of 34 wins 1 loss and 30 big wins coming by way of Knockout…so he can punch. Now Lopez, he’s an undefeated fighter with a record of 21 wins 0 Losses and 19 wins by knockout, so he has power too, and so far, displays great boxing skills, but he’s untested and has yet to face a big name or a man of DeLeon’s class. What will happen?

Well I find this fight very hard to call, because although DeLeon is the more experienced and accomplished fighter, he gets hit a lot, but can usually bail himself out of war with his devastating power, the problem here is that Lopez also has great power, so I think if Lopez can hurt DeLeon (which is very possible) he can finish him. Also, Lopez is a good technical fighter, he sets up power shots with a jab, and exerts himself when he’s given the opportunity, but he’s been in the ring with over matched opponents, they can’t compete, but this time, Lopez will be in the ring with a monster. DeLeon is more of a face first brawler, he comes forward and sometimes throws wild winging power shots that tend to miss, but because of his power, if one lands, it will and can change the fight. In his fight with Bautista (another technical boxer with power), DeLeon threw straight, and that was the difference, his punches got there faster and had more power behind them, and that enabled him to destroy Bautista dramatically in the first stanza. At his best, DeLeon is very measured and can find the mark, under stress or frustration, he gets desperate and sloppy, he must stay calm in this fight, over anxiousness will cost him the fight. Like I mentioned above, this fight is too tough to call for me, I want DeLeon to win, he’s great for boxing, but he has a stiff task ahead of him with Lopez, it’s going to be tough, but in the end, the one who lands their hardest punch first..Will win.

I’m not at all excited about the Forrest/Mora fight, both are not fan friendly, and neither interest me much. But I think Forrest will win.

Paul Williams vs Carlos Quintana

The other fight that I’m intrigued by, is the rematch between Quintana and Willams. In their first fight, Quintana was able to outbox the freakishly tall Williams to a well deserved decision, Williams looked slow and sluggish, no snap behind his punches and he had no answer for Quintana’s left hand. But in this fight, it will be much more of a challenge then the first time around, I think Williams was a bit over confident, and he paid the price, I don’ think he’ll make that mistake again, a better prepared Williams should be able to use his advantages to beat Quintana. But still, Quintana is an excellent boxer with a good record, he beat a up and coming prospect in Joel Julio in impressive fashion, his only loss came to that hands of the wrecking ball that is Miguel Cotto, he can still beat Williams if he’s better prepared. Williams will raise his game, and Quintana must also, fight harder than the first time and he should do okay, the main problem for Williams is making the 147lb weight limit, he struggled last time, coming in 17lbs over the limit on fight night, that’s the sign of struggle. I think I’m going with Quintana again, I was rooting for him the first time, and I’ll be rooting for him again, but he’ll have his hands full on Saturday.

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