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Lopez destroys De Leon In Less Than One Round: Just as I thought…..

Posted by beeshabo on June 9, 2008

This Saturday boxing fans were in for a treat (with fights on HBO & Showtime), or so I thought.

Two bouts (opening bouts for HBO & Showtime) ended in dramatic fashion, and both were shocking, although amazing, it still sucks when you were really looking forward to some good fights…..

In the opening bout for the HBO double header, Daniel Ponce De Leon was set to defend his title against the up and coming Puerto Rican Juan Manuel Lopez. Daniel came out strong, bombing away, seemingly trying to score another first round stoppage (as he did to another prospect in Bautista), but like I mentioned in my prediction post “over anxiousness will cost him the fight”, and it did, he was too aggressive early and he got caught, and like I also stated, if Lopez can hurt De Leon, he can finish him, and he did. De Leon’s premature aggression and over eagerness allowed Lopez to land his devastating right hook with pin point accuracy, with a delayed reaction, De Leon went crashing down to the canvas, up he got in 5 seconds but was on very shaky legs. After the 10 count and being allowed to continue by the ref, De Leon elected to fire back in an attempt to turn the tide, but with wobbly legs he was caught again, this time with his back against the ropes, Lopez landed what looked like four or five short and powerful blows (the right hook being the last) and down went De Leon again, struggling to beat the count, De Leon got up at the count of 8 but wobbled backwards into the corner and the referee stopped the fight, WOW!!! A first round stoppage for a once prospect, to now a current world champion. Although I was rooting for De Leon, it is no surprise that he was shocked, he was facing an excellent boxer with tremendous power, and once again, like I said “in the end, the one who lands their hardest punch first..Will win”, and it was Lopez who did, and he won.

In the opening bout for the Showtime double header, Paul Williams scored an impressive knockout over Carlos Quintana. It was quite surprising, after their first fight, I would’ve never thought that Williams can still punch with power when he had to, nor did I think he can KO Quintana the way he did, but he did, and it was shocking. Williams started fast, he seemed very eager, and didn’t press too hard, he allowed Quintana to engage a little bit, and with one punch, he changed the fight. Williams landed a right hand (I believe) that put Quintana in trouble, after going down once and allowed to continue, Quintana couldn’t do nothing to stop Williams from getting to him, and with vicious combinations, Willams ended sent Quintana crumbling to the mat again, and the referee stopped the fight, another first round KO…amazing, shocking, yet disappointing knockout. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of knockouts (who isn’t), but when you’re hyped up for fights, it’s a little bit of a downer when they end in the first round, if I’m just being honest….well, until next time!!


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