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July 26, 2008: The Super Bowl of Boxing

Posted by beeshabo on July 8, 2008

On this very day (July 26) the boxing world is in for a SUPER TREAT in the form of the best match-up possible in the (crowded with talent) Welterweight Division.

It is Puerto Rico’s Miguel “Junito” Cotto vs “The Tijuana Tornado” Antonio Margarito. YES!! These two, getting it on.

Since moving up to Welterweight in 2006, Miguel Cotto has progressed into a “Complete” fighter, he once was more of a first face brawler with a big punch, and now he has transformed himself into more of a tactical boxer with superb skills, he’s a beast at 147, a huge threat to anyone in the Welterweight division (including the recently retired Floyd “Money” Mayweather). In his Welterweight debut, Cotto demolished previously unbeaten Carlos Quintana in 5 one sided rounds, this fight (IMO) is Cotto’s best ever at Welterweight, mainly because Quintana was known as a slick boxer with sound boxing skills and had spent 98% of his career at Welterweight. Since then, Cotto has gone on to beat some of the best, such as Zab Judah and Shane Mosley. But it wasn’t just the fact that Cotto won these fights, but it was how he won them, both in impressive fashion. He TKO’d Judah in what turned out to be a great fight, Zab although was very competitive throughout the bout, it was Cotto who systematically broke his opponent down and ended the fight like the Champion he is. In the Mosley fight, Cotto showed impressive speed and agility, he technically out-boxed Mosley, and Mosley the supposed “better boxer” with the better hand speed and overall ring experience, had nothing to disrupt Cotto’s technical superiority, it was quite shocking to watch it unfold.

After winning the WBA by defeating Quintana, Cotto has showed the desire to place himself at the top of the Welterweight division, this being marked by his willingness to fight the best boxing has to offer, he backs down from NO ONE and welcomes any and all challengers, and now he must defend his crown against the super strong Antonio “Tony” Margarito in what is to be the best Welterweight fight since De La Hoya/Trinidad in 1999, or even the De La Hoya/Mosley that took place in 2000.

What will happen? The boxing world expects fireworks, and that’s almost a guarantee with these two, how could it possibly be a flop? This isn’t a Mayweather/De La Hoya exhibition match, nor a Hopkins/Calzaghe bout, these are two of Welterweights best, both have huge hearts and confident attitudes, they come to FIGHT, and they come to WIN. It’s going to be amazing.

Fight Breakdown  & Prediction coming soon……..

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