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Amir Khan: Was He All Hype After All?

Posted by beeshabo on September 10, 2008

Rising “Star” Amir Khan suffered his first defeat in devastating fashion Saturday, being Knocked out in just 54 seconds of the first round by hard punching Breidis Prescott, he was no match for the determined Columbian who vowed to knock Khan out, and he delivered impressively. I will start off by telling you what I think about Amir Khan, before and after his loss.

First of all, Amir Khan did not strike me as a star, nor a soon to be great Lightweight he was made out to be, sure he was undefeated and fairly exciting to watch, but for a guy who was considered ready for a title shot, Who did he fight? And Who Has he beat? The answer is simple, NO ONE!! I watched a few of his fights, but then Mr. Frank Warren (Khan’s promoter) made a money move to put the untested Khan on junior type PPV events, and that’s when I decided to completely boycott his fights, he was no one, he hasn’t fought anyone nor has beaten anyone, the biggest name on his resume is decision win over Gairy St. Clair, so why would I pay $14.95 to watch him?

In the few fights I’ve seen, Khan looked to have great potential, he used his height (standing 5’ 11”) and boxed very well, unleashing strong combinations after creating openings using his jab. But I also noticed that he was very easy to hit over the top, he would get away with this mainly because his opponents were not at the level to take advantage of his mistakes, but fighters like light punching Willie Limond and tough veteran Michael Gomez were able to make a mark, landing punches that floored Khan, but with only 8 knockouts in 29 wins, why was Willie Limond able to hurt Khan? Well, another simple answer, Khan has a glass jaw, he posses impressive speed and good power, but lacks the strong jaw that is needed to compete at the highest level.

I believe that Khan is talented fighter, but has been formulated with proper match making and press appearances to market him as a “Star”. Beyond the borders of the UK, Khan is virtually unknown, haven’t fought only in the UK, Khan was untested and had yet to be matched with a creditable opponent, he was simply a “Gold Mine” in the making for his promoter Frank Warren.

There were many critics pointing at the fact that the wood-be star Khan had been down against lesser opponents, and would dare him to face a fighter who possessed a punch. Aiming to prove the naysayers wrong, Khan was matched with unknown slugger Breidis Prescott, a lanky banger from Barranquilla Columbia, and like Khan, Prescott was unbeaten in his professional career, having 19 wins with 17 by way of knockout, on paper, Prescott seemed to be a huge threat the UK Star.

From the time the fight was made/signed, there were many articles posted up around the boxing websites about the choice of opponent Frank Warren made for his fighter, but without any facts (except for record) whatsoever about the Columbian fighter.

Writers seemed very quick to write him off, below are some pieces of articles that made me chuckle, these articles were written by an experienced boxing fan and writer, How could he write so ignorantly?

Written by James Slater (8/27/2008) on East Side

“There is little doubt Prescott is hungry and can punch. This will certainly make him dangerous, at least for a few rounds, but when all is said and done, does the man who has only boxed outside his country on two occasions have the skills to defeat as talented a fighter as Khan? Sure, Khan’s chin is looked at as somewhat suspect, and if on September 6th he gets nailed cleanly it could be a big problem, but will Prescott even get near Khan?

With his speed, skill and overall ability – and don’t forget about Khan’s own punching power either – I see the unbeaten lightweight star retaining his unbeaten record in early September. Prescott, as he has made plain, will go all out in an attempt to win, but I see the Colombian walking into something hurtful as he does so.

I go for a Khan win in around six or seven rounds.”

Written by James Slater on East Side

“Yes, the 5’11” Colombian has impressive numbers, with 17 of his 19 wins being KO’s. But take a look at his stats on Box, and you will see a number of quite important things. Number 1, Prescott has boxed practically all his pro fights in his home town of Barranquilla in Columbia ( the 25-year-old has two fights to his credit that took place anywhere other than Colombia). Number two, there is not one overly recognizable name on Prescott’s record, and number 3, only six of the puncher’s opponents actually had a winning record.

Add all this up, and the conclusion you come to is one that tells you Khan will be meeting a hard hitter, yes – but a vastly inexperienced one. In short, knocking out guys with 4-5-3, 0-7-0 and 3-23 records is no way to prepare for a fight with as skilful a boxer as Amir Khan. Sure, Khan’s punch resistance has appeared to let him down on occasion and there is always a chance that Prescott could get lucky and land a bomb on his chin, but I doubt this will happen.”

“What we essentially have on September the 6th is a match-up that, at first glance, looks good on paper, but is nothing more than an easily winnable fight for the former Olympic silver medallist and overall amateur standout. Perhaps Khan’s people took this fight as a way to try and prove something to the critics who say Amir cannot take a good shot. The thinking being, that if (when) Khan beats a guy with such a formidable looking KO ratio, he will have shown something. But does it mean all that much beating a veritable novice in the professional ranks?”

When I make an assestment of a fighter and fight, I take EVERYTHING into consideration, not just the fighters record (on paper), but height, reach, background, lifestyle (if possible) and overall demeanor. The writer also called Prescott “A Virtually Unknown”, sure this is correct, but one must remember that Prescott doesn’t have a well known promoter (like Frank Warren) to hype him up, nor the resources to develop himself into a name, fighting strictly off luck and maybe a chance to fight “Somebody”. Thank goodness for Khan’s ignorant trainer Rubio, Prescott got his chance to prove that you don’t necessarily need all the luxuries and money to be hungry and prepare yourself properly.

When I first looked at the fight on paper, sure one could easily pick Amir Khan, but how can one be so sure that Khan is ready for the challenge, Prescott has clearly built his unbeaten status on fighters without a winning record, but Khan has built his fighting taxi drivers and washed up has been’s (no disrespect, just stating the facts), oh, and Khan has been wobbled, hurt and down fighting these fighters also. Willie Limond, Who’s he? Michael Gomez, Who’s he? Gairy St. Clair, okay, but is about 6 years past his prime and lacks the size to compete with the 5’ 11” Khan.

So why would one be so quick to pick Khan to win? That’s easy, they believe in the “Hype”

I for one easily picked Amir Khan to get knocked out somewhere between rounds 2 & 3, I just seen Prescott as too big and too hard of a hitter for the untested Khan, yes, Prescott was also untested, but Khan to me was just a flawed boxer with a good promoter behind him, I never seen “IT” in him, he was too easy it, and clearly did not have a world class chin, not only that, but Khan was somehow ranked in the top ten of huge sanctioning body when in my opinion (among others) he was nowhere near the top ten. I usually write an article on my blog about upcoming fights and I usually write a prediction also, but since I’ve never been a fan of Khan’s, I decided not to, too bad, my prediction would have been spot on.

The Whole 54 Seconds of The Fight: Maybe looking to please, Amir Khan came out fast, jabbing away and attempting to punch downstairs but had little success as the rangy Prescott kept a tight guard and unleashed a beautiful jab that seemed to shake Khan. About 7 seconds after being tagged with the jab, Khan continued circling to his left, attempting an uppercut, Khan was struck by a superb left hook that landed on the temple that badly wobbled him, with rubbery legs, Khan elected to fire back as Prescott landed an amazing right-left combo that sent Khan crashing to the canvas, It was over for Khan. Up in 3 seconds, Khan still very shaky, was out on his feet, after given the mandatory 8 count, Prescott pressed looking for the kill, with another left hook to the chin, Khan was flattened again and there was no coming back, Amir Khan had been knocked out, I KNEW IT!!! Most will say that Khan got caught cold, that it was early in the fight, that he technically didn’t get a change to get into the fight, and blah blah blah. But if you open your eyes, you’ll see that Prescott was just too strong for Amir, I mean, the man wobbled Khan with a jab of all punches, the knock out was inevitable.

So, to answer the main question, Amir Khan: Was He All Hype After All? YES, yes indeed

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