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Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito: Prediction

Posted by beeshabo on July 24, 2008

This Saturday (July 26tj) the boxing world is going to witness what I think (and most as well) will be the best fight of 2008, Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito, two brave warrior will slug it out. Aside from our point of views as boxing fans as to who will win this fight, we all appreciate the match up and the determination of these two that will be proving themselves once again. No matter who comes out victorious, the true winners are the boxing fans!!!

Over-all Breakdown (how I think it’ll go down)

Margarito is going come out fast and strong, he’s going to get in close to try and work like he did with Cintron, but unlike Cintron, Cotto has a very good jab, he knows how to keep a distance with it, measure with it , but above all, he throws it with power, so it can hurt Margarito as well. Look for Cotto to box, using his jab to create openings and he will bang at the body more frequently than ever in this fight, because we all know, Margarito can sure take a good punch to the head, so I believe Cotto will weaken then attack up top. One thing Cotto must be weary of is getting countered, he tends to lack defense when firing off his quick combinations, so, when he jabs, he must circle to his left to avoid Margarito’s right hand while landing his own shots. Margarito is a bit underrated in terms of tactical offense, so he won’t be getting reckless, he has a good defense and he’s often seen throwing 100+ punches a round. In the past Margarito has shown tremendous power and stamina, but on this night he’s going to be getting hit by a man known as a big puncher and who is technically better all around, so he must be a little more economical and accurate with his power shots than usual. I think he (Margarito) will fade late if he over exerts himself and throws unnecessary punches. If in fact Margarito tires down the stretch because of missing punches and tasting Cotto’s power, you will then start to see him loop and wing his power shots, there is no doubt that Margarito can throw all night, but his punches tend to lose snap when he continuously gets hit (like in the Clottey fight), and we know Cotto can hit, and he hits hard. Don’t get me wrong, Margarito is no slouch, he’s tough, big and strong, so he has a really good chance, but I just think Cotto is better overall. I also think that because of his willingness to battle and trade shots, Cotto will be hurt, and he may even go down, but he’s going to dig deep and do enough to beat Margarito, if he plants his shots effectively, he may even score a KO……serious!!! Because everyone knows that Margarito has a granite chin, but we all know that you can’t break a chin like that with one shot, you have to just keep hitting it (hard and often) and eventually it’ll break, and that’s what Cotto is going do on July 26th. If Margarito wins, it’ll be by KO, he’s not the better boxer of the two, Cotto is, so I don’t think he’ll outbox Cotto, his chance is via KO/TKO, and Cotto’s best chance is to box (like he did in the Mosley fight) and stay out of range, avoid getting into exchanges, and he’ll do fine.

*I am going to give my keys to victory for both fighters, as both posses skills to triumph over the other.

Miguel Cotto: Keys To Victory

Jab – Jab all night, To the body, to the head, everywhere. It will create openings to use his quick effective combinations.
– Circle to the left, avoid heated exchanges, pick shots wisely and keep moving…and do not forget the jab.
Attack the Body
– Margarito takes a good punch to the head, I’ve yet to see a fighter invest in body punches against him, I think Cotto can make things happen by landing body punches as often as possible. Margarito has tremendous stamina, but who knows how he’ll react to constant body attack.
Counter Punch
– Margarito is a very offense minded fighter, his defense is his offense, although he does keep his hands high giving his opponents less of a target, he opens up when he punches, this should give Cotto good counter punching opportunities. Cotto is underrated in terms of counter punching, he can counter going forward or going backwards. When Margarito punches, Cotto should time his punches and bust out with his own punches as they will do more damage to Margarito as he asserts himself.
Avoid Fighting Close
One of Margarito’s best punches (aside from his lethal right hand) in the upper cut, he knows how to throw it, and Miguel has shown vulnerability to that punch is the past, Cotto must not fall in or stay squared up with Margarito, or fight In close.

Antonio Margarito: Keys To Victory

Brawl – If Margarito allows Cotto to set a pace, he will find himself missing punches and possibly frustrating himself, he must turn this into a brawl, make Cotto fight and stand his ground, that can enable him (Margarito) to land the big shots I feel he’ll need to win the fight.
– Margarito must not take any backward steps, in his past fights, Cotto has fought well off the ropes, but he has not been pressured throughout twelve rounds, he is usually the pressure, Margarito should press the action and don’t allow Cotto to rest nor get into his groove.
Attack the Body
– Like Cotto, Margarito is also a great body puncher, hitting Cotto’s body can give Margarito an edge in what may turn into a head hunting affair.
Stay Close
– Margarito is no doubt a strong, tall welterweight, but he’s not the best when fighting at a distance, his best chances are for an in close fight where he can swarm Cotto and test him physically.
Throw the Upper Cut
– He throws a good one, but often from too far out, if Margarito falls in or lunges in while throwing the upper cut, Cotto will make him pay with precise counter punches, the best time for Margarito to unleash the upper cut is from a close and stable position, he can hurt Cotto with this punch and can possibly win him the fight.

Prediction: I see a close yet Unanimous Decision in favor of Cotto, but like I said, a KO is not impossible for either of these men….

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